The Remarkable Contributions of David Samadi to Cancer Treatment

Dr. David Samadi is a highly respected individual due to his contributions to the health sector. David specializes in the treatment of urologic diseases as well as cancer. Dr. Samadi is an expert in treating various types of cancer like the bladder, kidney, and prostate cancer. However, David is a specialist in the treatment of prostate cancer. Since David spent his childhood in Iran, he encountered a lot of challenges. For instance, when he was still a young boy, he had to separate with his family. His elder brother left Belgium in 1979 during the revolution. David was not impressed by the move because he was negatively affected by his new lifestyle of living alone. David was not fortunate enough to get the full attention of his parents and brother because they lived in different areas. The challenges he faced did not prevent David from pursuing his goals.

David Samadi went to schools located in both London and Belgium. Luckily, he got the opportunity to study in the United States. David also attended the Stony Broke University and graduated with a bachelor’s in Biochemistry. David then pursued his master’s degree at Stony Broke School of Medicine (S.U.N.Y). At Montefiore Medical Center, Dr. David Samadi studied urology. Dr. David is also a proud alumnus of Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and the Montefiore Medical Center. These great institutions enabled Samadi to gain more knowledge in medicine.

David Samadi has conducted approximately 7000 prostate surgeries to different people from various backgrounds. It is also worth noting that David took the role of a director at the Urology department of Robotic Laparoscopic Surgery. Dr. David Samadi specializes in men’s health. David’s expertise has enabled him to perform about 800 laparoscopic procedures which were successful. Most inexperienced urologists look up to Dr. Samadi due to his impeccable accomplishments.

The Patient’s Choice Award and the prestigious Community Partner Awards are some of the notable awards he has received. A magazine based out of New York recognized Dr. David Samadi as the most remarkable urologist in the region. There are various occasions where Mr. David has earned different titles such as a top urologist, US top doctor, and as one of the most compassionate doctors.

David Samadi also runs the Dr. Samadi TV where he discusses health related issues to improve the lives of viewers. David appears on Dr. Samadi TV each week with an agenda of discovering different but helpful health topics. Samadi is a creative individual as demonstrated by the development of SMART technology which is applied by doctors to detect and remove cancerous prostates.

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Aloha Construction and Thorough Community Work

Aloha Construction, Inc. is a big winner these days. The Lake Zurich, Illinois company just got the Torch Award for Ethics from the BBB (Better Business Bureau) organization. This award was for the year of 2017. The Better Business Bureau makes a point to acknowledge businesses that are associated with ethical practices. Aloha Contraction’s award was for the marketplace ethics category. This is a firm that offers customers in-depth siding and roofing services. It’s also one that strives to help people in its community in many other key ways.

Steve J. Bernas is the Chief Executive Officer and President of the BBB division that accommodates the Northern Illinois region including Chicago. Bernas indicates that companies that deserve Torch Awards have managed to set themselves apart in the ethics realm. He indicates that these are companies that are well aware of the strengths of community, team members, customers and beyond. Bernas stresses that the BBB has the desire to motivate companies to improve at all times. That’s because improvement can be a good thing for all.

There were 15 judges in total who selected the winner of this award. They were all independent. They discussed Aloha Construction Services and its collaboration with a group that’s called Omni Youth Services. The firm is one that has a penchant for doing positive things for people who need any kind of outside assistance. It gave a youngster who lives with congenital heart disease the chance to buy all sorts of things for the Christmas holiday. It gave the youngster the opportunity to view a beloved sports team in action alongside his buddies as well. Aloha Construction Inc regularly works with the Illinois Boys and Girls club located in Bloomington, too.

This construction business doesn’t exclusively cater to people who are in Illinois. It also caters to people in the southern part of Wisconsin. It offers people all kinds of services that revolve around both siding and roofing. Gutter repair work is yet another strength it brings to the table. The contractors who work for Aloha Construction understand all elements of downspouts and gutter systems.

Ricardo Tosto for Any Legal Problems

For those who are living in Brazil, it’s nice to know that there are professionals out there who can assist with your legal problems. You need someone who has lots of experience and a degree in law to ensure that you have the proper representation in a court of law. If you’re not able to find the right pro, you might begin to do a lot of research and become even more confused as to who is available to you. If you need a professional you can trust and who has years of qualified experience, it’s time to give Ricardo Tosto a try for yourself.

