Setting The Humanitarian Record Straight On George Soros

It seems that right-wing politicians and pundits have completely abandoned reality-based facts and science. When someone comes along who does not see eye to eye with their politics, they will stop at nothing to “discredit” them, even if they have to lie to do it. Take the rights latest example: an unprecedented attack on hedge fund billionaire George Soros. Known worldwide for Soros’ philanthropy the right has demonized him because he funds left-leaning groups such as and the Open Societies Foundation. They even attack him when it is revealed that he is concerned for the humanitarian well-being of innocent people.

That’s what happened recently with a massive George Soros WikiLeaks email leak on Right wing deponents to the left-leaning billionaire points at emails that show Soros funding humanitarian groups within the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This group was charged with the responsibility of investigating human rights violations and crimes committed by the Israeli forces. George Soros emails also show that he was concerned for racist laws and policies enacted by the Israeli government and enforced by Israeli forces upon the Palestinian population.

Through all of this, you should know that George Soros himself is Jewish. And that 85 years old, the man survived the Nazi occupation of his home city in Budapest as a 14-year-old boy. Soros experienced what could happen to innocent people during a war first-hand as a teenager. This clearly explains his concerns for the innocent people on both sides of Israeli-Palestinian conflict. But this soft heart is used against him by right-wing politicians, pundits and various other groups.

In a stunning turn of events, pro-Israel right-wing Republicans have used these George Soros emails as evidence to the fact that the billionaire is trying to topple the Israeli government. Right-wing pundits have spread the rumor that Soros is capable of toppling governments single-handedly because of his successful efforts to eradicate communist governments in the past. Meanwhile, anti-Semitic Neo-Nazi groups are also accusing Soros of wrongdoing they surmise that he’s trying to help the Palestinians “win”to cause a flood of Jewish refugees into Europe. This George Soros conspiracy has both pro-Jewish and anti-Jewish groups attacking the philanthropist for remarks made George Soros WikiLeaks email leaks.

What George Soros conspiracy theorists fail to acknowledge is the fact that Soros has committed himself to a lifetime of philanthropy using his fortune. Some of his donations you may not agree with politically, such as the founding of But other philanthropic efforts are hard to disagree with, like the Open Societies Foundation. It is in organization that defends the humanitarian rights of oppressed people across the globe while promoting democracy, transparency and government accountability. The man is using his money to ensure that another World War II does not happen.

Soros has been successful in toppling governments in the past. But what the right wing doesn’t tell you is that those toppled governments were oppressive communist regimes replaced with better, more transparent democratic governments. The Jewish businessman is not trying to undermine the democratic government is real, he is simply looking out for the human rights of everyone involved in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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Tarallucci e Vino and Other Restaurants Changing Venue Options

In New York City, space is at a premium. Private event venues like banquet halls and hotels may seem the go-to space for special events, but they’re not the premium spots. Instead, celebs and non-celebs are seeking out the restaurants with great private rooms. Whether they are hosting a birthday party, rehearsal dinner, wedding, corporate event or anniversary, they are booking private rooms inside restaurants.

Some of the most common reasons for this trend include premium service, great food and an excellent décor. In fact, many people enjoy hosting their special events in private rooms because they aren’t super busy during the event. They sit back and enjoy themselves along with their guests.

Restaurants with Great Private Rooms in NYC
Three of the trendiest restaurants in New York City with the best private rooms often give what their clients want: a great experience. For example, Red Farm, on the Upper West Side, has a great second floor space. It has a menu on fresh greenmarket products, beautifully prepared fish and amazing shrimp dumplings. Red Farm offers pre-fix menus for large groups in private rooms.

Another hot restaurant with great private rooms is Tarallucci e Vino. It has two great locations in New York City. The restaurant in Union Square has two amazing private event rooms for any occasion. Chef Riccardo Bilotta will create a menu for any host. His blend of traditional Italian cuisine and modern culinary techniques.

