Learn to Break Fashion Rules With Doe Deere

Fashion, like any other kind of art and commerce, often has rules. Fashion designers and their customers alike want to think about when it is appropriate to wear something or what kind of outfit is ideal for the office or for a special date. But fashion is also fluid. Many influential fashion pioneers have learned that it is possible to pay homage to fashion rules while considering ways they can break them to get even better results. One such person is Doe Deere. In a recent article for Bustle Magazine, Deere talks to her fans about how best to update old beauty rules for today’s fashions.

As Deere reminds us, fashion is about fun as much as it is about anything else. Fashion is also about change. What may have worked well a decade ago or even ten days ago may not work today. As a fearless fashionista, Deere has taken yesterday’s rules and made them fresh and new for the customer of today.

Deere is the founder of the cosmetics website Lime Crime. Lime Crime offers customers the chance to purchase lipstick that also helps break customers break previously set up fashion rules. Lime Crime customers can pick from an array of amazing products in colors not traditionally seen in many makeup on the market today. In the article in Bustle, she talks about the kind of principles that are behind her approach to makeup and fashion in general. Many rules that she talks about have been long established but may not quite work in today’s ever changing fashion world.

For example, the notion that people should not wear a bold eye with a bold lip at the same time is one that she would like to see broken as often as possible. She reminds us that doing so can help create a look that is fun and right for many occasions. The same is true of those who argue that we shouldn’t mix too many colors at the same time or too many prints at the same time. Her beautiful and elegant photos show us that doing so can lead to looks that are extremely fun and also very playful.

Those who follow her lead will find that doing so can help them feel more free and allow them to create a specific style that is all their own. Fashion, as Deere reminds us, is also about self expression and confidence. Fashion is also about the ability for anyone to feel comfortable in their own skin no matter where they are. As she shows us, when you break basic rules, this can be very freeing and help you develop your own personalized style that is only yours. In doing so, you can be just as truly fashionable as Deere herself.

Doe Deere: Creative Makeup Artist and Savvy Businesswoman

Doe Deere is the owner of Lime Crime makeup company. She’s definitely getting lots of attention in the cosmetics world these days, for a variety of reasons. Some have said that Deere has tried to boost her sales by “bashing” Lime Crime online in order to create a buzz, which she has stated isn’t true at all. She’s handled these allegations like a true professional, and is continuing to wow the world with the bright colors that Lime Crime is known for.

Doe Deere was born and raised in Russia, and moved to the United States when she was 17. Before leaving to come to the United States, she had a small business in Russia at the age of 13 and sold temporary tattoos. She states that her sense of creativity and ambition comes from her Russian childhood, as well as the time she spent in New York as a teenager. Deere is also a musician, which is how she learned how to market herself and to be true to her sense of fashion and artistic personality. Doe Deere currently resides in Los Angeles, where makeup enthusiasts in the area are excited about the products Lime Crime has to offer.

She’s been helping women to find the look that works for them, and her products are specially designed for women who have a bold sense of style. Eye shadows from Lime Crime are quite popular in the makeup world, and the neon hues easily make the eyes pop. Her models are often seen with pastel-colored hair, and her lipsticks come in shades of green and blue, so women are sure to turn heads when they wear Lime Crime cosmetics.

The two met when they were in a band together, and learned how to collaborate to write songs. Deere’s husband works with her to ensure that her makeup is packaged properly and made from quality ingredients. Since she’s already got a number of devoted customers, it’s only a matter of time before more people hear about Lime Crime and use the cosmetics as their go-to products for wild and stylish makeup looks. Deere also encourages young and aspiring makeup artists to follow their hearts and make beauty products that are true to their creative vision.


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