Risk-Taking with Scott Rocklage

From experiments in the lab, to clinical trials on living, breathing, people, to obtaining patents on products and ideas, the world of science inherently contains some risk. Deciding which risks are worth taking, and then taking them is the job of Dr. Scott Rocklage. Now a managing partner at 5AM Ventures, Dr. Rocklage has devoted his life to science.

Dr. Rocklage holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Chemistry from the University of California, Berkeley and a Ph.D. in Chemistry from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. With these degrees, he worked in research and development before moving on to the administrative side of doing business. He has held the positions of President, Chairman, and CEO at several different companies, including Cubist Pharmaceuticals and Nycomed Salutar. He has been involved in pharmaceutical drug trials, and was instrumental in obtaining FDA approval on various pharmaceutical drugs. His research has also led to patents on his inventions, with more than 30 attributable to him and learn more about Scott.

5AM Ventures, where Dr. Rocklage is a managing partner is a venture capital company. This company invests in other companies that are involved in life sciences. 5AM Ventures is especially interested in life science companies that are taking on some of the greatest challenges in health care today. With a more proactive approach, Dr. Rocklage spends time researching and studying what’s new in the world of healthcare and working with entrepreneurs in this field that are developing their ideas. Since by definition, venture capital companies take risks, Dr. Rocklage also meets with other 5AM Ventures professionals to assure that the portfolio, or what 5AM Ventures is invested in, is sound. As with all managerial positions, some of his time is also spent in board meetings. With more than thirty years of experience, Dr. Rocklage has been a leader in science, and he continues to be on the leading edge of funding the future of science as it relates to medicine and healthcare and resume him.

Why David Giertz believes there is need to speak to clients about social security

It is a common yet sad scenario when people who have been employed for years go into retirement and end up having nothing to show for it. At other times, people that have been dealing working and get workplace accidents fail to get the social security benefits they deserve because they do not understand how to claim them. David Giertz, an experienced investor and advisor states that it is very important for investors to educate their clients about social security.

The first thing that people do not understand is that the benefits they get from the system depend on their past earnings on Ideamensch. This means that the more they skip taxes, the less beneficial it will be to them later on. Besides that, before the calculations are made, the system makes adjustments to the earnings to reflect changes such as inflation, which means that someone who was earning $20000 in the 90s will have this adjusted to around $40000 to cater for the inflation.

David Giertz states that one ironic thing about the system is that it really favors lower income earning individuals, yet they are the ones who are most afraid of learning about the benefits and going after them. Then, Giertz states that normally, the SSA uses 35 years of earning as a basis of calculating the final amount that one should be receiving as monthly benefits at http://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/person.asp?personId=232405062&privcapId=3611386. Another thing, probably the most important that these people do not understand is that it is possible to be eligible for more than three types of benefits, even if it is not at the same time. David Giertz concludes by saying that there is a lot of things that many people are ignorant about regarding their retirement benefits and that the only person that can help in creating an understanding of the system is the employers.

Honey Birdette Empowering Women And Expanding

Honey Birdette has made history by being the first sensuality boutique in Australia, and they are giving a lot of women what they want in their closets so that they can look beautiful for those that they are most intimate with. The lingerie is what the company specializes in most, and UK customers are adoring the brand so much that it is expected that by 2018 there will be 40 stores in that country’s portfolio. From 3 to 40 in just about a year is some impressive gain that cannot be ignored.

Eloise Monaghan is the founder and entrepreneur who started all of this initiative back in Brisbane in 2006. She understands what it takes to empower women and give them careers with plenty of opportunity for advancement that can be hard to find in a lot of the business environments where stores have been established. It is about encouraging a culture where women work hard to rise and help others along their way up. US consumers understand that type of attitude as well, and they have responded overwhelmingly with a 374% increase in sales in that market segment since the launch of the US online site not too long ago.

It is about women encouraging other women at the stores and helping them find the products that they need. A lot of the other vendors in the space of adult sensuality are staffed with men who intimidate and hover over women as they browse which can be quite an off-putting experience which Honey Birdette is trying to change. There are plans for US retail stores on the way as well, and the women there will get a chance to embrace the camaraderie which comes from looking out for one another. It is money well spent when these new customers can come away with something beautiful and help each other with the purchase.

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Tony Petrello in Nabors Industry

Tony Petrello is the Chairman or Chief Executive Officer and president of Nabors Industries. Executive Committee of the Board and Nabors Board of Directors elected Tony Petrello to be the president in 1991. Tony has served as the chairperson of this company for many years. Tony has many operating functions. His major work in Nabors industry is to enable the company to adapt and improve in many competitive environments. Petrello is also the provider of strategic planning initiatives of Nabors.

Anthony graduated from Yale University with Masters in Mathematics. Tony gained the knowledge to handle finances and management skills from Yale University. He also studied law at Harvard University. His career at Nabors Industries consists of drilling services and provision of oil in Houston. Tony’s services in Nabors include rig moving, manufacturing, instrumentation oilfield construction and many others.

In 2015, Petrello, the president of Nabors Industries made a total compensation of $15,202,689. He received a salary of $1,575,000 billion. The information concerning the compensation amount is a valid evidence of success and hard work. He holds a board membership of 6 people. Tony has been the board member of Nabors Industries since 1991 to date.

Nabors industry is the largest company in the United States of America that offers oil drilling services. These services are of much importance to the economy of America. The excellence and technology provided by this organization have improved the oil markets of the United States of America.

