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Any seasoned investor knows that when markets become inflated, when sectors seemingly get way ahead of themselves, a reversal is nearly imminent. Watching key moves of major investors, as if the gas pump prices that were near $4.00 a gallon all across our land in this past year, and are now in the $1.50 per gallon range, were not enough, major investors liquidating energy stocks is a harbinger of things to come. George Soros is near the human equivalent of a bellwether indicator. His moves should not be ignored, and as goes the old saying on Wall Street “pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered,” it is important to be a disciplined investor who takes profit regularly without becoming too greedy. That being said, if investors let the precipitous decline in gas prices dictate their moves in the market, they are already selling energy interests. George Soros, and his recent selling of major energy positions is further evidence exposure to energy stocks needs to be tapered.

George Soros has indeed made a name for himself. He is a very successful financier, and a consummate and disciplined investor. He is the founder and owner of the acclaimed Soros Fund Management, and his humble beginnings in Budapest combined with his enduring Nazi occupation of Germany during World War II, would serve to be forces that would stoke the fires of his imminent departure from Budapest (n.p.. Arriving in the United States after graduating from the London School of Economics, he simply amassed fortunes through his international fund and investing under the aegis of Soros Fund Management. This is exactly why the shrewd among us pay close attention to what he does.

Exposure to the travesties of Nazi occupation no doubt precipitated his interest in developing The Open Society Foundations, a philanthropic venture that promotes societal transparency, human rights and open societies (n.p..

These are some of the reasons why The Street com recently wrote an article questioning whether Mr. Soros knew something the rest of us may not about the energy markets . The current per-barrel price of oil is down over 73% since just last summer. Mr. Soros might know something the rest of us do not, however if we all take stock of what is going on at the gas pumps, and how we have a little extra disposable income as a result of the decline in gas prices, we already have our answer. There is nothing new under the sun, and we should, near arbitrarily, follow the moves of Mr. Soros, and if not for any other reason than because empirical evidence is staring us in the face every time we gas up! We all know something about the energy markets, and Mr. Soros moves simply validate this.

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