The Mezzanine is one private room offered by Tarallucci e. Vino. It has a small private room that holds about 80 people. The room is absolutely fabulous for small gatherings because of its intimate, sophisticated feel and bar, lounge area and custom brick tables. For larger gathering, the 6th Floor Loft is perfect. The room, which holds about 120 guests, has antique mirrors and fabulous chandeliers. The 6th Floor Loft can be transformed into a causal or formal setting for any event.

Acme, formally known an Acme Bar & Grill, is another go-to restaurant with private rooms. The old-school restaurant received a huge upgrade to cool with the help of Danish celebrity chef Mads Refslund back in 2012. The food is earthly and homey American. The downstairs space, which features exposed brick walls, is the ideal space for private events. The cool interior and great vibe is a great space for any special event in the NYC.

Banquet halls and hotel spaces for special events are so early 2000s. Many people are forgoing the traditional for the unconventional, VIP settings: the private rooms in restaurants. They have the option of guesting having the VIP experience of being shuttled past the general public to a private room or closing the restaurant. In New York City, anyone wanting to host a special event and do so in the hottest places in Gotham City. Restaurants with private rooms like Tarallucci e Vino are available for hosts’ entertainment and formal events. Leave the work to the experts and have fun in a restaurant with private rooms.

How To Get Online Reputation Management Service

Are you worried about what people see when they search for your company online? Do you realize that negative search results can have drastically harmful effect on your business and your personal success? Want to change how people see you online?

Bad press or negative reputation can ruin a business if care is not taken. These remarks and reviews can originate from anyplace, and they can cost your brand or company in potential business, prospective clients, potential customers, and even potential employees. You simply can’t afford to ignore this type of issue. That’s where reputation management experts come in.

As a business person you owe it to yourself to ensure that you have a reliable system in place, to protect your company image and maintain an impressive reputation. Failure to guard against threats and malicious attacks can certainly lead to business disaster.

Deciding to monitor and manage your online reputation is a great step but you need to hire a reputable team that handle that for you. Only reputable professionals have access to top notch resources and industry connections to render good service. Don’t get tempted just to choose someone who doesn’t have the vast experience to provide excellent reputation management service. It is important to set up a system that will alert you to any potential or impending threat so you can take action right away.

Better Reputation provides online reputation management solutions for businesses and individuals around the world. Their clients come from a wide variety of industries and include lawyers, entrepreneurs, marketing experts, corporations, multinational companies, small business owners, mid-sized business and all others who desire to convey a great reputation online. The team at Better Reputation is highly knowledgeable, experienced and dedicated to ensuring the best possible service.

Better Reputation is well known for their outstanding performance in the reputation management industry. Online reputation management providers abound on the Internet, but with the services provided by Better Reputation you can rest assured that your company’s reputation is in good hands. Contact Better Reputation today to discuss your needs and start protecting your online reputation and your brand.

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Coming Forward as a Whistleblower

It can be a very difficult and precarious position to be in possession of information that may be criminal in nature, especially if it deals with organizations that have a lot of control over the lives of the American people. However, this type of situation has been a common occurrence for a very long time, although times have changed drastically when it comes to what people in these positions can do. In the past, if you were to come forward with certain information that could expose those people and organizations in power above you, there was not a great deal of protection. In fact, a lot of people that have become whistle blowers in the past without the Dodd-Frank Act protections and various other things that have been designed to protect these people, there was a lot they were facing. Many people that have come forward have been fired from their jobs and have literally been eradicated from the fields of business that they worked in. This has been a reality of a lot of people who have been considering whether or not to come forward.

It can be a difficult decision to know that certain things you may know may literally put you in jail for coming forward, yet are wrong and may be in direct violation of our very constitution. This can truly put people on a fence, where they have to make a decision to put themselves out there and literally risk everything, which may be even harder if they have a family to provide for, or to keep quiet about something they know is wrong. This turmoil is not something that anyone should have to go through or deal with, which is why it is so great that there are now whistle blower programs that provide a massive amount of protection.

