Sweetgreen: Finally, a Restaurant that Offers Affordable, Healthy Options for Busy Professionals

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Man, I’d eat healthier on my lunch break or right after work if there were just more opportunities to do so!”

At the same time, fast food beckons. It’s just a simple block away. You can even walk there. After all, walking is exercises, isn’t it?

You can buy a drink and a filling meal for less than $8 bucks and you know it’s going to taste pretty good, with all the ooey, gooey cheese you want and the deep fried goodness you expect. However, you know you’ll feel guilty afterwards. You try not to think about the fact that you’ve literally just consumed over 1000 calories in less than 1 hour. Even if you try to make healthier choices, you know the salad dressings and other items on the menu aren’t healthy either.

It’s so frustrating. We all have healthy foods and veggies we enjoy, yet we have very few opportunities to eat them unless we cook them. So many professionals work anywhere from 40 to 100 hours per week. For many, there just isn’t time to cook healthy meals more than once or twice per week. However, getting burnt out on fast food happens quickly for people who have no other option than to order takeout and fast food all the time.

In fact, if you start a new job after attending college or after being a housewife for example, and you start eating fast food every day for lunch, you’ll get miserably sick of It after just a few short weeks, if not days.

The founders of Sweetgreen, Nathaniel Ru, Jonathan Neman and Nicolas Jammet felt those very same frustrations. Though living in one of the most metropolitan areas of the country, Washington, DC and living and working in one of the most posh areas of the Nation’s Capital, Georgetown; all 3 bonded over the fact that affordable, healthy options were pretty much nonexistent.


Fast, Organic Food at an Affordable Price Point

This prompted the 3 to create a business plan in their senior year at Georgetown University. Though they had no experience, 2 of them had successful entrepreneurs for parents. The 3 used the resources they had through the university to build their first location and decided on a value-driven business model for Sweetgreen that has achieved astounding success.

Livio Bisterzo’s Contribution In the Heath and Natural Food Sector

Hippeas Created by Livio Bisterzo“Better for You” snack is a product that resulted from the creative minds of Livio Bisterzo and his team. They set their minds and effort to see the birth of another new product in the market Hippeas. Hippeas are gluten-free and vegan organic chickpea puffs, which supply consumers with 1000 calories, three grams of proteins, and fiber. The idea Bisterzo and his team had to come up with a socially conscious snack tailored to deliver an original taste.

Interestingly, Hippeas became the newest product to join the Starbuck’s assortment of the ‘grab and go’ snacks. It comes in two distinct flavors, Vegan White Cheddar and Far Out Fajita, which you can both find in the more than 7500 Starbuck stores across the U.S.

Read More: https://news.starbucks.com/news/new-addition-to-starbucks-grab-and-go-snacks

Importance of Taking Client-Feedback Seriously

Livio’s clients are a happy. They have continuously expressed their satisfaction of the new snack through feedback. Hippeas (http://hippeas.com/) stands out, because it is relevant culturally and addresses the various consumer trends, which resonate well with everyone. In his words, Livio is convinced that the product would not have come at a better time.

Carolyn Chinn, Starbuck’s Merchandising Retail Branded Partnerships states that they continue to seek for snacks that resonate well with clients. It is important to take every customer feedback seriously and offer them flavors that meet their different dietary needs. The focus is to ensure that the snack stays as gluten-free and as vegan as possible.

So far Livio is happy with the new product and the brand’s social mission. Hippeas is working alongside Farm Africa to give back to the community by supporting local chickpea farmers in Eastern Africa. It is incredible how this brand has continued to receive a positive reception and the many opportunities that are coming its way.

About Livio Bisterzo

Livio Bisterzo is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Green Park Brands. He is from Italy but lives in Los Angeles. It’s now seven years since he ventured into the health and natural food sector. In the month of May 2015, Livio began working together with a company dealing in food innovation to come up with Hippeas and took a few rounds of development and customer testing to get the final product. Livio understands the importance of working hard to develop a product and did just that for Hippeas to achieve the perfect shape, bite, taste, and shape. The idea was to come up with a product that is not too far from what the customers already know, but one they would not think twice to pick from the counters.

For more information, view Livio Bisterzo’s profile on Crunchbase

Markus Rothkranz’s Theatrically Inspiring Speech

Markus Rothkranz’s Speech video is a theatrical video that touches on the unfortunate fact that most human beings, from the time we’re born are often set forth through life with too many boundaries. Those boundaries become so ingrained that many are afraid to speak of their dreams or show their true selves. As a result, many create “comfort” outlets outside of themselves whether it’s friends, drugs or shopping.

Rothkranz then touches on the fact that these same individuals get to a point at which they start to question whether their job, home and paying bills is all there is to life and think that they’re alone when it’s taken away. However, they are not because the Universe makes everything work according to the person’s intentions and actions. Having it taken away is a sign that those things are not needed and meant to be.

