Beneful: It’s A Dog’s Life

I was born in a dark alley in one of the worst winters the area had in several years. My mother was homeless and was trying to find the safest and warmest spot she could to give birth. When the process was finished, my five other newly-born siblings snuggled closely to her to nurse. The weather was not even fit for a dog to be outside.

The day after we were born, our mother found a secure place for us behind a dumpster in our alley by the French bistro. There were heat vents next to the building and we stayed nice and warm. Her soft fur shielded us from the snow and she nourished us to the best of her ability. Some of the tender-hearted staff at the restaurant would bring warm leftovers to Mom. She was so malnourished from giving birth, nursing, and fighting the awful weather.

I will never forget the day that I saw a little boy in the back window of the restaurant watching us. His eyes lit up when he saw us and he came to pet us and give us some food. It turns out that he was the owner’s son and he had always wanted a pet. My brothers and sisters and I barked with glee as he picked up each of us to give us a hug. Mom was a little suspicious at first; but when she saw how gentle the boy was, she approved.

Even though there were seven of us, the owner said that we would be perfect for life on their farm. My siblings and I had been pleading with Mom to let us have a human, and she finally consented. That is how we came to adopt the Lauri family and went to live with them in the country.

It was spring and the barn was bursting with energy and life. We had a whole corner of the barn for ourselves with a little door where we could go out and roam the fields. Mom helped our adult humans take care of the cattle and we children helped with the other animals. My human boy, Todd, was easy to train. He quickly learned how to play tricks and games. One of our favorite games I taught him was bringing him a stick. Every time I brought it to him, he would fetch it and throw it back.

Our family owns a restaurant and knows a lot about good food and nutrition. When it comes to our food, they bring us Purina brand’s Beneful. The ingredients are fresh protein like beef, lamb, and fish. Instead of nasty tasting bi-products and fillers, Beneful is chock full of vegetables like peas, carrots, and green beans. There is a special blend of Beneful for puppies like us and one for Mom’s optimal health. Todd even brings us tasty treats from the complete Beneful line.

I think that every dog should have a human. They are loving, loyal, and are our best friends. I love our family and am glad every day that we adopted them. I am also glad that Beneful is going to keep us together for a long time.

The Times of CCMP Capital

CCMP Capital (formally known as JP Morgan Partners) is a private equity investment firm that specialized on leveraged buyout and growth capital transactions. It is now worth 12 billion in their transactions since inception. It’s ranked as #17 among the world’s largest private equity funds. They have fifty employees in offices in New York, London, Hong Kong and Tokyo. They have three separate firms: Panorama Capital (information technology and life science, closed), Unitas Capital (formally known as CCMP Capital Asia, private equity investment funds) and Linzor Capital (private equity transactions in Latin America). CCMP Capital has made investments to many portfolio companies including Aramark, Guitar Center, Renovo, Quizno Subs and AMC Entertainment.

Before passing away at the age of 52, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital CEO and President. He left CCMP after the firm cited as “health-related” reasons. He had been with CCMP and its predecessor (Chemical Venture Partners) since 1989, after graduated with a master’s degree in business administration at Columbia Business School and an economics degree at Boston College in 1984. In 2005, Murray became head of buyout related business at JP Morgan Partners. He co-founded CCMP Capital on nypost as a spinout to JP Morgan Chase, containing the buyout and growth equity team of its private equity group in 2006. The next year, he was named CEO of CCMP Capital and served on the board of companies the firm made investments in. As a philanthropist he supported the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Metro New York, his alma mater Boston College and Columbia Business School, the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County and Stamford Museum. He was the vice chairman of the board of trustees at Boston College and a chairman’s council member of the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Metro New York. He had board seats in groups like Crestcom International, Strongwood Insurance Holdings and Jetro JMDH Holdings.

