Autism Rocks CEO hires two more trustees to the charity board


The SundayTimes reported about Autism Rocks, charity board has added two new trustee members to the team. Pete and Will Best will serve on the board that helps raise donations for the charity event. Sanjay Shah CEO of Solo Capital and the owner and founder of Autism Rocks, is excited to bring them on board. They brothers both have years of experience in the finance and music industry, which are two fundamental features that the board needs. Shah has known the two for many years, as they were friends during his college university days. He is certain that they will bring what the foundation needs to continue to thrive and exhibit success across the world.

Pete Best has many years in the finance business that he will bring to the table for Autism Rocks. Pete and Shah are excited to develop the charity further and continue with the donations to help with awareness and research. Will Best has many years of experience in the music industry. He originally started his career there and will bring much anticipated business to the future of Autism Rocks.

Shah’s passion for the neurological condition began when his youngest son was diagnosed with Autism in 2011. He was two years old at the time and Shah wanted to be able to do as much as possible to help him. That’s when he got the idea to start Autism Rocks after a conversation with Snoop Dogg. Shah had been in the music industry before, and Snoop Dogg urged him to get back into it. Autism Rocks according to clobalcitizen concentrates on working with musicians who perform invite only concerts for the cause to help aid in donations for the charity event. He worked hard to launch charity in 2014 and has been working with artists ever since. He hopes to be able to help raise awareness in the communities and help those to be more aware of the causes and conditions.

Shah was an accountant for many years before he opened his own brokerage business called Solo Capital. Shah could not determine on companycheckUK how successful Solo Capital would be when he first started the company. He formed it into a proprietary trading and consulting firm that has an estimated net worth of $280 million and has allowed him to retire. With Solo Capital under his belt and the success of the company doing so well, he has been able to really focus his avenues of interest on Autism Rocks. Solo Capital UK has multiple offices located in Central London and Dubai where they continue to provide successful, safe business transactions. Solo Capital employs some of the most efficient, reliable management team that is highly experienced and professional in their field of work. They strive to provide exceptional services to each and every client.

Videography Through the Lens of Jon Urbana

What takes a videographer from the ranks of hobbyist to expert level, not only involves having a keen eye for interesting subjects, but also lies in capturing the world around us in either the most natural, yet breathtaking state or in other cases the bizarre instance of rare moments that have us holding our breath. Jon Urbana’s videos have elements of both the beautifully routine and the curiously odd. The FAA pilot’s collection of videos are curated from around the world and have the power to transform our senses; such as when a time lapse video of brooding clouds mystically transform an ordinary “stadium scene” into a work of art.

Jon’s official website portfolio demonstrates an innate ability to place the subject in just the right position while simultaneously capturing an interesting angle that evokes action and emotion in every shot. His video capture of a “Fall Morning at Rocky Mountain National Park”, takes an inherently beautiful scene and transforms it to another level through a steady sweeping motion that highlights the solidity of the mountain range amidst the movement of a silent sky. Likewise in a moment of playfulness, the video “When Giraffes Butt Heads – Here’s What Happens”, is a one in a lifetime capture of these majestic animals rollicking!

Jon Urbana resides in Denver, Colorado and is a 2005 grad of Villanova University, where he was a member of the lacrosse team for four years. In addition to his passion for photography and videography, Mr. Urbana is also adept in electronic music composition and mixing. Taking existing songs and re-arranging the melodies to create a new sound has earned him quite a following on SoundCloud, a social sharing platform where artist can showcase their music. Yet his heart is forever attached to the game of Lacrosse.

As co-founder of Next Level Lacrosse Camp, Jon Urbana partners young athletes with some of the best Lacrosse pros in the nation. From its inception in 2011, the focus remains to prepare tomorrow’s athletes to be premiere players in the game of Lacrosse and in the process to gain visibility for the sport he loves so dearly.

George Soros Aids The Fight Against Republican Election Funds


The rise of the Super PAC has been of major concern for many voters and political experts looking to protect the future of the U.S. One of those who has been looking for a way of rivaling the dominance in funding expected to appear from Republican party donors is George Soros, who has joined the Priorities USA Super PAC in its support of former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton for the Democratic nomination. George Soros has been conspicuous by his absence from the U.S. Presidential race since revealing his backing for President Barrack Obama during the 2008 election cycle, Politico reveals.

Political funding has recently been a hot topic in the U.S. and remains so with major Republican donors reported by on course to raise over $1 billion for the upcoming U.S. Presidential election campaign. George Soros was one of the first major supporters of a Presidential election campaigns when he supplied around $20 million in funding for John Kerry in his bid for the White House in 2004. Former First Lady Clinton was the main rival for Barrack Obama in 2008, but was ignored by the former refugee George Soros in favor of the first African American President of the U.S.

