Securus Released Integrated Analysis Tool 3.1

One of the leading providers in criminal justice communications, as reported on PR, Securus, has released Threads 3.1. This tool will help increase the efficiency of the systems Securus already offers correctional facilities. Threads 3.1 is the most advanced analytical tool available in the US with an easy to use interface and efficient functions.
This software upgrade makes the system easier to use and enhances system performance. They streamlined the user interface, eliminated unnecessary actions, and enhanced the search functions. The new upgrade runs off HTML 5 and allows for integration with the call systems. The goal was to create a tool that didn’t require much training and lead them to more focused investigations to help keep communities safe.

The Threads 3.1 system allows for better investigations due to efficient real time recordings, detecting suspicious calling patterns, and fraternization to help with criminal investigations that stem from inmate phone calls. This upgrade will help Securus become the leader in investigative, integrated analysis. Existing customers will get upgraded for free.

Securus, a Dallas-based company, is one of the leading corrections communication companies within the US. They serve jails and prisons across the US, helping to connect 1.2 million inmates to their families. They offer a variety of products, including biometric analysis, communications, incident management, inmate self-service, and monitoring products. Their goal is to make our world safer and help connect inmates to their families. Their highly efficient communications tools help to let inmates and families connect, while allowing law enforcement to monitor and keep the community safe.

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For more information, watch the Securus Youtube video campaign.

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