How Nobilis Health Maintains Profits

As a healthcare development and management organization it can be difficult, at times, to truly make a profit. As an investor that has invested in some healthcare organizations and lost lots of money I am fully aware of how these organizations can lose money. Many patients that are treated will often fail to fully pay for the cost of the services provided. Nobilis Health has been able to maintain profits and provide a stable environment has been able to obtain record revenues through quality service.

Nobilis Health has centers in Arizona, but the core of the operations are in Texas. I have invested in this company because it has become a leader in healthcare in Texas. Texas is a booming state, and it is continuing to grow. The growth in the area and the need for outpatient surgeries in the area has allowed the company to maintain awesome profits levels. I believe that this company is rather stable because it is run well. It also has a great level of diversity in terms of specialists. I researched the Nobilis Health organization extensively as I started to get familiar with this company. I initially didn’t think that it would be an investment opportunity, but I keep hearing this buzz about it. I have friends that are investors, and the jump in earnings was so significant this year that I could not resist adding this stock to my portfolio.

I think that these centers have been able to thrive primarily because there is a good mix of marketing that carries the Nobilis Health brand. This company also provides a lot of management services such as bench marking and strategic planning. In addition to the centers that are located in the Houston and Dallas areas, there are also connections with other facilities. There are contracted partnerships for other healthcare facilities in Tennessee, Oregon, Minnesota and Michigan.

As someone that has seen the progression of this company over the years I have been impressed with the surgical centers and the excellent staff members that have been on board. I know some people that work within this organization, and I know that they are helping this organizations maintain high profit margins. The specialized surgical centers provide patient care for a variety of different things. Spine surgery is a huge part of the healthcare that is provided by the surgical staff. There is also a call for Orthopedic Surgery and pain management. This is in addition to the general surgeries that these physicians are responsible for on a daily basis.

I certainly do believe that Nobilis Health is one of the best organizations for people to invest in. This organization, along with other IT healthcare companies like Cerner, are great stocks for investors that plan to diversify the portfolio. Nobilis Health is also a great organization for those that are in need of healthcare. It has become one of the premier spots for the residents that are seeking qualify healthcare solutions in the state of Texas.

Businessman, Philanthropist and Entrepreneur Bruce Levenson

Washington D.C. native Bruce Levenson is the well known former owner of the Atlanta Hawks basketball franchise. The Hawks, in spite of winning a franchise record of 60 games were unfortunately only 17th in attendance per game and expected to lose money. In spite of this he successfully negotiated the sale of the team to Anthony Ressler, an owner of private equity and investment firm Ares and a real estate developer. Mr. Levinson, though no longer associated with the Atlanta Hawks will continue to make substantive contributions in the realms of business and philanthropy, two areas in his professional and personal life where he has already made sizable contributions.

Mr. Levinson is a founding board member and presently sitting on the Board of Directors of Tech Target, where he served as director of the company from its creation in 1999 until 2012. Tech Target was spun out United Communications Group, a company he co-founded with Ed Peskowitz, where he continues to play a major role in the firm’s business strategy.

His career has spanned from journalism, as writer for the Washington Star and Observer while working toward his law degree, to his various philanthropic pursuits and his involvement in professional team sport. Mr. Levinson was one of 100 prominent American Jews who composed a letter to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu requesting that he partner with Secretary of state John Kerry to create initiatives in accord with Israel’s security needs, which would demonstrate a willingness to make territorial sacrifices for peace in the region.

He is one of the founding donors to the U.S. Holocaust Museum and contributes funds to the museum’s Bringing the Lessons Home program, which endeavors to teach inner city students about the Holocaust and also trains them to become tour guides at the museum.

Mr. Levinson also supports a collection of other Jewish causes, such as Birthright Israel, an educational organization that sponsors free heritage trips to Israel for young Jewish men and women aged from 18 to 26. Begun in the winter of 1999 more than a half million participants have benefited from the program.

In partnership with his wife he led the development of the Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership at the University of Maryland, which educates students on the management of nonprofit organizations.