You will find that Ricardo Tosto has been working with lots of Brazilians when it concerns any and all of their legal matters. There are so many reasons to give Ricardo Tosto a try for yourself, but the fact that this professional has tons of experience and works on virtually any type of case makes him a prime choice for your legal needs. Once you work with Ricardo Tosto and win the case, you’ll receive proper compensation for your bills and lost wages. This is a good time to give this professional a try for yourself, and it’s why you need to think about choosing him for your upcoming legal case.

There is no reason why you should represent yourself in court when Ricardo Tosto is available to meet your needs. Not only does Ricardo Tosto have the experience, but he owns his own law firm and can assist in any case you are coming to him with yourself. This prevents you from going to court on your own and having problems because of it. Now is a good time to give Ricardo Tosto a call and see if he can take your case on and help you when you go to court. This gives you peace of mind in knowing that you’re getting proper and professional legal help without all of the issues that come when you represent yourself in court and are unsure of how the legal system is going to work for you.

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The Instrumental Role That David McDonald Plays At OSI Group

Having grown up on a farm, David McDonald seemed destined to end up in the food industry. After his high school graduation he moved from northeast Iowa to Ames, Iowa, so that the could attend Iowa State University. He graduated in 1987 with a bachelor’s degree in animal science. During his last year of school he earned the Wallace E. Barron Outstanding Senior Award.

Once he left college he found a job at OSI Group, LLC. This is now one of the largest companies in the processed food industry. He has dedicated his career to evolving and growing this company into one of the premier food solutions for food service restaurants and private label grocery brands. Today he is OSI Group’s president and chief operating officer, second only to Sheldon Lavin who is the chief executive officer, chairman, and owner.

Since graduating from Iowa State University, David McDonald has continued to support this educational institution and his fraternity. For example, in 2011 he personally arranged a visit to one of OSI Group’s food processing plants in China for a group of students. One of these students found an internship at his company so that they could gain valuable experience in this industry. Since that time many other Iowa State University students have spent time interning at OSI Group’s various offices and facilities.

His fraternity is Alpha Gamma Rho. David McDonald has provided scholarship money to many students in this fraternity over the years. He was also engaged in naming the Marvin J. Walter – AGR Fraternity Area which opened a few years ago and which supports student learning.

As president and COO of OSI Group, David McDonald is one of the key people responsible for setting the strategy of this company and handling its day to day operations. He has been heavily involved in building strong rapport between the global logistics team of his company and their local operations. This combination has resulted in a company that has the efficiencies of being a global business while also being responsive to the tastes and cultures of local areas. As his company has facilities in North America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia, and Australia this combination is vital to how his company operates.

David McDonald’s presently resides in Warrenville, Illinois. He is married and they have four children at home. Their other two children have graduated from high school and are now attending the University of Illinois themselves.

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New Book Threatens Coming WW3

Over the past few years, it has seemed that there has been a lot of economic and political turmoil affecting the world. After decades of general peace between major powers, it now appears that this trend could soon be reversing. Some even believe that we could be heading into a new world war. One individual that believe this is Professor Kamil Idris.


In his new book, which is called Jasta, Professor Kamil Idris discusses the current trend of the world and why we could be heading to a serious global situation. Idris, who is the former Director-General of UN Agency WIPO as well as the current leader of the International Court of Arbitration and Mediation, has continued to voice his concern over recent political decisions from the United States and other powers that could be pushing the world towards a new world war.


One of the major points that will be looked at as a starting point of the war was the United States decision to pass JASTA, which stands for the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act. This act gives a citizen of the United States the odd ability to sue any country that could be supporting terrorism. While this may be a difficult law to support and effectuate in the future, the fact that it was approved is concerning to many people.

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WIPO’s Kamil Idris on protecting intellectual property rights

Another concern about this is how it will affect the relationships between the United States and any country that is sued. Allowing an individual to sue another country could be a concerning situation and by allowing this, it could show that the United States is willing to cut positive ties with that country.

While the professor and author is concerned about the threat of war that could be coming between the powers and other countries, he is also worried about Democracy as a whole. In the book he continues to point out that it appears that more and more people are continuing to be willing to give up their rights for certain protections. Because of this, it appears that people could be even willing to give up even more.

