Popular Dallas Financial Institute Partners with Habitat for Humanity

Home ownership is a great way for families to build up their wealth and become valuable members of the Dallas, Texas community. A well-established local Dallas bank – NexBank – is partnering with the local branch of “Habitat for Humanity” to provide at least 100 loans each year to low-income residents in southern Dallas. The program is targeting specific zip codes to improve these communities.

“Making the American Dream a reality, one home at a time”

Habitat for Humanity was founded in 1976 as a great way for volunteers to help with constructing dwellings for the poor. The local Dallas Area branch is partnering with Dallas Neighborhood Homes, which is a nonprofit mortgage servicing provider to help out low-income individuals purchase homes. NexBank is providing up to $50 million in loans to Dallas Neighborhood Homes.

After the sub-prime mortgage crisis of 2008, some banks have been holding back mortgage services to low-income homebuyers. NexBank has promised to pay closing title costs plus up to $2,000 per loan to help Dallas residents get their Habitat for Humanity home.

“NexBank Builds Dallas Community”

Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity Senior Vice President Mark Tribuna thanked NexBank for its financial backing: “We’re very grateful to NexBank for helping to make affordable home ownership a reality for so many people who need it. North Texas currently has one of the lowest ownership rates in the nation and the Affordable Housing Loan Program that Dallas Neighborhood Homes offers directly addresses the problem.”

NexBank Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President Matt Siekielski said “Both organizations have a strong record of helping lower-income families secure affordable homes in the North Texas community.” The future for low-income families in Dallas is bright thanks to Habitat for Humanity and NexBank.

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How Often should a Woman Really Wash her Hair?

Many females have been told to frequently wash their hair since birth. However, this advice might be wrong. A female’s hair might not need to be washed that often. The following material will explain why.
How the Shampoo Process Works

When a person shampoos their hair, the soap is designed to trap and remove oil and other debris from the hair follicles. If a woman washer her hair too much, she will start to strip away the natural oils. Once the oils are gone, this in turn will cause a person’s hair to break off, split or to become frizzy. Most females want to avoid this condition. So, washing frequently may not be the best thing to do.

Who should frequently wash their hair?

Many professional hair stylists agree that only a few types of females should frequently cleanse their hair. Women that has a fine hair texture, that sweat a lot or live in a humid location should wash their locks at least twice a week. The average person should wash their hair at least twice a month. They can also wash it more frequently if it constantly becomes dirty.

WEN Cleansing and Conditioning Products for Hair

Chaz Dean is a premiere stylist who dresses the hair of A-list celebs and entertainers. He has been around for many years creating unique styles and designs for his clients. Chaz has created his signature hair conditioner products called WEN to be a revolutionary way for women (and men) to rejuvenate, moisturize and revitalize their hair. Chaz sells his products exclusively on Sephora, Guthy-Renker and eBay. Costumers can order his creations online.

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Reliable Event Planning

Party and event planning can be rather stressful, and let’s face the facts- it isn’t for everyone. However, if you’ve been given the task of planning a big event, there are so tips that might help you to stay sane throughout the process and make things a bit easier. If you feel that you won’t be able to carry out the task, there are alternatives for that as well. Basically, there are ways around the stresses of event planning.

Not all parties are small events, and planning a huge event for many guests is difficult in itself. Start out by making lists. Guest lists, food lists, shopping lists and whatever lists you can think of. Depending on what kind of event it is, you may want to have a theme which will help make for a more memorable party. Send out your invites as soon as you’ve mastered your lists.

As far as food goes, you can always keep it simple if you don’t want the hassle of having separate meals per person or buffet. You could do an appetizer spread. You could even have a self serve bar, so that serving drinks doesn’t end up being a task. It allows people to get creative but takes away some do the stress. Always have a kids table if you’ve incited kids to your event. It helps keep them occupied and parents happy. Favors that comply with the theme always make for a memorable party as well.

If party planning is not your thing, and you’re looking for an event planning company in NYC, Twenty Three Layers can fix your party planning problems. They are full service event planners in NYC, having clients like Donna Karan and Jaguar. They do it all: florists, food, themes, entertainment and more, while you don’t have to lift a finger. They are a reputable and reliable company that prides themselves on executing the perfect party, and one that is memorable for all. So if you’re on the hunt for one of the best event planning companies in NYC, you will want to talk to Twenty Three Layers.

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Dick DeVos And His Wife Betsy Are Dedicated Philanthropists To Education And Social Issues In Michigan

Education, healthcare, economic freedom and right-to-life are some of the biggest issues facing Americans today. And it isn’t just politicians and policy makers dealing with these issues, but also people working behind the scenes like Dick and Betsy DeVos. The DeVos’s are some of Michigan’s brightest entrepreneurs and civic leaders whose work has transformed Grand Rapids and the state of Michigan. Their chief company is The Windquest Group, a firm that attracts investors to businesses based in manufacturing, energy, and technology. But the DeVos’s have made a name through the philanthropy they’ve done through the Dick & Betsy DeVos Foundation, started back in the early 90s and continuing its endeavors to help others pursue the American dream.


