The First Stop For Online Dating Should Be The Skout Network

Many people these days are letting things go, and they are doing whatever they feel, even if it’s not something that most people would do. There are so many online dating sites out there, and some of them even allow dating between married and single persons. With all these dating sites available a person must be able to determine which site is best for them, especially if they want to find the right kind of date. Those who want to make sure that they can find love will not want to end up on a site meant for one night stands, marital affairs, cheating, or any quick type of relationship.

Those who are truly into online dating will need to find a dating site that allows them to be themselves as well as allowing them to find someone else who is looking for more than a one night stand. A lot of people want love, and that’s why they start dating in the first place. Although some people only casually date so they can find someone to be their companion, it’s necessary for two people that are right for each other to find each other.

There are many dating sites because a lot of them cater to the fetishes that people have as well as the needs that people have. If a person needs to find a date that can lead to a serious relationship, then they need to find a website for dating that will allow them to look for the type of person they want.

The Skout network is not only massive in size, but there are people from many different countries on the network, meaning it’s a very diverse dating place. Not saying that there aren’t people on there possibly looking for one night stands, but many of those that are on the Skout network are looking to find dates, and they hope it will lead to love. The Skout network has over 220 million members, and the number of members is only getting bigger every single day. Over 50,000 people choose to sign up for Skout each day, and each month brings in over one million new users on the network or more.

With all the people going on to the Skout network, it’s understandable why many people are sticking around to see if the network can help them to find a date or to find love. It’s not impossible to find love on the Skout network, it’s just that the person looking for love must be willing to take the time to search for it, and the person has to be patient when looking for love. Skout offers a search engine, location services, digital greetings and other resources to help people date online.

Making Dog’s Health Our First Priority

Our Four Legged Family Members

Dogs have been our companions since the dawn of time. We didn’t have as wonderful relationship as we do now. Mainly, dogs would just circle our cave homes in hopes of food scraps. In return they would protect us or alert us to any intruders that might try to take advantage of us during the night. Dogs have evolved, as have we. We traded in our cave homes for suburban housing and white picket fences. They still alert us to people they perceive as a threat but usually it’s because they’re protecting us not in hopes of being fed. They know they’ll be fed. They know we love them and that we’ll take care of them. So when they protect us they’re doing so because we’re their pack mates now and the first priority in a pack mentality is to always protect each other.

We protect them as well. We look out for them in ways a mother might look after a child. That’s why their frequently called “fur babies”. We make sure they aren’t too hot or cold. That their water bowl isn’t dirty and is always filled for when they get thirsty. We make sure they get enough exercise. Whether we let them have free range of the back yard or, in metropolitan areas, take them to the doggy park. We even take care of their diets. We are, now, the ones responsible for feeding them. Their instinct to hunt or you don’t eat has been buried deep down in their brains. It’s still there but over time we made it so they realize they don’t need to rely on that instinct anymore.

Dog Food Benefits

It’s easy to imagine what kind of food scraps caused dogs to stick around and become our companions. We didn’t quite know what was nutritious for dogs though. It’s one thing to simply provide food for your furry best friend but to provide a nutritious meal shows that we want what’s best for them. Think of the way your parents would encourage you to eat your vegetables or drink your milk. Dogs are typically full grown in their first couple years as “young adults” so we’re not exactly helping them grow strong but more like we’re helping them stay strong.

Personally, every dog I’ve had the pleasure of having in my life has been fed Beneful. It’s one of the healthiest dog foods out there on the market. I’ve given my dogs their canned wet dog food and dry kibble dog food. All dogs have had no complaints. Beneful on is one of the first brands to introduce a soy protein based dog food. Red meat is a great protein for dogs but it can contain some fatty additives that aren’t so good for dogs digestive tracts. Beneful’s soy alternative is the perfect way to avoid fatty meats that are usually added to dog food.