Lime Crime Founder Doe Deere Makes Makeup From Music

Lime Crime is an internationally recognized glam makeup brand, founded in 2008 by colorful personality and self-proclaimed “Unicorn Queen” Doe Deere. But makeup wasn’t Deere’s first love, nor was it even her second. Doe’s first love was music, and it was out of musical roots that both her love of fashion and her ultimate obsession with makeup actually sprang.

In 2002, Doe was a musician in a band called Sky Salt. They played something they termed “fairytale rock,” which was heavy rock sprinkled with riffs straight out of a music box. To match the look of the band’s sound, Doe found herself in need of some whimsical clothing to wear for an upcoming photo shoot. To find what she was looking for, she turned to E-Bay shops and became so enamored of what she found there, she eventually opened her own store called “Thunderwear!” Initially, she merely offered pieces of the kind she enjoyed, but eventually she began deconstructing and reconstructing her own pieces and offered them under a brand new store name: Lime Crime.

The name was derived from her two favorite colors, lime green and hot pink, which were featured heavily in many of her earlier offerings. Eventually, she gained such a following that it allowed her to launch her own independent online store, In spite of the success of her store, however, fashion was still not Doe’s passion, and makeup had not yet even made an appearance.

As her band began to gain some recognition, however, Doe began to realize that the bright stage lights were washing out her pale complexion and fair features. She began experimenting with makeup as a way of helping herself stand out on stage. Her early attempts were clumsy and frustrating, but eventually she began to gain some skill with creating different looks. As her skill increased, she decided to offer some tutorials on her Lime Crime website. Her first tutorial involved blending a dark red eyeshadow into a bold black and got an enthusiastic response, followed by requests for more.

As Doe’s skill grew, so did her passion. She loved the freedom of expression that makeup gave her, but she still didn’t know where she was going with it, since her primary interests were still in the area of music. In 2006, however, her band disbanded and Doe took a break from all things creative to work in an investment bank. But that didn’t suit her either, and in 2007 she went back into the studio to work on a solo album. She came out with an EP, but before it really took off she made a startling realization that somewhere along the line her passions had shifted and music no longer held center stage in her heart – makeup did.

In 2008, she launched Lime Crime Makeup, and it took off like a rocket. In 2010, Lime Crime was picked up by its first retail chain and since then has grown to in international behemoth and made appearances in such notable chains as Sephora and IMATS LA.

Business dealings by Bruce Levenson

Ed Peskowitz and Bruce Levenson came up with UCG in a store room on top of Bruce’s father’s liquor store in 1977. Bruce commenced his journalism profession at Washington Star. He served as a reporter for Observer publishing, a newsletter pertaining information on energy before he started UCG. UCG (United Communications Group), is depicted as a portfolio of professional business information companies.

He is not only on the board of directors for UCG but is also an adviser to the executive team at the company. Levenson was among the founding members of the publicly traded business entity, TechTarget, an organization that was started inside UCG before it went public in 2003.

He has served on the board of Hoop Dreams, DC, Community Foundation of Washington, Specialized Information Industry and was the head of I Have a Dream Foundation in Washington. In the latest years, Bruce together with his wife Karen, have spearheaded the creation of non-profit management at the University of Maryland and the school of philanthropy.

Bruce Levenson is a graduate of Washington University- School of Political Science; and the American Law School. He adores playing golf and basketball spending time with his grandchildren and eating Maryland tough shell crabs. He is also an adventurous traveler, having spent four days recently with his wife in Antarctica camping.

This group is composed of seven business men who bought the ownership of the Atlanta Thrashers, a NHL team that was got sold to a company based in Manitoba in 2011 and the rights of operation to the Philips Arena.

Other than being a philanthropist and a renowned business man, he is not a biased individual. He appreciates the diversity in our society based on gender and does not take easy statements uttered on racists’ grounds. This is the reason he voluntarily reported his inappropriate email to the NBA. This is because he has always stressed on the NBA that there should be no tolerance for racist reactions from leaders as well as teams.