Dick DeVos is the son of retired billionaire Richard DeVos, the man who co-founded one of the US’s largest direct selling businesses, Amway Corporation, and who currently owns most of the NBA’s Orlando Magic. Dick learned much of his business skills from his father, and after graduating from Northwood University he spent much of his early career working at and eventually running the family business. Amway saw a lot of overseas business increase and new markets opened while Dick DeVos was CEO from 1993 to 2002. He and Betsy started up The Windquest Group in 2002 and turned the focus more on their political work, and the foundation.


The Dick & Betsy DeVos foundation has donated much of its funds and resources to local charities and even national institutions. One of the largest donations received by them was the Kennedy Center’s art institute in Washington D.C. who then renamed it in honor of Dick and Betsy for their contributions. Dick also supports and chairs Grand Action, an organization that plans projects to help grow and revitalize the downtown Grand Rapids area.


But one the Dick & Betsy DeVos Foundation’s biggest endeavors is to reform Michigan’s education by giving young children school of choice options, and to help fund private school operations across the state. Dick at one time was elected to the state’s Board of Education, and has also helped start a charter school called the West Michigan Aviation Academy. The DeVos’s also support Potter’s House Christian School, and have helped start voucher and scholarship programs like the Education Freedom Fund. Other charities the foundation has supported include the Spectrum Health Foundation, a local children’s hospital in Grand Rapids, and Willow Creek Association.


Fight Back Against Overpriced Internet And Phone Bills

While there are a few carriers that offer reasonably-priced cell phone service, most people are looking at an average bill of $140 per month. This is average, mind you, and the amounts get quite a bit higher.

Enter FreedomPop, a new service that offers a variety of mobile and data products designed to save you money. The following is a FreedomPop review of both their phone and internet service products. So, what exactly are they offering?

FreedomPop offers several products for both mobile and home use. They also offer “free” and paid internet plans, and can be used as either a replacement or a supplement to your current data plans.

Freedom Pop Mobile Hotspots

You have a few options for mobile hotspots including the Freedom Stick, which is a USB stick for your laptop, the Freedom Spot Photon, which will hook up to 8 devices, and the Freedom Sleeve Rocket, which actually turns your iPod Touch into an iPhone!

Each of these devices cost money, either an outright fee or a refundable deposit, but they are reasonable, and can pay for themselves over time.

With FreedomPop, you do get 500 mb of free data, but you can get more free data by connecting with other Freedom users, filling out surveys and signing up for offers, and you can also choose from a variety of plans depending on the amount of data you will need. These plans are reasonable and you can change them according to need.

One of the best things about Freedom Pop is that you aren’t tied to a contract. You can sign up and use their services and cancel at any time, or upgrade and then downgrade services according to your needs.

FreedomPop Phone

How about a phone with no contract, no fees and plenty of voice, text and data for free? That’s what Freedom Pop is offering. Granted, your needs may require more than the 200 minutes of calling and the 500 mb of data you get for free, but that’s okay because you have a variety of options that allow you to expand your service.

What FreedomPop does is allow you to have the level of service you need without paying the bloated prices from the big providers. There are some limitations, of course, and some bugs to be worked out. For example, if you don’t have 4G coverage in your area, you won’t find Freedom Pop to be useful, however, if you travel it is a lifesaver.



Wealth Solutions with Richard Blair

Richard Blair is the founder of Wealth Solutions. Wealth Solutions is an Austin, Texas-based firm that offers investment advice to its clients. He established Wealth Solutions with exclusive objectives of bringing significant and positive differences in the lives of small business owners, families, and individuals.

Richard Blair graduated from College in 1993. He immediately ventured into the financial services industry after graduation. His family helped him grow into a confident investor. He created Wealth Solutions Corporation in 1994 to offer customers independent and objective financial investment solutions. He believes in professional engagement irrespective of conflict of interests. He has experience in retirement planning. He has helped clients in structuring retirement investment plans successfully.

Blair and Wealth Solutions Company use other affiliate companies like the Worldwide Ventures, Blair Insurance Group LLC, Crown Bridge Wealth LLC and the United Global Securities to present financial planning, information on funds, and guide services for individuals. The firm also deals with integrated financial planning, estate tax, and planning, asset, securities, protection, employee benefits, insurance among others.

Wealth Solutions is very successful in asset management. Currently, it has over $55 million under its asset management portfolio. It also has other significant range of portfolio that are under review before there are formally launched. One of them is the comprehensive M&A consultancy and transaction.

The primary purpose of financial advisory solutions is to arrive at capital administration positions and to achieve individual objectives. This financial planning process creates and projects a personal financial portfolio. Financial professional advisers can employ diversification strategies to achieve personal financial goals. Sometimes, Richard and his team work to exceed such personal goals.

