Billy McFarland creates an exclusive social club for millennials

Billy McFarland founded Magnises when he was 23 years old. He had the help of friends and colleagues build the perfect online network. Magnises has grown to become an exclusive social club that offers discounts, deals, and offers to special events. People access all the offers through the company’s black card. You can easily link the card to your debit or credit card information so as to make payments. The main benefit of the card is its community and ability to receive special offers.

The Magnises card is made of heavy but durable metal. All you have to do is to flash the card in specific restaurants, clubs or bars to get discounts. Members can experience other offers too such as private concerts and luxurious getaways.

Since its establishment in 2013, Magnises has grown to acquire close to 10,000 members. Users have to pay an annual fee of $250 to use the black card. According to Billy McFarland, the card targets mainly millennials between the ages of 21 to 35. People in the corporate field such as finance, tech, and fashion are the main targets.

The application process is simple and straightforward. Users have to apply for the card through an online application. Magnises officials have to check the application first before one becomes a member. According to The Fortune, Billy McFarland created Magnises to become a professional and social bridge for people that work in different industries. Billy has ensured that Magnises has partnered with top organizations and brands.

Magnises has been a highly successful endeavor. The company was able to raise $3 million in capital for the year 2015. Members have loved the program for its discounts, perks, and offers. They get to experience the city’s gallery openings, networking nights and pop-up shows. Magnises has proved to be a growing platform that advises members on the best places to spend their money.

According to Billy McFarland, the key to the successful business is to create brands that connect with the local millennial community. Brands that millennials find interesting have attracted many members. Magnises plans to open its offices in different parts of the world. The company is fast growing and has clients in Washington DC and New York City.


Mike Baur’s Career in Business

Mike Baur has had a long and successful career as an investor and entrepreneur. Baur is the co founder of a company known as Swiss Start up Factory. It is a unique company that specializes in providing capital and mentorship to start up businesses. Baur’s experiences also entail investing in numerous start up businesses as well. He has put his money in a number of new businesses and has earned high returns. At the beginning of his business career, Mike worked in business banking in which he helped companies get the capital necessary to achieve their objectives. As a result of these experiences, Mike Baur has established himself as one of the more successful business people in Switzerland.


When Mike Baur first started his career, he worked in banking where he served businesses. As a business banking specialist, Mike Baur would routinely sit with entrepreneurs to discuss their funding needs. He would talk to them about their business and look over their business plans. This allowed him to easily evaluate the potential of a new start up business and determine the best way to provide capital for them. As well as providing business valuation and providing capital, Mike would also provide business owners with valuable feedback in terms of financing options and how to best manage their financial resources.


Baur had a very successful career in business banking for two decades. However, he looked to move on to other ventures. One of these opportunities was in start up investing. Mike began investing his own money in a number of start up companies. Fortunately for Mike, this venture proved to be very successful as he was making great returns from highly profitable companies. Since this venture proved to be very lucrative, Mike began to come up with a new business model that would form the foundation of his own company.


His next business venture would be in entrepreneurship. Baur started up a company that combined the tasks of business banking and investing. He named his new company Swiss Start up Factory. This company has one of the more innovative business models around. Swiss Start up Factory works by having entrepreneurs present their business idea to Mike and allow him to evaluate it. Upon approval, businesses would then be given plenty of support in making their companies as successful as possible. They will be given funding to finance various operations and also consulting to get feedback on how to best manage their companies.

Don Ressler: A Master Of Innovative Online Performance Marketing

Serial entrepreneur Don Ressler is a marketing wizard and the internet is his domain. He’s been involved in creating cutting-edge, innovative marketing strategy. Since the early days of the internet Ressler has been helping companies to better connect to their target markets and gain new customers and leads. It’s called online performance marketing and Don Ressler is one of its finest proponents. Don Ressler used it to promote his string of successful start-ups, recruit millions in investment funds for some of the companies with which he has worked and generate billions of dollars in sales. was Don Ressler’s first company and it was wildly successful. In 2001, a few years after its founding, was purchased by Intermix Media and Ressler became part of Intermix’s marketing team. Working with Intermix’s 19-year old COO Adam Goldenberg, Ressler co-founded and ran Alena Media. The company was responsible for Intermix’s performance advertising and e-commerce division. Alena Media generated hundreds of millions of dollars for Intermix and became its primary profit center.

When News Corp bought Intermix Media in 2005, Ressler left the company and went seeking new opportunities. He got together with Goldenberg and together they have founded a series of very successful companies. Their first company was Brand Ideas/Intelligent Beauty. It was the first of many brand building enterprises Ressler and Goldenberg would co-found. Next came weight-loss brand SENSA and DERMSTORE, an e-commerce skincare and cosmetics marketplace. Both brands are two highly successful using the direct-to-consumer model and online performance advertising.