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The Importance of Online Marketing with NGP VAN

Digital marketing is a critical aspect of having success as a company. Many business leaders struggle to advertise various products and services to customers. With all of the marketing options today, the entire process can be overwhelming to some people.

NGP VAN is a digital marketing company that has been in the industry for many years. During this time, the entire marketing industry has changed dramatically. Many people enjoy working with NGP VAN for various reasons. Not only does the company offer multiple products and services, but the company also has quality customer service. For many business owners, customer service is a critical factor in choosing a company to work with.



Small Business Help

One of the biggest customers of NGP VAN is small business owners. Many people own a small business but have trouble increasing both sales and profits. One of the most critical aspects of running a business is marketing. Few business owners have the knowledge or experience to design an effective marketing strategy. Now is the time for people to start looking for new options in this industry.


Growth Potential of NGP VAN

NGP VAN is an excellent company with a strong customer base. Many people believe that NGP VAN could become a leader in the marketing industry. Over the past few years, the company has rapidly increased sales.

Small business owners should consider working for the company for various reasons. Not only will NGP VAN help improve sales, but the name brand recognition of the company will grow as well. When running a small business, it is critical to look for new ways to improve sales continually.

The marketing industry will continue changing in the years ahead. Anyone who wants to improve their company should consider changing the market strategy currently utilized. Leveraging social media and online marketing is a critical aspect of this process.

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Why Companies All of the Globe Use OSI Group for their Food Services

OSI has had over 100 years of success in the Food industry. As the company has grown into a 200,000 employee company, this privately own business has had a lot to offer their customers. From fresh meat, poultry, seafood and deli meats, OSI Group has grown greatly in the variety of foods and they provided to fast food place or restaurant who needs these accommodations. In fact, with its notoriety as one of the top American food companies in this industry, they have products that’s produced from sources far and near. From as close as Illinois, their headquarters, to as far as Germany the place where Baho Foods are located, this Food Group has had a huge amount of success in meat processing and packaging. To that end, here is what you need to know about why Companies all over the globe use OSI Group for their food services needs.

1. Fresh Food – Only the Best Vendors in the Network

Even though this group of professionals has been around for 100 years, it has not changed its overall commitment to fresh meat and high-quality services for all of the companies that they serve. In fact, if anything, this company has reached out to find more innovative ways of preserving foods without affecting the freshness and its taste. For instance, this is the company that has made significant advances in how fresh meats can be stored and kept by innovative means including using cryogenics to keep meats frozen while they are being transported to the place that the order has come from.

#2 – OSI Group Has a Great Global Presence

When reviewing reasons why OSI Group is a preferred food source for restaurants and other food establishments, one of the most common involves this organization’s recent global presence. From the acquisitions that the company is making, they are looking to engage the best of the best in order to provide their services. Specifically, when it comes to the types of foods that they offer worldwide and the vendors that supply them as their resources. For instance, with the acquisition of Baho Food in Germany, the company is looking to take advantage of the new food options that they can offer to those who need the accommodations. Because deli meats is a great food option for consumers in the U.S. and other countries too, they are always looking for food organizations that can help to support their mission and their overall efforts today.

#3 – Offers Innovative Solutions to Accommodate their Customers Needs and Requirements

Whenever OSI is servicing their companies, they are always looking for ways to make sure they get exactly what they need. In order for this to happen, OSI group offers a team of professionals to review and come with an innovative solution that will be a win-win for all involved. Whatever the case, this team is committed to providing a food service that will show their strengths and what they are capable of offering to each customer.

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What does the future of Intellectual Property look like?

Ideas. They are the driving force behind everything that we do as human beings. An idea can spark positives and negatives , world wars and war peace. Massive weapons of war, or cures for the most hideous of diseases. But, behind all these things is one thing: an idea. A human has an idea on how to improve their life, and suddenly, an invention is created. This invention is then produced by said person, and made available to the public. Later down the line, someone else has an idea on how to improve the item, and the product is made better for the public. This is the normal train of events that passes. However, what would happen if no one wanted to act on that idea that they had? The process would collapse. That is where the term Intellectual property comes in, and Ventureoutsource recently did an interview with Dr. Kamil Idris on his thoughts on intellectual property, and the challenges that it faces today.