Wealth Solutions mechanizes and delivers the diversification strategies that help surpass client financial goals. The company facilitates customer relationships to bring comprehensive, proven and secure capital and investment plans. Wealth Solutions helps clients to determine the suitability of existing investments while increasing resources that generate additional client resources that can enable them to make the right decisions.

Retirement and social security are imperative especially financial planning. It is always advisable for anyone to start retirement investment and planning as early as possible. Wealth Solutions widens the conventional paths to retirement through the comprehensive planning and advice. Wealth Solutions builds, develops, invests and manages assets to ensure that your retirement is peaceful. It is imperative to know that Richard Blair and his team have shown commitment to financial integrity and accountability, which is in line with industry rules.

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A Promising Announcement by Lovaganza

The long awaited announcements on official dates for Lovaganza global celebrations have been finally released. The Lovaganza celebrations will be held in 2020 and preparations are being made to ensure the celebrations are a success and provide remarkable entertainment experience. Lovaganza looks forward to presenting long time staged performances and shows that aim at promoting cultural diversity as well as acceptance among different communities. This has therefore been made possible by different tours across the world thus promoting different cultures. The recent news on 2020 Lovaganza celebrations was a great relief to many people who were eagerly waiting for the official event date.

The Lovaganza Celebrations

This celebrations aim at providing a platform for communities to celebrate and showcase their cultural diversity across the world. Commonly referred to as the Bohemian adventure on wikidot.com, Lovaganza 2020 celebrations are expected to bring the world together through simultaneous events that offer groundbreaking entertainment. These activities range from live events to motion pictures and immersive attractions among others. Initially, these celebrations were scheduled to happen in 2015. However, the dates were further pushed to 2020 due to dynamics likely to affect the events operations as discussed in several meetings and different reviews.

One of the major reasons that contributed to the changing of dates was time. With an extension, communities are able to prepare themselves and give amazing performances during the main event. Additionally, Lovaganza was noted that the technology provided on LinkedIn was not unique and so the rescheduling will help improve on areas of weaknesses as well as come up with cutting edge technological concepts that will raise the quality level.

Preceding Events

Preceding the 2020 Lovaganza celebrations is the traveling show. This show will officially begin in 2017 and it is aimed at advertising and campaigning for the celebrations all over the world thus raising awareness of the program to many people. During the traveling show, a trilogy of the main events of the celebrations to be expected in 2020 will be presented. Preparations for motion pictures and the trilogy will play a great role in marketing to ensure many people get the information in good time for them to prepare for the big event.

About Lovaganza

Lovaganza is a big corporation made up of Lovaganza Foundation and Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise. These two bodies offer support and quality entertainment that aim at attracting the attention of the audience and ensuring they are fully entertained. Over the years, this corporation has been sending a message of peace and unity across communities through entertainment.

Learn more about Lovaganza: https://www.designideas.pics/lovaganza-2020/

Lovaganza from Colin Hesterly on Vimeo.

Tips for Effective Online Reputation Management

About 95 percent of the businesses hiring professional reputation management services today are doing so after something bad has already happened to their online reputation. This is according to Don Sorensen, an expert on online reputation management currently heading Big Blue Robot. Most consumers today are enlightened and will probably research on any company they would like to buy from. As such, companies have to ensure that a few negative commends on their products and services do not affect their reputation. There are several ways, in which you can manage your online reputation and retain your ability to attract prospective customers–including:

  1. Track Mentions of Your Brand Online

To effectively manage your brand’s reputation online, you have to be aware of what your consumers are saying about the brand at any time. In this regard, you should consistently monitor such brand aspects as products, key players, services, consumer interactions and community involvement. To achieve this, you will need a tool that is highly efficient, such as Social Mention and Google Alerts. Additionally, you should respond to the mentions of your brand online. For instance, you can reply with a ‘thank you’ for the good mentions and try to offer a solution for the bad mentions.

  1. Focus on Key Pints When Addressing Complaints

Since you will be getting negative brand reviews from time to time, you should know how to address them. With the negative reviews, you should know that you are dealing with a consumer who had a bad experience with your products or services. In this case, it is advisable to listen, apologize and offer a solution. At any given time, you should avoid online arguments with the consumers—especially when they have given your brand a bad review. This is one of the things that can easily taint your brand’s reputation online.

  1. Allocate Some Funds Towards Online Reputation Management

When coming up with the marketing budget for your brand/company, it is advisable to allocate some money towards online reputation management. This will allow you to hire a good marketing agency to take care of your reputation management needs. Professionals in the reputation management industry have the required skills and experience. As such, they are in a better position to manage the online reputation of your company/brand.

Online reputation management can be a daunting task, but one that can ensure that bad reviews do not affect the company’s popularity negatively.