Richard Mishaan: Unique Vision And Bold, Innovative Interior Designs

Richard Mishaan is New York based interior designer known for his sophisticated taste and use of refined furnishings and bright hues. He recently published ‘Artfully Modern‘, his second book, that shows some of his unique interior designs. Mishaan has done work in the private residences of many celebrities, as well as hotels like the St. Regis and other commercial spaces. His new book also shows some of the interior designs he has done in his homes in New York City, the Hamptons and Cartagena, Columbia.

Known for the eclectic interior decorating he does through his company Richard Mishaan Design, it’s not out of character for Mishaan to use works from different historical periods and cultures in the same room. When people hire Richard Mishaan Design, they understand they are going to get work envisioned by a genius with a unique ideas. Born in Cartagena, Columbia, Mishaan spent much of his early life in Italy. The riot of colors he employs in his work at Richard Mishaan Design is a reflection of how those cultures embrace the use of vibrant colors.

Richard Mishaan Design is known for its use of very expensive design elements. But Mishaan says he isn’t moved by the price of the items, but the way they look and feel. At his shop in New York City, it’s not unusual to see pieces of art and furniture that cost under $100. Part of the genius of Richard Mishaan Design is their ability to juxtapose seemingly unrelated pieces to create a fabulous whole. Mishaan explains that successful interior design is more about an eye for style and composition than the amount of money one spends.

His unique esthetic and bold choices when it comes to design elements are what have helped to make Richard Mishaan’s work in high demand worldwide.

Andrew Rolfe in Conjunction with the Ubuntu Fund Gala

Andrew Rolfe is the chairman of the Ubuntu Fund that held an Education Fund charity gala in London. The goal was to raise $972,960; funds meant to help disadvantaged children in Africa. In Port Elizabeth, South Africa, the funds go to a school’s campus that helps children join the Campus and complete their education with ease. The Ubuntu Fund supports these kids because they realized they are so many factors that disable children in Africa from getting an education. Some of the factors are hunger and HIV. Rolfe had the chance of hosting and treating 300 attendees with music performed by a Xhosa choir added with tasty dishes.

The charity had special guests, two students who had benefited from the Ubuntu Fund and their stories moved people. One of the recipients, Sinesipho Rabidyani, told her story about her drunkard father. She said how she feared going back home after school because it wasn’t peaceful. The school offered her a scholarship enabling her to get an excellent education, in addition to mentoring and psychosocial support. She has been admitted into Faculty of Law all thanks to Ubuntu Fund and even persuaded her mother to leave an abusive husband. The gala was a success with Auctioneer Charlie Ross presiding over the auction.

Jacob Lief, the founder, and CEO of Ubuntu Fund ended the evening with a speech. He stated that children need everything when they are growing up, and for 20 years he had learned a lot while working with the Fund. Jacob also explained how the Ubuntu Fund came to exist when he realized that they needed to do more than just providing supplies in the school. The Fund, founded in 1991 by Jacob and Banks currently supports 2000 children in need in Port Elizabeth’s townships. In addition to education, the Fund also provides medical attention.

Andrew Rolfe attended the University of Oxford earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. Later he attended Harvard Business School earning a Master of Business Administration degree. Andrew has honored the title of “president” of The Gap’s International Division. Andrew’s achievements have been significant, and currently, he is the chairman of the Ubuntu Fund.

Beneful offers convenient snacks and healthy food!

The new Beneful “Break-N-Bites” commercial includes a cunning K-9 who schemes to enjoy more than his fair share of treats from his owner. The charming dog explains how you can break off pieces of the treat to save them for later or wolf down the entire snack. The snack is portion controlled and it allows the owner to decide how much they want to give their pet. After his owner gives him half of the treat, the dog proceeds to cuddle up to the owner’s child to gain sympathy and receive more snacks. The dog’s lovability ultimately leads him to his beloved prize. Another Beneful commercial, that promotes the “Healthy Weight Dog Food” line, opens up with a Golden Retriever explaining what is on his mind. The owner and the dog are sitting out on the patio enjoying some food together, while the dog boasts about how tasty his food is to his owner. He reveals that the food is low in calories and offers many health benefits. The narrator explains how the food includes whole rice, chicken, and various fruits and vegetables. The owner and the dog end up going back into the house and the Beneful commercial ends with them having a wrestling session in the living room.

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OSI Group’s Incredible Achievements

OSI Group is one of the companies that has made it to the top food industries in the US. This may be partly due to its operations in many countries it has established its outlets in and due to its many employees. OSI Group majors in food processing where it processes food products such as bacon, sausage, sea food, cheese based products and vegetables among other products. Some of its outlets are located in Asia Pacific zones, America and Europe.