To add to this huge benefit, the fact that these whistle blowers are putting themselves out in the open for scrutiny and for risk to their livelihoods, there are now incentives in the form of monetary amounts. If anyone wants to come forward with information, there is no question that the best thing to do is to get a highly qualified attorney. Not having a lawyer is just asking for problems, so do your research and find an attorney who specializes in whistle blower cases, as there are more and more of these lawyers concentrating on these cases today.

Richard Blair Speaks About Renting Out A Room In Any Home

Today’s world often requires people to think about many sources of income rather than just a single one. Having such sources can serve as an important cushion that allows people to pay their bills easily and even set aside savings. One way that people are thinking about expanding their income is by renting rooms out in their homes to people who are traveling through and need a room for the night or for a few days. As fiscal expert Richard Blair points out in a recent article, such a plan can have both benefits and possible drawbacks. Any homeowner should pay careful attention to his advice.

Advanced Planning

Renting out a room is now easier than ever thanks to the use of companies such as AirBNB. Signing up with companies that make such arrangements in advance allows the homeowner to have access to large list of clients willing to provide guests and make sure that such guests pay. However, as Blair reminds readers, while this can seem like a good idea, there can be potential pitfalls of all kinds that any homeowner needs to be aware of before welcoming a single guest in their home. Concerns such as insurance coverage should be dealt with well in advance before the homeowner signs a contract. This helps them make sure that their interests are protected in the event of a problem of any kind. The right amount of insurance coverage can provide the owner with the peace of mind needed to relax and enjoy the process of meeting people from all over the world.

Richard Blair Knows Finance

Working with Richard Blair can be quite helpful for those who need fiscal advice of any kind. Blair has a full understanding of the world of finance, an understanding that he has used to help provide expert advice for all those who need it. Under his direction, many of his clients have made important investments that have truly paid off and allowed them to enjoy their lives. His help has been invaluable for people who realize that markets can be confusing and that is best to explore them with the help of someone who has a background in the field. Thanks to such help, he has a roster of highly satisfied clients who have been pleased with his insights and his determination to provide the best possible advice about the world of fiscal investment.

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Bustle Blogger Tries Famous No Lather Shampoo From WEN By Chaz

A no lather shampoo?
When that genius beauty concept first came out, most thought celebrity LA stylist Chaz Dean was out of his mind. How could that work, and what was the point?

Chaz Dean knows plenty about hair from root to end and was well aware of the damage sulfates and other harsh detergents from store bought shampoos and conditioners were causing. Many thought that the bigger the lather, the better the health and shine, but that was far from the truth.

WEN by Chaz was developed by the beloved Chaz Dean, and his loyal star clientele have stayed with him all these years, because the natural plant-based formulas deliver. Any hair type found on the planet will find excellent results in glossy, strong and manageable locks when washing with WEN. Wen products are available on high end cosmetics stores, Sephora. It can also be purchased online through Amazon.

Bustle blogger Emily McClure wanted that kind of bouncy Hollywood hair, so she reached for a bottle of WEN’s cleansing conditioner and took a hair journey. She decided to try WEN by Chaz for seven days and keep a daily hair log with selfies to show readers her progress.

Immediately, Emily fell in love with the rich formula that gave great volume to her fine, thin hair. She even skimped on the directions, figuring she was using too much product and settled for less. Still, Emily’s results were amazing.

After taking the time to blow-dry and style, Emily’s shoulder length tresses shined like crazy, were soft to the touch and kept their hold all day long. Her close gal pals were impressed, and we can see why. Check out Emily’s hair selfies and look at that Hollywood hair.

As long as you stay on a daily Wen wash and follow up with a blow-dry and styling session, Emily says WEN by Chaz really delivers the goods.

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