Providing Convenient and High Standard Home Cleaning Services Through Handy

Handy is a home cleaning Service Company that was started three years ago by Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua. Both were students at Harvard Business School. They came together and shared their idea of providing cleaning services to their neighborhood. Dua had previous business experience having started a networking company that helped high school students in getting college admissions in India. Hanrahan had experience in real estate having capitalized on the good performance of the Eastern Europe housing sector.

Handy home cleaning service operates in such a way that with a tap on your iPhone, you can order home cleaning service, handyman or plumber easily. It is the leading company when it comes to online and mobile cleaning bookings. Within two years of operation, Handy home cleaning services had already hit $1 million in terms of bookings per week. According to Umang Dua, who serves as the Chief Operating Officer of the corporation, the rise in revenue indicates a move from a run rate of around $3 million to $52 million. This remarkable stride is attributed to the on demand service economy that suits both the customers and the service providers, mostly driven by the company’s mobile app.

The other factor that has contributed to the success of the company is the number of consumers who are increasingly getting comfortable with ordering home cleaning services through their mobile devices. In addition, Handy home cleaning service professionals are meticulously vetted. Given the level of insecurity and need to have privacy, cleaning companies have been vetting their employees. This vetting process is done through the necessary background checks at both the national and county level. It also involves on boarding process. Handy home cleaning services’ main aim is to be able to provide all the services that they offer instantly, where a customer books and gets it done immediately.

Presently, Handy Home cleaning service operates in 25 cities within the United States and 2 in Canada in addition to offering services in London. The cleaning services company has had over 200,000 job applications on its site from potential cleaners and has over 5,000 professionals who complete at least a job in a month. This trend shows that from all those that apply, it is only a few that are taken in by the company. Handy home cleaning service does strict screening on its freelancers based on their references, background checks, and in person interviews. This strict screening ensures that they get the most qualified individuals for the team.

Hand home cleaning does away with the unreliable and complicated cleaning agencies for it replaces that with a simple app and a detailed website. All that clients need to do is to enter their zip code, the rooms to be cleaned and the time they expect the cleaning to start. They immediately get the price quote with tax and tips included. This is done with a rare style that includes a flexible schedule with dependable pay.

Young Yeon-mi Park Leaves Her Mark Fighting for Human Rights

As a child born in North Korea in 1993, Yeonmi Park on youtube and her family were under the ideologies of the Kim dynasty. It wasn’t long before her politically-connected and well-educated family set out on a different path.

During the tragic economic collapse in the 1990’s, many North Korean families fled to find a better life outside of the socialistic system they called home. Many turned to the Black Market, and the Park family was no different. After Yeon-mi’s father was sent to a labor camp for such endeavors, Yeon-mi, her mother and older sister escaped to China in 2007. Here, circumstances weren’t much better as the Park females were subjected to human trafficking before fleeing to Mongolia.

In 2009, Yeon-mi settled down in South Korea where she can still be found today majoring in Criminal Justice at Dongguk University in Seoul. These childhood experiences from North Korea and China propelled Yeon-mi’s desire to change the world.

Watching a pirated version of the 1997 hit movie “Titanic,” further inspired Yeonmi Park as she credits this picture with giving her “a taste of freedom.” She was further intrigued by the concept of true love depicted in the film and began to realize the extreme oppressive nature fueled within the government of North Korea.

As a media fellow for the for-profit think tank business, namely “Freedom Factor,” Park is a human rights activist sharing her story across the globe in hopes of a one day united Korea.

Park refuses to see Korea as a divided nation with northerners or southerners and simply views the people of the country as Koreans. She is not a fan of Kim Jong-Un and states he is cruel leader displaying this quality through the ability to kill 80 individuals in one day as a punishment for the crime of reading the Bible or watching a motion picture.

Yeon-mi has seen her work published in numerous venues including The Washington Post and has been a featured guest on shows such as BBC2, SBS Insight, Radio Free Asia and Voice of America.