Racism is not only bad for sports but also hinders business operations world over. Bruce is wise enough to have realized the impact his statements could have had and made amends before it was too late. Good leaders accept when they are wrong and try making amends to help correct the wrong and address the issues publicly to refute any doubts in people’s minds. This could have destroyed his reputation with the NBA as well as other businesses he has with people from the different race.

Other than all the business expertise and love for sporting activities, Bruce is a family, guy. He is married to one wife, blessed with three children and has several grandchildren. In as much as he is busy with his business errands, he always allocates time to spend with his family.

Get Your Wiki Is The Best Wikipedia Writing Service On The Market Today

With that being said, it is not nearly as hard as mastering the grammar of any given language, as the rules are only a few pages long. It is important to adhere to the manual of style on the official Wikipedia website, as the MoS has many things that Wikipedia writers can pick up on.

Although Wikipedia is a source used nearly exclusively for information, articles should not exceed a file size of more than 50 kilobytes. Pictures do not factor in to this amount, as only the test of an article is counted. If an articles takes up any more than this amount of text, it is best to start a new article, or combine information with an existing article of a similar or pertinent topic.

Never use “I,” “we,” or “us” when writing, because encyclopedias are not written that way. Wikipedia is styled after real-life encyclopedias, so becoming familiar with them, if you can even find any, is a great way to learn how to write Wikipedia articles.

When composing at the sentence level, always be as concise as possible, and state obvious things near the beginning of a sentence. Also, do not use too many words when wording statements or other bits of information, because readers only want to read the pertinent information of an article, never include too many words.

The first sentence is without a doubt the most important in the whole body of text. You should not spend too much time on the first sentence, but it should be short, to the point, and easily understood by readers. Describe whatever topic you are writing about in the first sentence.

Get Your Wiki is a website that writes Wikipedia articles for people who need articles written about them, clients, other people, businesses, or large organizations that should have pages for people to learn more information from. Get Your Wiki goes beyond providing the basic article writing services, as they make sure that your article will be reverted to the original, agreed upon form, if at all possible. Get Your Wiki also provides translating services, and can be applied to any article or page that already exists, or brand new articles that need to be published in multiple languages.

Shop With Just A Picture

Slyce, the Toronto-based startup, is looking to take the technology that Amazon’s Flow introduced to a new level. Rather than just finding information for the product from one retailer, Slyce is designed to instantly recognize and find information on a product from all retailers. Simply take a picture of the product you desire to find more about and Slyce will find the product and list prices from as many retailers as can be found. Products can even be identified independent of their packaging and labeling.

This integrated app promises to make shopping far more convenient for the consumer, connecting them with multiple retail options. For example, a consumer could see someone holding a handbag that they liked. With Flow, the consumer would have to get a detailed picture, including the logo, to identify it. With Slyce, the design focuses on unique details of the product, in this case perhaps the stitching pattern or color saturation, rather than the logo.

At present, Slyce is partnered with five of the top twenty retailers in the U.S. with the goal of expanding following the conclusion of their pilot program.

The key component of Slyce’s visual search, and what sets it apart from its competitors, is the utility of the product in a dynamic, fluid setting. Rather than just being able to identify stationary objects in perfect lighting conditions, Slyce hopes to be able to identify products outside of the ideal photogenic conditions. The average consumer does not have time to sit around and snap pictures of products. Rather, the idea is that Slyce users can utilize the app on the move. Imagine being able to take a picture of a person who is walking past you and being able to identify, and purchase, everything in the picture.

Recently, Slyce acquired Tel-Aviv company Pounce to integrate the unique features of that app into its own. This acquisition now allows Slyce to work with both retailers and consumers in order to provide a more connected shopping experience. On the retail end, this app now works to help create a working inventory just by taking pictures of the products on its shelves. On the consumer end, the user can snap a picture in a catalog and be able to find out whether or not the retailer has it in stock, and if so, order and checkout with the push of a button.