Dr. Idris is a world renowned expert on international law, specializing in patent law and intellectual property and the rights that those with IP have. He has written many books on the subjects, and has honorary doctorates in over a dozen universities across the world, on top of his actual PhD from University of Geneva in Switzerland. In the interview, Venturesource asks him about globalization’s impact on IP. Dr. Idris states that it has been good and bad. On the positive side, globalization and digitization of intellectual property allows businesses to find new products or means of production for the to produce or use in production. Millions of these options are available with a simple typing of a keyword and scrolling through the results. On the negative side, globalization and digitalization IP has made it significantly easier to steal. Many movies have suffered under the oppression of pirated and bootlegged copies, along with music. On top of this, knockoff items and products are produced everyday in an effort to create cheaper versions.

Dr. Idris also gives us a glimpse into the future of international IP and its impact on the global economy. The TRIPs agreement is an effort by a conglomerate of governments and businesses to fully regulate and standardize the laws that govern IP on a global scale, making it the same for all countries. Dr. Idris states that this will most likely prove to be fruitless, though many countries, especially quick developing ones, find themselves using these laws as a framework for their own laws.

David McDonald’s contribution to OSI Group

The chief operating officer at OSI group has worked in the organization for many years now; he joined OSI soon after graduating from Iowa State University with a degree in animal science. David McDonald was raised on a farm and together with his gained skills in school he has been able to climb up the ladder at OSI and now serves as the chief operating officer as well as the president.

OSI Group is a food production company and is recognized globally for their quality and healthy products, in the company David is also the project manager. David has served in other organizations, and this has greatly helped improve his skills which have been evident with OSI’ s growth in the market.

To understand better David McDonald’s contribution to the organization here is a recap of an interview he recently had as he talks about his role in the company.

OSI group has a large number of employees, and yet they succeed in remaining the best, David believes that for a business to thrive it is essential to create long-lasting partnerships this ensures that people you work with are knowledgeable about your product. And one way OSI has been able to succeed even with many employees is because each employee has a relationship with a client and the two understand each other this helps to improve the company’s rating, in turn, improving the returns.

During his time at OSI, David has seen the establishment of OSI group in different countries one of the nations that have yielded good fruits is China, and one thing that has contributed profoundly to successful alliance is becoming one of the local. When running a business, it is critical to identify with the locals understand their needs and this way they will trust you to listen to their needs. This has been the kind of relationship OSI has created in China, and David believes it has helped significantly to the growth of the business in the area.

David McDonald has worked at OSI for almost three decades one would wonder how does he avoid boredom, David’s passion for his work is evident, and he says he enjoys delivering solutions to their clients. The success to has kept him passionate about his work.

David McDonald’s contribution to the organization is undeniably great, the future for OSI Group is great too and more so with passionate leaders like David.

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Lori Senecal: Interview Recap and General Information

This will give information surrounding the Global CEO of company CP+B, Lori Senecal. An interview will be recapped from site “inspirery” and then later on will provide general information. Senecal when she was in high school and high school was a coach in gymnastics. This gave her a chance for her to create traits of leadership. She had been learning to be consistent and set goals so she could help her team succeed. Since she coached she got inspiration for her advertising business career. The coaches develop a compassion sense and aim for excellence. Those are two traits of prime importance in an ad campaign’s success. For more details visit Bloomberg.

In her job, Senecal says that the first customer she had found her. After that meeting she had created a reputation for being someone who would take advantage of the opportunities and challenges that come her way. Also, being relentless was the key to getting her first customer. It is also important to note that she shines when forming a better marketing and ad campaign. Lori Senecal also agrees that when it comes to generating new businesses, knowing everything about it before becoming a client is a good way. Getting familiar with every detail of the external and internal structures assists in constructing unique and strong marketing and advertisement campaigns.

Now, some general information about Lori Senecal as well as her company. For college Senecal attended McGill University where she studied Marketing & Finance and her degree was Bachelor of Commerce. Her company “Crispin Porter + Bogusky” or CP + B was established in 1988 in Miami, Florida. The company since then in their business has grown in the U.S and in other countries as well. Now they are operating as a single with a total of ten offices in the locations of Beijing, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Gothenburg global agency, Sao Paulo, Hong Kong, London, Boulder, Miami, and Los Angeles. They have a specialization of changing brand and making them famous, as well as engaging for clients, business results that are considered appalling. They concentrate on first solving challenges focused on businesses, not creating ads.

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