Lloyd Grove was the roommate of Antony Petrello in college. Lloyd was surprised to learn about Anthony’s success in life. Grove has an anxiety of being a lucky person just like his roommate, Tony Petrello.

Tony and Cynthia have a daughter name, Carena. She was born with a weight of 20 ounces. Later on, after her birth, Carena was diagnosed with Periventricular Leukomalacia. Tony and his wife never expected Carena to be born like this. However, they have learned on how to fix things by themselves. Due to the status of their daughter, this couple came up with their own children’s home at Texas. They take care of many children together with their daughter. In 2014, Tony did not top the list of top paid bosses worldwide, and this is because Nabors decided to change their compensation and corporate governance practices. These changes affected the roles of the president and his salary as well.

Securus Technologies – Making Law Enforcement Agencies More Productive

There are not many firms in the correctional sphere that has made such a substantial impact as Securus Technologies. The company, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, is one of the leading firms in the crime prevention, criminal justice, and inmate communication field. Securus Technologies offers a comprehensive range of services to these sectors, helping inmates as well as the law enforcement officials with the aid of modern technology that is approved for use by the Federal Government.



Securus Technologies continues to innovate and come up with new products and services that have the potential to change the face of the correctional sphere. In the long-term, the company’s CEO Rick Smith aims to bring down the cost of inmate communication services, make jail environment smarter, make the use of tablet a reality for the prisoners, and much more. Securus Technologies is an aspirational company and has over 600 patents to its name till date. Some of the services it offers in the correctional space include kiosks, phone services, calling services, money transfer services, video services, photo sharing services, voicemail messaging, voice messaging system, video visitation services, and more.



Securus Technologies recently released notes from the letters it received from different law enforcement officials from various parts of the country. In the letter, the law enforcement officials have praised the company’s services such as LBS and Investigation PRO. The officials believe that these services help them get the information beforehand to stop the criminals, and also furnish them with the evidence to convict the offender in the court.



I have used the services offered by Securus Technologies on many occasions while at work, and it helped me get crucial information regarding drug peddling, weapon supply, and other illegal trades happening inside the jail premises. It has potentially saved lives of many, and I hope Securus Technologies continues with the great work it is doing.




Tony Petrello at his Best

Anthony Petrello is one of the famous businessmen in the world of the entrepreneur. Furthermore he is also the board of director at Nabors Organization. His devotion to doing better work made him the president and the chief operating officer at Nabors. His experience and expertise made the organization to grow rapidly. He always guarantees they provide fresh innovative strategies so that the company can improve daily. He went to Yale University and got his M.S and B.s and also went to Harvard Law School where he got a degree in J.D. and read full article.

His achievement is associating and serving with numerous organizations such as McKenzie and Baker law firm and worked at their offices at New York Offices as the managing associate and devoted himself in attaining. Furthermore he worked as the director of Hilcorp Energy Organization and Stewart and Stevenson LLC. He served as the board of trustees at Texas Children’s Hospital.

Nabors is the organization that is well recognized for offering amazing services of supplying offshore drilling rigs. The company is one of the leading organization in the United States for and Anthony Petrello is so certain of providing better services in the near future. The company also ensures that they put their client’s priority first before attending to anything other else hence making them come for their services they as well create a good relationship with their clients. Nabors also employees better experienced professional who provides the best expertise into the company hence the clients are always certain in receiving better services and Anthony of Facebook.

Jim Tananbaum’s Foresite Capital Seeks to Work with Venture Partner

Foresite Capital is a healthcare progression equity enterprise. They endeavor in the provision of growth funding to developing healthcare leaders. Healthcare organizations providing disruptive products enjoy the growth capital, regardless of whether they are in the public or private markets. Recently, the San Francisco-based firm announced Ph.D. Molly as a venture partner. Fascinatingly, Dr. Molly brings with him an experience of over fifteen years in the pharmacological and genomic research expansion. Jim Tananbaum, Foresite Capital’s CEO and managing director, expressed great confidence in Dr. Molly’s incredible experience and leadership record. Jim acknowledges the resourcefulness of Molly, and the much they expect her impact the expansion of their horizons.

Jim Tananbaum’s Efforts Awarded Through Entry in the Forbes’ Midas 2017 List

Jim boasts of getting named among other 100 best venture stockholders. He has featured in the list for three years in a row. The CEO and founder of Foresite Capital celebrates over two decades of exceptional experience in the healthcare business and investing industries. Jim concentrates his energy and proficiency on opportunities bending towards calculated, functional, and economic opportunities. For over twenty-five years, he has impacted the healthcare franchises in nearly all the sectors. Visit LinkedIn for details.

Jim also co-founded GelTex Pharmaceuticals, which later sold for $1.6 billion. Before its sale, GelTex had pioneered two drugs that did quite well in the pharmaceutical industry. The highly educated healthcare mogul possesses excellent knowledge of his specialty. He is an alumnus of Yale University where he pursued BS/BSEE degrees. Jim also holds an M.D and M.B.A earned from Harvard University. He also went further to study for an M.S from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Mr. Tananbaum unifies his academic excellence with the outstanding experience, to bring perfect solutions to the challenges ailing the healthcare sector. More details can be found on his Crunchbase profile.


Forbes prepares the Midas list by partnering with TrueBridge Capital Partners. They engage the public platforms when seeking to collect data. They then calculate a ranking for every of those enterprises. The responsible firms combine several factors before concluding that an individual should feature in the list. Their metric and deal count also help them a great deal in determining the enterprise capitalists’ position.

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