George Soros has completed a large amount of charitable giving to good causes he feels put forward the needs of human rights, education, and the need to assist refugees around the world. Following the 2008 decision to back Obama George Soros has reportedly expressed his regret at not backing Clinton for the Presidency. Instead, Soros has now provided the Priorities USA Super PAC with a large amount of funding totaling $6 million for the latest donation; Soros had already provided a further $2 million in funding for Clinton Super PAC’s during the nomination process. George Soros has been joined by a number of major Democrat donors who are looking to push Clinton to the Presidency as the Republican campaign takes its own strange course with Donald Trump leading in the polls. After only providing around $1 million in donations for the 2012 election campaign of President Obama the return to political donating for Clinton comes after Soros was given almost unrestricted access to the globally respected Presidential candidate.

Female Entrepreneurship Starts With Lime Crime’s Doe Deere.

When you are looking for a strong female who knows how to run a business and not just a company, you are looking for Lime Crime’s Doe Deere. Doe is a successful business woman who is not scared to step up and stand out. Doe’s company, Lime Crime creates makeup that is fit for the Queen of the Unicorns and everyone who wants to take their makeup to the next level.

Everyone including Self-Made magazine knows that Doe Deere is more than just a pretty girl with a pretty smile. Doe is on the top of the list when it comes to Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs listed in Self-Made magazine. Lime Crime is a brand that just exploded the makeup industry with their true to life colors that are powerful and expressive. This is not just makeup for your nine to five, hole in the wall job. This makeup is the power of personal freedom with includes the right to express yourself and break free from the nine to five world of society’s terms. That is what Doe Deere did with the Lime Crime brand too. She found a weak spot in the makeup world and secured her lasting foothold.

If you want a great example of Lime Crime and the unicorn queen herself, just search Instagram. You are bound to see photo after photo of Doe herself in amazingly colored bright hues of the makeup. As you look over each photo it is easy to see why people love Lime Crime and Doe Deere. It is even easy to see why she is such a success. She is artistic and creates a great product allows for the freedom of expression women have been searching for. Women who wear Lime Crime Makeup are encouraged to color outside the line and enjoy the whole process of makeup and being a living woman.

Doe Deere understands that life is made up of color. As a direct result of that fact, makeup should be full of color too. There are no secrets in the makeup and fashion world that girls have been asking for more color. Many of the makeup companies have just ignored this industry wide request. Doe Deere and Lime Crime meet this request head on and it has helped to fuel the fire of success for the company.

Doe tells women to go into the world and live out their dreams. She started the company with a dream and about one hundred dollars. Using her knowledge and personality, she grew the company into what it is today. Doe knows the secrets to success and these secrets mean listening to your customers and living in style with vivid color.

One Of The Smartest Guys In The Room


Any seasoned investor knows that when markets become inflated, when sectors seemingly get way ahead of themselves, a reversal is nearly imminent. Watching key moves of major investors, as if the gas pump prices that were near $4.00 a gallon all across our land in this past year, and are now in the $1.50 per gallon range, were not enough, major investors liquidating energy stocks is a harbinger of things to come. George Soros is near the human equivalent of a bellwether indicator. His moves should not be ignored, and as goes the old saying on Wall Street “pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered,” it is important to be a disciplined investor who takes profit regularly without becoming too greedy. That being said, if investors let the precipitous decline in gas prices dictate their moves in the market, they are already selling energy interests. George Soros, and his recent selling of major energy positions is further evidence exposure to energy stocks needs to be tapered.

George Soros has indeed made a name for himself. He is a very successful financier, and a consummate and disciplined investor. He is the founder and owner of the acclaimed Soros Fund Management, and his humble beginnings in Budapest combined with his enduring Nazi occupation of Germany during World War II, would serve to be forces that would stoke the fires of his imminent departure from Budapest (n.p.. Arriving in the United States after graduating from the London School of Economics, he simply amassed fortunes through his international fund and investing under the aegis of Soros Fund Management. This is exactly why the shrewd among us pay close attention to what he does.

Exposure to the travesties of Nazi occupation no doubt precipitated his interest in developing The Open Society Foundations, a philanthropic venture that promotes societal transparency, human rights and open societies (n.p..

These are some of the reasons why The Street com recently wrote an article questioning whether Mr. Soros knew something the rest of us may not about the energy markets . The current per-barrel price of oil is down over 73% since just last summer. Mr. Soros might know something the rest of us do not, however if we all take stock of what is going on at the gas pumps, and how we have a little extra disposable income as a result of the decline in gas prices, we already have our answer. There is nothing new under the sun, and we should, near arbitrarily, follow the moves of Mr. Soros, and if not for any other reason than because empirical evidence is staring us in the face every time we gas up! We all know something about the energy markets, and Mr. Soros moves simply validate this.