According to Rothkranz, the best way to approach life is to start by appreciating every little thing in it (i.e. don’t expect two coins if you can’t appreciate just one). He also pointed that it doesn’t pay to make comparisons to other people because of the tendency to see them as having “more”. It is not until the person takes back his or her power and stops resisting what is that he or she will receive what he or she really “deserves”. Rothkranz also believes that everyone possesses special gifts that they are meant to give to the world. The Universe tests in order to ensure that the individual is taking the actions for the right reasons.

Rothkranz’s bottom line is that once the individual start doing everything for the greater good that he or she will receive many blessings in spite of any major losses. Individuals are not their roles, what they own, the friends that they have, etc. True power comes from within and not from the outside world.

Magnises: Membership to Luxury

Sometimes living the life of luxury isn’t enough, you need a physical reminder of your growing status on angel.co. Of course you could throw on some garish clothing or gaudy jewelry, but what does that really say about you? The company Magnises has come around just in time to offer young, wealthy, and entertainment driven people the chance to flash their status while reaping all kinds of new benefits. We’ll talk a little bit about Magnises and their black card to get at what it means to you.

Magnises got its start like most young companies do nowadays: by a young individual with a plan. Magnises was created back in 2013 by Billy McFarland. McFarland’s desire was to create a product that helped individuals network while also allowing them to utilize their wealth in the best ways possible. The company is focused on the Magnises Black Card which gives its user special access to events, clubs, and restaurants as well as discounts at certain places. The black card isn’t free, however, as you have to pay a monthly fee in order to have one in your name.

At fist glance, and at first read, the black card doesn’t seem like anything more than a vague subscription to a club that you aren’t familiar with but there is really so much more to it. In fact, McFarland already has over 12,000 young professionals who own a card themselves. McFarland contends that they are constantly aiming at expanding the card on Crunchbase in order to maximize what they can give to their users. Let’s look at some of the immediate benefits that are on hand for people who are ready and willing to fork out the $99 per month required to become a member.

To start off, Magnises has already launched parts of a plan to help professionals get their own business going. Owners of a Magnises card are able to rent a work space at Magnises’ own building at Alley. These office spaces can be rented for a startlingly low $500 per month. Moving past this aspect of the card we can shift gears and look at the entertainment aspect. Magnises members are able to rent out some gorgeous hotels at enormously discount rates: The Dream Hotel comes to mind as Magnises offers a $79 room in a building that rents at $245 to regular customers. Magnises members will also see benefit events thrown their way every once in awhile. These events will come in the form of private concerts for members, access to affordable tickets at professional sporting events, and invitations to parties and get togethers at local clubs.

At the end of the day you are only going to get out of Magnises what you are willing to put into it. Are you a young and burgeoning professional? Do you have aspirations to live the affluent lifestyle with your business working for you? If that’s the case then Magnises may be a great option solely to allow you to network, save money, and live large.


The media coverage of international asset transactions and tax havens tend to be coloured by a fair bit of hyperbole. In a 4 year old article published in the New Zealand Herald website, a similar view is expressed by the guest author who happens to be one of the foremost authorities in New Zealand on domestic and international tax law. Geoffrey Cone, a lawyer with over 35 years of experience in the field of global finance and taxation planning, was responding to media coverage of New Zealand’s foreign trusts regime in 2012. The subject remains even more pertinent as 2016 draws to a close and Mr. Cone’s views espoused in that feature has not diminished in their significance.

The primary bone in contention regards a largely farcical question: is New Zealand a “tax haven”? Mr. Cone dismantles that notion in its entirety by laying out a formidable array of unassailable facts, which are even more in the present day. For starters, tax havens are by their very nature antagonistic to the idea of transparency. It just so happens that New Zealand places higher than many developed nations, including our trans-Tasman neighbors, on global transparency indexes.

The OECD keeps a list of nations whose regulatory regimes qualify them as tax regimes and New Zealand most certainly do not figure in that last. Conversely, according to Mr. Cone, the nation does figure in a list maintained by OECD, but one that lists the nation that display a high degree of compliance with international tax regulatory conventions and agreements.

And speaking about international agreements, New Zealand is signatory to 39 double tax agreements with prominent members of the international community, as well as 20 special tax information exchange agreements. In the global crusade against tax evasion and illegal money transactions, information exchange plays a pre-eminent role. And as ably demonstrated by Mr. Cone, New Zealand is an active proponent of transparency, tax standards and robust regulatory regimes.

Such a positive international reputation has enhanced New Zealand’s status as a safe and dependable global destination for asset planning and protection, not tax planning and certainly not tax evasion, according to Mr. Cone. And expert legal and tax professionals like Geoffrey Cone has been at the forefront of this thriving financial sector industry, a valuable addition to the New Zealand economy over the years. Mr. Cone is a principal partner in Cone Marshall, an Auckland based law firm focusing exclusively on international finance and tax planning.

