Healthier Dog Food For Man’s Best Friend Wins

Pet owner’s look at their pets like members of the family. Certainly, the pet owner’s would prefer to feed their pets high quality food to keep them healthy and vibrant. Pet food manufacturers recognized the fact that quite a few pet owner’s are willing to pay more for higher quality pet food, like the Beneful brand. Freshpet, is a dog food manufacturer that is located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. They are one of the first dog food manufacturers to fill the market with refrigerated pet food. This food is healthier for the pet and rivals food made for human consumption.

Pet Food War

There is a pet food war brewing between the new innovative healthier foods manufactured and the traditional pet food manufacturers. The competition is heating up fast. It is reported that the new, healthier foods are starting to win the pet food war. Pet owners are opening their pocket books and paying more for the more nutritional food for their pets. In fact, sales for premium dog food rose 45 percent. Premium dog food also accounts for half the sales of pet food in the country. The big traditional pet food manufacturers are taking note of those rising premium dog food sales and preparing their own blends.

Beneful Dog Food

Beneful is the number one source for healthy dog food and healthy dog treats. Beneful is the manufacturer that is leading the way to improving the treats and food for your pet. They’ve added real meat, vitamins,and vegetables to make the food more nourishing and healthy for your pet.

Beneful is able to maintain the high quality of their dog food, following several methods. They use very strict quality control methods to insure that the food produced in their plants is the best. All products are tested before they leave the plant. Thus, assuring the customer that they are receiving the highest quality pet food that is possible. All dog food products follow the strict FDA and USDA regulations, these are the same type of regulations that are placed on food that is produced for human consumption in this country.


Beneful Dog Food Flavors Make Splash

Dog food companies area stepping up to the bowl with new innovative products. Big dog food companies are creating foods that include wild catch fish and wild bird flavors. Companies that produce foods like Blue Buffalo are going to be including more fresh fruits and vegetables. The companies producing these premium foods are expecting, at least, a 10 billion dollar return on their investment in the new products. New products are in this article,

Freshpet is creating a new product that goes in a refrigerated unit. It will be soft in a tube. The favorite of the manufacturing manager is the Turkey flavor. Meals such as grain free and made with natural meats will be the new meals to come. In the past, people searched for dog food that was cheap. It has a bad smell when you opened the can. There is no way you could miss the smell. Now, Freshpet is producing this dog food that smells and tastes like human food. Researchers believe this food will be making a large splash in the dog food market. It promises to make a lot of dogs very happy.

Beneful dog food company by Purina is offering customers the ability to order their products online. You type in Beneful products. After typing in Beneful products, search the website, you will find a page that says buy online. You have the choice of size and a choice of product. The savory rice and lamb stew is one of the favorites in the soft food Beneful.

On the Beneful website, you will be able to find out how much food to feed your pet on each mealtime. Growing puppies need a certain amount of puppy food to maintain or gain weight. It talks about feeding schedules. It shows how much to feed and when to change your pet food product. New food products such as Mediterranean Style Medley featuring spinach, brown rice, and lamb. Tomatoes are always inclusive. Beneful dog food is sure to be the best thing you ever did for you pet. Your pet will be happy, healthy, and live a long life.


Get Your Wiki Is Here For Your Wikipedia Solutions

For some time now there have been global concerns about the number of volunteer women Wiki writers and editors who work for Wikipedia. The current statistics indicate that around 44,000 volunteer editors and writers work for Wikipedia worldwide, and only around 10% of them are women. This low number of women has gone a long way to affecting the number of online articles about women on Wikipedia. Analysts say that the dominant male editors and writers in Wikipedia naturally tend to favor writing about fellow men, and the few women due to the spirit of masses and their low number are not able to meet tangible standards for number articles on women for Wikipedia. In order to rectify this issue women, especially in the United States, are uniting empower more women writers and editors to join the Wikipedia team. They are doing this through community-based initiates that encourage women to join Wikipedia as volunteer writers and editors. In the end, these women hope that their efforts will help match up the women volunteers with their male counterparts and help clear out the deficit created by insufficient Wikipedia articles on women.

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Get Into Style With Doe Deere

Doe Deere is a woman that has accomplished many amazing things in her young life. Deere immigrated from Russia when she was just a young girl. She was raised in New York, and she had a sincere love for fashion. Deere started studying for fashion after she had graduated from high school. She loved to experiment with different colors and patterns. Deere decided that she was going to start her own clothing line. Deere would sell her clothes online and she would do cool things with her makeup as well.

Deere loved color in all of its forms, and she would experiment with her makeup as well. Many of her fans would make comments about her makeup and they would ask her for tips on how to do makeup. Deere loved to incorporate her style of makeup into her fashion, and she decided that she was going to make a cosmetic line. Deere started out her line with just 100 dollars and a dream. Now Lime Crime cosmetics is a very well known cosmetic line, and it is used by women all around the world.

The Bustle did an interview with Deere about the fashion rules that she loves to break. Deere loves to break the rules when it comes to patterns and colors. Even though fashion dictates that patterns and colors should not be mixed, Deere does not agree with those rules. Deere wears different patterns and colors in the clothes that she wears and also she loves to color her hair with bright unnatural colors as well. Deere also wears bold colors with her makeup. Even though fashion trends say that a bold eye color should be paired with a nude lip, Deere pairs a bright and bold eye color with bright and bold lip.

Deere makes it a practice to wear socks with opened toed shoes, even if that is not what everyone thinks is posh. Deere is a woman that sets her own trends when it comes to makeup and fashion; that is the reason that she is a entrepreneur that is admired and revered by so many of her fans.

Yeonmi Park’s Trip Across the Gobi Desert

Yeonmi Park has become famous the world over for sharing the story of her escape from North Korea. Her home country can barely feed their citizens, and the regime demands that the people worship their “Dear Leader” Kim Jong-Un as if he were a deity. To speak out against him could mean imprisonment or even death. Park says on Daily Mail that things were so dire in North Korea, that the government had a shortage of fertilizer. It was decreed that everyone in the country had to collect their waste as a daily assignment. The demand became so great that people started stealing waste from one another. Yeonmi said that things got to the point that “if we saw a dog pooping in the street, it was like gold.” At the age of 13, she was smuggled out of the country with her mother, but then the smuggler turned against her. Her mother was sold as a bride for $65. To get her mother back, Yeonmi had to agree to become her smuggler’s mistress. This went on for 2 years, until at last Yeonmi and her mother fled in what ended up being the most harrowing experience of Park’s life. She had to cross the Gobi desert with 5 other people, armed with only a compass. The desert was extremely cold, and she feared she would freeze to death. She says that it is during this trip that she had her first negative thought about the North Korean regime. So strong was the propaganda, she worried that the Great Leader could read her mind and might strike her dead. After all, the people of North Korea were taught that when Kim Jong Il was born, a new star sprung into being in the sky and a double rainbow appeared. They were also taught that he could control the weather with his mind, and that he never had to urinate or defecate. The group survived the trek across the desert by keeping warm together and using the compass. By the end of the trip, they were navigating by the stars. Not only had Yeonmi survived the journey, she had also gained a bit of perspective on just how bad things in North Korea had been.