Current investors for this product include Beacon Securities, Pi Financial, Salman Partners, Harrington Global and more.

Regaining Trust n The Investment Banking Sector

The world of investment banking s exciting and challenging. The individuals who work in this field need very specialized knowledge and many years experience to become proficient at what they do. The novice in the field will typically work in a large office setting with other investment bankers who can aid the person in learning the ins and outs of the field.

These professionals, once they are fully trained tend to be well sought out for their expertise. They make great consultants in large organizations as well as excellent financial advisors to the rich and not so rich. The key aspect of the investment banker is that they primarily work to help companies to grow their wealth.

Wealth generation can be done in a number of different ways. The professional can either create capital through strategic planning for the company, or they can be the individual who aids in managing portfolios in order to maximize profits and minimize losses. These bankers are able to develop corporate strategy, manage corporate treasuries, help companies gain financial control, as well as assessing risk management for a corporation.

Focusing on primary objectives for their clients, an investment banker helps to raise capital, issues securities, and aids with mergers and acquisitions. Citadel LLC is one such investment banking firm.

Ken Griffin of is the Chief Executive Officer of Citadel. He is also the founder of the organization. Citadel was founded in 1990, and has grown from a conservative 98 employees to over 1400 employees. The firm continues to grow and presently manages more than 26 billion in assets.

Investment banking is a bit different from traditional banks that we are all familiar with. These types of banks do not take deposits. Rather, they manage large amounts of money in personal and corporate portfolios. These portfolios are then manipulated to generate large profits for their owners.

Individuals such as Ken Griffin believes that regulation is an important aspect to keeping this sector free from scammers and those who would mean to otherwise steal from their clients. Mr Griffin feels that in order to grow and garner a positive reputation, tghter rules need to be enforced.

This is probably one of the reasons that is company, Citadel LLC, has been determined to be one of the Top 10 Workplaces in March 2015. He believes that investing in the employees is just one way to make a company great.

Citadel provides employees with free lunches, fitness programs, museum tickets, and even personal gifts for the employees throughout the year. In return for these perks, employees tend to rate their place of employment as friendlier and better to work at than other companies.

This is even more important when speaking of the investment banking sector. Transparency, honesty, and integrity should be the norms that every company strives for and sets the examples for every employee.

Best Ways of Editing Web Pages

Writing has been one of the major developments in the educational sector. Many different scholars have identified specific areas of study in which they have invested greatly to make business Wiki pages. There are many different areas of study that deal with different issues in life. Through research, different types of information can be accessed and answers to specific questions realized. The internet provides a wide range of opportunities for educational personalities to receive any required information. There are different research materials that can be accessed through the internet. The internet offers different WebPages that offer unique research materials for educational purposes and acquiring the general knowledge.

Wikipedia is one of the sites that provide knowledge on virtually all topics that exist globally. Many people depend on Wikipedia to find the desired solution to different problems in life. As such, the page contains variety of original content written by different authors. The content is original and can be edited to suite the desired audiences.

Editing Wikipedia pages is one of the most challenging activities that require the desired knowledge to know what is needed. Editing requires that the content be factual and not centered on personal opinion.

During the process of editing the pages, it is quite easy to use the editing screen which allows for easy editing of the content on the screen. This is the easiest way of editing content since the web page provides the option of editing through clicking on the edit button. This then directs the editor to the page where the work is edited and through this page, there are hyperlinks that directs the content to other users.

During this process of editing, there are major and minor editing processes that are carried out. During minor editing, small typographical errors and formatting mistakes are rectified on the written article. When performing major editing on the articles, the editor should be very short and precise. This is because, the editor should know the specific area that needs change and should not change the whole meaning of the article. During editing, content referencing is very important. Referencing of the content is usually done at the end of every article and others mostly done in inline citation. This is the most important part of editing since it acknowledges the original writer of the work used.