As a leader in her generation, commonly called Jangmadang or “Black Market Generation,” Yeon-mi is proud of the three main identifying qualities of this group. First, the lack of devotion held for the Kim dynasty. Second, the wide accessibility to information and media from outside sources. Finally, their individualist and capitalistic view.

And Yeon-mi Park is not going away anytime soon. Her memoir titled “In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom” will be published September 29, 2015. Here, Yeon-mi tells her story and promotes the notion of fighting for freedom and rights. She gives readers a true inside look at the negative effects of oppression.

Chase Capital Management Partners Rise Preceding Steve Murray’s Death

Chase Capital Management Partners is a investment management firm that began as Chemical Venture Partners. Chemical Bank started its own investment firm, and that fund continued until Chemical Bank purchased Chase Bank in 1996. The name was changed to Chase Capital Partners, and the bank began to integrate other venture capital partners that added more capital to the organization. The investment arm of Chase Bank has grown even after the bank’s sale to JPMorgan, and its investment arm continued its growth even after the recent death of President Stephen Murray CCMP Capital. This article explores how CCMP became a behemoth under the leadership of Steve Murray and others.

#1: The Venture Capital Angle

CCMP worked with many different capital venture parts in the 90s to increase the fund’s profile. Chase Manhattan, Beacon, Hanover and other venture funds were included in the fund’s family, and the completion of many leveraged buyouts helped to create the company’s current profile. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital is now a company that manages billions of dollars a year, and it is consistently creating new funds that use modern investment techniques to benefit all shareholders.

#2: Steve Murray’s Input

Steve Murray served CCMP for over two decades before his death in 2015, and his death brought about a short stoppage in the recent fundraising for the company’s newest product. CCMP had been raising money for years to complete a $3.6 billion fund for its investors, and there was a short stoppage in trading on the fund after Murray died. Steve Murray worked in nearly every part of the company, and his strong leadership prepared the company for his sudden death.

#3: CCMP Moves On Quickly

The key-man provision off the latest fund was used when Murray died, but the key-man provision was only used for a short time. Mr. Murray had led the company so well that it was able to move on just weeks after his tragic death. CCMP is planning on continuing its work in the leveraged buyout sector, and the firm has committed itself to raising capital through the profitable sale of business ventures.

#4: Service To All Chase Customers

CCMP is an investment fund that handles billions of dollars a year, but the investment firm is still attached to Chase Bank. CCMP is a service offered to all Chase customers, and Chase customers with hefty bank accounts are given the option to trade within the confines of the CCMP structure. Chase Bank provides a massive service to its customers that smaller banks cannot. Chase need not charge high fees to customers for trading, and customers may get in on any of the funds that CCMP has created.

The leadership of Steve Murray has brought CCMP to the point where it can recover quickly after his death, and the fund is still completing new deals in the leveraged buyout sector. CCMP will continue to offer service to Chase customers, funds for wealthy investors and capital to help businesses reach their goals. The fund itself is one of the largest and healthiest in the world today.

Put A Smile On Your Dogs With Beneful Dog Food

A friend of mine kept German shepherds and I don’t think I need to tell the dog lovers how much fun it is to run around with the dogs at your heel playfully trying to tackle you. My favorite dog is the Japanese split. The tiny ball of fur is always so hyperactive and of course quite territorial.

In order to ensure your pet has a better chance at life, they must be healthy and health can only be obtained through regular exercise and proper food. Dogs should not be allowed to feed from trash cans or given left over that are not fit for human consumption. If we are not careful, the dogs might get intestinal worms and that means more expenses for you and suffering for that cuddly animal.

Prevention is certainly better than cure and to do so, we need to look at the kind of food that we give our pets. My number one brand of dog food is Purina’s Beneful dog food.

Beneful comes in a variety of sizes from 3oz for that little mutt to 10oz for the German shepherd breeds. Dogs love meat and that is just what Beneful on twitter offers. They package their food with variety of proteins from chicken, mutton, beef or swine flesh .If your dog is as tiny as mine, your chance lies with getting thinly sliced pieces to big chunky ones for the bigger canines. You can purchase wet or dry food.