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In 2010 Ressler got together with Goldenberg to found a company that would become an international sensation. It was a subscription e-commerce fashion retailer called JustFab and it combined the prodigious talents of Ressler, Goldenberg and fashion icon Kimora Lee Simmons. Within two years JustFab Inc. had over 6 million members in Europe and the United States. Ressler and company also bought FabKids, a children’s fashion subscription service and The Fab Shoes, a European fashion e-commerce site.

In 2015 Ressler and the JustFab team joined with actress Kate Hudson and created athletics wear online subscription company Fabletics. The company was a rollicking success and has millions of subscribers worldwide. Fabletics recently opened its first bricks-and-mortar store and plans to open 100 more within the next five years. Don Ressler is CEO of Fabletics. He continues to prove why over the past 2 decades he’s been considered an online performance marketing master.

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Sujit Choudhry Defining the Field Of Comparative Law

Comparative law is a legal field that studies the similarities and differences between the laws of various nations. It looks into the world’s legal systems including the civil law, common law, Canon law, Socialist law, Jewish law, Chinese law, and Hindu law. The study also focuses on description and analysis for foreign legal systems where no explicit comparisons exist.


As nations open up their borders for economic globalization, internationalism, and democratization, the Comparative law has become critical in this present age. Several disciplines have adopted separate branches of comparative law in the fields of administrative law, constitutional law, civil law, commercial law, and criminal law.


About Sujit Choudhry


Sujit Choudhry is the I. Michael Heyman Professor of Law who has established himself as the authority in Comparative Institutional Law. Sujit is recognized internationally for his broad ranging research agenda and in-depth experience in advising nations on constitutional development processes. Among the countries he has offered consultancy includes Egypt, Jordan, Sri Lanka, Ukrain, Tunisia, South Africa, Libya, and Nepal. Professor Choudhry received his law degrees from Oxford, Harvard, and Toronto Universities. He served as the law clerk of the Supreme Court of Canada under Chief Justice Antonio Lamer.


Professor Choudhry ( has provided research advisory in the comparative constitutional law covering the use of constitutional design to manage a transition from violent conflicts in a nation to peaceful and democratic politics. He has also extensively researched on constitutional design for ethnically divided societies; semi-presidentialism; federalism, decentralization, and secession; constitutional courts; minority and group rights; official language policy, and many more topics.


Books and Publications

Professor Choudhry has written extensively on different comparative law topics including the Canadian constitutional law. His book chapters, articles, reports, and working papers are totaling over 90. He has also released numerous edited collections including “The Migration of Constitutional Ideas (Cambridge, 2006)”, “The Oxford Handbook of the Indian Constitution (Oxford, 2016)”, and much more.


Other Career Achievements


Professor Choudhry is a law professor at the Berkeley Law School, California. Before coming to Berkeley, Choudhry served at the NYU School of Law as Cecelia Goetz Professor of Law, and at the University of Toronto as the Chairman of the Faculty of Law.


At Berkeley, he served as Dean between 2014 and 2016 during which he developed a strategic agenda founded on the pillars of access, service, innovation, and globalization. He launched a number of initiatives for the implementation of the agenda, which included access to fundraising campaigns to acquire financial aid based on needs. Choudhry formed the Berkeley Law Opportunity Scholarship that targets first-generation university students that join Berkeley.



Brand Loyalty, Advertising and Success With EOS

The beauty in the evolution of EOS lip balm lies in the creative strategies formulated by the brand’s founders. It was not only in their genius product design where the brand succeeded. The way in which they chose to market largely determined how they kept the ball rolling, pun intended.

After the brand saw some success already, they knew that page ads in the fashion magazines would not be identifiable with their trendy product hot with millennials. Millennials were doing more in tech and spending their time on Facebook and YouTube watching their favorite beauty gurus give makeup and skin care tutorials. They were scrolling the feed on Instagram, liking whatever new hot image deserved their kudos. Having the right connections in this world helped to widen their audience in the right direction. Putting the product in the hands of a popular beauty blogger could influence the wider market, and a popular Instagrammer watching the beauty blogger could further spread the word.

Some mainstream marketing initiatives were also employed by advertising the product with celebrity endorsements. EOS was the headline sponsor for Demi Lovato, and was also used by music stars like Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift took the product to Asia. Other celebrities like Kim Kardashian were photographed using the product in her daily life. Quite quickly, the brand catapulted from being relatively low key to being the largest advertiser in their product category. It remains to this day a best seller in the lip care aisle, quite a notable achievement for a startup 7 years ago that is now beating out all the other household names that have been around forever. The proof is in the pudding; the product itself is just better and it’s customer’s are loyal and have formed an emotional connection to the product. Visit for more info.

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