Mr. Cone, an alumnus of The University of Otago, New Zealand, is a seasoned lawyer who specialized in tax and trust law. In a career spanning almost four decades, his legal practice in commercial and tax law has seen him appear at all levels of the New Zealand legal system including the Privy Council. Mr. Cone also has spent significant time overseas as international litigator. He started Cone Marshall Limited along with his principal partner Karen Marshall in 1998.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho: A Leader in the Brazilian Legal Profession

The legal profession in Brazil is governed by the Order of Lawyers, equivalent to the bar or law society in most English-speaking countries. The country’s legal system is civil-law based, meaning it relies heavily on interpretation of codified laws and not on legal precedent and jurisprudence, which are more important in common law countries. The Order of Lawyers is a self-regulating organization which controls admission to the legal profession. Each state has a section of the Order, and a uniform bar exam is necessary to gain admission.


Admission to the Order of Lawyers requires a law degree, which usually requires five years of study. There is no post-graduate experience requirement, although law school curricula require an internship or practical experience. In recent years, bar pass rates have been extremely low, with many candidates repeating the exam several times before finally succeeding.


As in most civil law jurisdictions, the law is an extremely academic field in Brazil. Before the first Brazilian universities were founded in the 1930s, law schools were among the most important cultural institutions in the country. Law is one of the most competitive majors at tuition-free public universities, with aspiring lawyers taking admissions exam cram courses for years while in high school.


 Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a leader in the Brazilian legal community. Mr. Tosto began as a solo practitioner and in a short time became become an international figure in high-stakes corporate litigation. His firm,Leite, Tosto, and Barros is among the 500 leading firms in the country. He attended law school at Mackenzie Presbyterian University in Sao Paulo, graduating with distinction, and went on to build the prestigious firm with offices in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Brasilia. The full-service firm practices in a wide range of areas, especially credit recovery and public law, as well as general litigation.


Mr. Tosto is also an accomplished author who has published an original, innovative work takes a fresh look at a historical trial from a contemporary perspective. Tosto’s book, The Trial of Tiradentes, weighs the evidence in the famous plot to overthrow the Portuguese colonial government in Brazil.


Visit https://leitetostoinforma.wordpress.com/category/ricardo-tosto/ for more about Ricardo Tosto.

Kevin Seawright – Proven Government Leader in City of Newark NJ

Kevin Seawright has big shoes to fill on a daily basis as a result of his position in the economic development field. He is responsible for creating the Newark, NJ Economic Development Corporation and completed a nonprofit fund development program.

This is a role which he began in September 2014 and is a result of a prior role in the State of Maryland where he was the director of operations. His qualification for the job include a Master’s degree in Accounting from Almeda University and a leadership certification from Notre Dame. He is also a member of many professional organizations including the National Association of Black Accountants. This is only one of many accomplishments for which Kevin Seawright is known.

In his current role, Kevin has many different responsibilities in order to keep the city running properly. The primary of which is to manage the public funds which are used to provide the essential services the city must provide. Kevin is also responsible for retaining and encouraging business to set up shop in Newark.

This is one of the more important roles that Kevin Seawright is responsible for as he has so much business experience that he can offer his local community. He has also held a lot of positions related to finance throughout his career since he has frequently been involved in budget and finance related issues.

What led to his career is that he was able to formulate winning strategies which have been very successful in being able to produce great results for the public sector. These revenue enhancements have been able to produce greater returns as well as increase the returns on investments made in the public sector.

His biggest strong point is that he is able to approach many different business situations from a multitude of different angles. He doesn’t just want to approach a business situation from his own perspective, but rather he wants to find out how he can truly make the situation better. With his insights, Kevin Seawright is a great business leader from the inside out whom is able to affect change throughout many organizations.

Kenneth Goodgame: the marketing guru

Anyone that has interacted or heard of Kenneth Goodgame knows one thing about him; he is a guru in the marketing industry. A few months after joining True Value, the company was able to post an insane increase in earnings in the first quarter. Definitely there is a lot to expect from a company with Kenneth Goodgame on the marketing wheel.

Kenneth Goodgame’s resume is pretty impressive, especially when it comes to the retailing industry. He has shown excellent skills in convincing customers to pay for products sold by the company. He knows how to run promotions well and to set up products that draw a high attention.

Even though he has worked at several stores, he has worked as president of several companies such as Newell Rubbermaid and Techtronic Industries. His major successes at different companies has been an increased amount of sales for various products.

Mr. Goodman was also fortunate to work for other companies before joining True Value. He worked for Ace Hardware where he held the position of the Global Materials Manager. He designed long-term marketing plans that saw an increase in the amount of sales. He achieved this through developing new products and improvement of processes that initially existed in the company.

Apart from Ace Hardware, he worked with The Home Depot, Black and Decker and Rubbermaid Cleaning products. His biggest achievement was probably working for Rubbermaid cleaning products, he came up with products that had a smart technology breakthrough.

Goodgame can be simply described as a man with many talents, apart from being a great leader in areas of product creation and brand recognition is very creative. His leadership skills have given him the ability to turn several ideas from his peers to a unified vision. He has portrayed a general willingness to work as a team player. His vision for every company is that every employee should help the company grow and that everyone should become a market leader in the categories.

According to Angel.co and Zoominfo, Kenneth Goodgame is certainly a leader every company deserves. True Value Company reaped high benefits from hiring him. The company is certainly going to enjoy many years of success with the long term marketing plan he implemented.