After the morning or evening walk with your dog, you would like to give him/her a treat as a reward for behaving as well or just as a way of spoiling the animal. What is more special than the Beneful brand Baked Delights dog snacks? They come in variety of tastes like bacon, cheese etc that would make your dog lick every inch of your hand!

To make sure our dogs remain at manageable weight and do not run the risk of obesity, we must purchase the Beneful adult dog weight formula that helps you to take control of your dog’s weight. The calories in this package are fewer hence your dog can eat to its fill without the fear of unwanted health risks.

Don’t forget to keep your dog’s dental health in check. Greenies dental chews which are therefore recommended by the veterinary, does the trick of freshening your dog’s breath and keeping the teeth free from plaque and accumulation of tartar.

Turkey Provides The Latest Challenge For OrganoGold’s Bernardo Chua

The EmpowerNetwork tells us that Bernardo Chua is one of the top businesspeople to work in the multi level marketing industry and has recently been looking to extend the reach of his impressive OrganoGold brand of gourmet coffee. PR Newswire is now reporting the company is embarking on its latest round of expansion by looking to the country of Turkey to extend its reach into Europe, further areas of Asia and North Africa. The company has become one of the most popular direct selling companies in the world after Bernardo Chua developed the brand of coffee infused with the healthy ganoderma extract in a small Canadian coffee house and has now exported it to over 30 countries aroud the world.

Chua has a long history of success in the multi level marketing industry, which has seen him head a number of companies and look to bring heathy products to the public. Chua is well known in his home country of the Philippines for being a fan of the healthy benefits of ganoderma that he makes sure his company sources from the highest quality mushrooms found in isolated areas of China.

Bernardo Chua and his colleaues at OrganoGold is always hunting for the next area of the world to extend the reach of OrganoGold into. The company believes Turkey is a good fit for its healthy coffee products that can be a vital antioxidant because the population of Turkey is young and vibrant with an interest in living a healthy, active lifestyle. The people of the world are now looking to improve their lifestyles to achieve a greater level of good health, which seems to be a major aspect of life for the majority of the youthful culture of the country of Turkey.

Doe Deere VS. The Make Up World

Make up has an enormous history. It dates far back to B.C. era which could easily be described as pre indoor plumbing times. It has been made from wax, berries, ink, and even bird poop! Once it was specifically meant for royalty, meant to set the king or queen from the peasants. As times evolved so did the instruments with which to put make up on and the types of make up available. It also became more available to the public. Although it was mainly for entertainers so that when they were up on stage it was easier for people in the “nosebleed” seats to see the emotions they would display on their faces.

Time didn’t just improve the availability but it also improved the safety. There has always been a toxicity for certain make up products and before make up companies had the gall to test on animals; people had no choice but to test on themselves. A classic example is the early geisha of Japan. Geisha are well renowned for their white face, thick black eye liner, and rose red bud lips. The white make up though was very tricky to figure out. In the 19th century when Geisha first got their start the make up was created from sticky rice and millet. Numerous reports from former geisha in journals and letters alike have found that they were often having to re-powder their faces so with a geisha’s frequent socializing schedule this simply wouldn’t do. By the early 20th century they created a perfect white powder that contained zinc and lead! In numerous amounts like 60% the other 40% was usually fragrance oils or glycerin. This caused many geisha to retire early since their faces would become deformed or they’d die due to lead poisoning. Lead in make up was eventually banned by the 1930s.

