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For some time now there have been global concerns about the number of volunteer women Wiki writers and editors who work for Wikipedia. The current statistics indicate that around 44,000 volunteer editors and writers work for Wikipedia worldwide, and only around 10% of them are women. This low number of women has gone a long way to affecting the number of online articles about women on Wikipedia. Analysts say that the dominant male editors and writers in Wikipedia naturally tend to favor writing about fellow men, and the few women due to the spirit of masses and their low number are not able to meet tangible standards for number articles on women for Wikipedia. In order to rectify this issue women, especially in the United States, are uniting empower more women writers and editors to join the Wikipedia team. They are doing this through community-based initiates that encourage women to join Wikipedia as volunteer writers and editors. In the end, these women hope that their efforts will help match up the women volunteers with their male counterparts and help clear out the deficit created by insufficient Wikipedia articles on women.

Get Your Wiki offers Wikipedia business page creation and maintenance services to individuals and business organization at fairly cheap rates. They offer professional Wikipedia writing services and will help you create a good online page that can be easily understood and quickly approved by Wikipedia for viewership. They also save you from the hustle of trying to write the page on your own, and it may end up being rejected due to Wikipedia’s strict guidelines. If you write the page for yourself, you will always need to update it from time to time. This may be hard for you if you are a busy person and may lead to your page being backdated.

Get Your Wiki offers an all in one package that will include a Wikipedia writer who will make a Wikipedia page for you that is ensured to always be up to date. On top of this Get Your Wiki will also help you get your Wikipedia page translated professionally to any language of your desire. This will be done in record time making your page viewable even during short deadlines. At Get Your Wiki, you will find vast resource of skillful and well-experienced editors and Wikipedia writers to work on your page. 

Many advantages can be linked to owning a Wikipedia page whether you are an individual or organization. The main reason is that Wikipedia is one of the biggest online resources that has the highest search engine optimization ranking. Thus, when you or your organization are searched your Wikipedia page will appear first in the internet users search results.

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  1. Is high time we moved the women to take their position in business. By this year ending, atleast, it should grow from 10% to 50%. Already, strategies are in place like the dissertation proposal which promises to alert the public when ever the program starts, so that all women can participate.

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