Like I mentioned earlier, make up companies eventually turned to testing on animals. This process has been banned since mid century but there are still a few companies that escape the laws by making their own loopholes such as practicing tests on animals in countries where make up manufacturing is not well regulated. This is where the wonderful creator, Doe Deere, of Lime Crime comes into play. Xenia, as she is formally known, has created Lime Crime a wonderful vegan friendly make up company with exceptional and extraordinary colors in their lipstick line and eye shadow collection alike. Doe Deere is the self proclaimed “Unicorn Queen” and her make up collection is essentially made for other unicorns like herself. It has bold and definitely statement presenting colors. These colors are not for the faint of heart nor for the meek and timid. They have bright baby blues and day glo greens. There isn’t exactly a middle ground when it comes to Lime Crime.

The Growth of Hedge Funds


Hedge funds are one of the most important areas of the American economy. Many hedge funds manage millions or billions of dollars in assets for high net worth people. There are many reasons that people are willing to pay high fees for hedge funds to manage their money. For people with a high net worth, a couple percentage points added to their annual return can make a huge difference over time. The culture around hedge funds is one that is very competitive. With all of the pressure in the industry, it can be difficult for many people to stay in the industry over a long period of time. There are several reasons for the growth in hedge funds over the past couple of years. After the financial collapse a few years ago, people are starting to trust the financial centers in the United States again. Citadel is a hedge that is based out of Chicago and has experienced great growth in the past couple of years. Here are several ways that Citadel stands out from its competition in the field.

Education for Clients

There are many people that are interested in learning how to best manage their finances. Most hedge funds are only concerned with the rate of return that they earn and the fees they collect. Citadel is different in that it cares about the education of their clients in the financial world. There are many people that use the services of this hedge fund because they want to have a better understanding of money in general. Ken Griffin is the CEO of Citadel, and he is very passionate about educating people on the importance of managing their personal finances in a wise way over time.

Rate of Return

At the end of the day, hedge funds are measured by the rate of return that their clients earn over the long term. Citadel has done a great job earning their clients a high rate of return relative to the market over the past couple of years. Ken Griffin knows that in order to stay in business, he must earn his clients a rate of return that is better than what they expect. There are many hedge funds that lose clients every year because they are unable to achieve the rate of return expectations that are set for them every year.

Ken Griffin

Ken Griffin is a great leader in business that has been able to take Citadel to the next level in the investment banking world.

Skouting it out

Before the internet and mobile devices keeping in touch and dating was hard enough. Now there are all these new ways to connect and keeping up to date on them can be a challenge even for the most native of digital natives. I had recently become single after a long term relationship and as with these types of break ups, people had chosen sides. So I was looking to meet new people in general as well. Most folks just stick to the well traveled areas of Facebook and Twitter and those can be great places to meet new people. But sometimes the roads less traveled contains the most interesting scenery. It is with that thought in mind that I started down some of those lesser known roads looking for ways to connect.

I’ve always been pretty active on my social media accounts so I decided that maybe those would be a good way to start finding new roads. Asking my fellow travelers as it were. I reached out across Facebook and Twitter to see what people else people were using. I got a lot of the same suggestions right away but one caught my eye pretty quickly.

I got a message from a friend of mine that said I should check out Skout. I hadn’t heard of Skout before but the name struck me as clever, and something with a clever name always gets my attention. I was surprised to find out that Skout had been around since 2007 and I hadn’t heard of it. Maybe I was even more out of touch than I thought I was. Luckily it was pretty quick to install on my phone and get set up.

I had initially thought of Skout on zendesk as a simple dating app and had prepared to dismiss it as such if it didn’t live up to my admittedly limited expectations. Those expectations were rapidly corrected. Skout allowed me to centralize a lot of my social media functions that had been spread across other apps. I now use it to find and meet new friends wherever I happen to be. This has been an amazing function for someone like me who loves to go out and do things when travelling and I travel a lot both for work and for pleasure. Skout gives me a way to meet cool people and see what’s going on in whatever place I happen to be. There have been a few people that after several Skout chats I’ve met for a cup of coffee.

I find myself using Skout regularly these days as a part of my social media routine. I’d encourage anyone who is looking for something different in their social media diet to give Skout a look. You might find yourself spending more time there than you thought.