OSI food industries established in 1909 under the name Otto Kolschwky. The company changed its name to Otto and Sons in 1928. It further changed its name to OSI Group in 1975. The headquarters of the business is based in Aurora. However, the company has additional offices in regions such as China, Germany and United Kingdom.

The primary operations of this company include the production of private brand foods and even packaging of food products for its retail customers. The company has more than sixty-five outlets in around seventeen countries globally. This positions it as a top food service industry that serves many consumers across the globe. The company has been a long term supplier for meat products in different reputable fast food businesses across China such as Pizza Hut, Starbucks, Subway and Papa John’s Pizza.

Based on its excellent performance, OSI Group has managed to receive several awards such as the award for safety risks and environmental management. In its pursuit to continue serving large customer base, the company continues to expand its operations through the purchase of similar food businesses or establishment of new outlets. An instance of expansion of its activities is the acquisition of Baho Food.

Baho Food is a Dutch manufacturing company which previously sold deli meats and snacks before being purchased. The company can easily continue its operations by acquiring companies with similar operations as depicted from this instance. The purpose of making such purchases is to give the company a broader market. As such, it can easily reach more customers with an increased number of outlets. With ambitions of increasing the number of outlets, the company is expected to meet the evolving needs and preferences of its consumers continuously.


The Changing Field of Law

Jeremy Goldstein is one of the leading voices in the field of legal services today. Over the years, he has provided quality customer service to his clients in a variety of areas. The legal field is confusing for a lot of companies to navigate.

Jeremy Goldstein

Crunchbase reveals that when Jeremy Goldstein started out in the legal industry, things were much different. He is excited about all of the changes that have taken place in the field. Not only are more people able to help others, but the move to online legal advice has been beneficial for both companies are clients.

Jeremy Goldstein is able to help people all over the world because of this technology. Many companies hire him for quick legal advice on a variety of subjects. In the coming years, Jeremy Goldstein wants to continue growing his client base and the size of his business.


One of the biggest issues for companies today is drafting executive compensation plans. This is a hot topic in the business world because some people think executives make too much money. If you look at the average compensation for a CEO, it is hundreds of times higher than the average employee.

Jeremy Goldstein helps companies across the country make compensation plans that make sense for their business. In a lot of cases, it is about balancing the needs of the business now and in the future. Companies do not want to lose great executives, but they also want to save as much money as possible on compensation.

Lifeline Screening Is Saving Lives Around The Globe

Lifeline Screening is a leading, privately-managed health and wellness corporation. They offer health screenings for various communities throughout the United States. Their purpose is to bring awareness to unrecognized health issues, such as stroke, carotid artery disease and many more, which often times have no symptoms. If they are caught early, they can be prevented before getting worse. They also encourage people to follow-up with their primary physicians concerning their test results. Lifeline Screening uses the same type of high quality equipment that is often used in hospitals. The screenings are handled by extremely experienced and trained healthcare professionals. To guarantee the highest standards, the test results are reviewed by licensed physicians. Lifeline also carry a commitment for quality care. Their laboratories are CLIA-certified, following all regulations set by the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments.

The testing done at Lifeline Screening are non-invasive, safe and quick, and doesn’t involve any pain. Lifeline Screening has partnered up with many different insurance companies around the world, in order to provide preventive healthcare benefit coverage for their services.

Lifeline Screening offers 3 type of preventive health screenings:

Ultrasound Screenings. Lifeline uses the top-of-the-line Doppler color flow for the best ultrasounds. This equipment provides the most reliable and accurate images for abdominal aortic aneurysm screenings, carotid artery disease screenings, ankle-brachial index screenings and bone mineral density screenings.

Finger-Stick Blood Screenings. In some locations, Lifeline provides finger-stick blood screenings that are effortless in order to determine serious health risks for heart disease and diabetes. Results can be provided in under 10 minutes. Other blood screenings offered are glucose screenings, high-sensitivity C-reactive protein screenings, complete lipid panel screenings and elevated liver enzymes (ALT/AST) screenings.
EKG Electrode Screenings. To catch atrial fibrillation, commonly known to increase risks for strokes, Lifeline does an EKG screening. Their EKG screenings are fast and non-invasive. For more info about us: click here.

Lifeline Screening originally started in Florida, in 1993, by Colin Scully and Timothy Phillips. They had expanded throughout the United States by 1998, focusing more on the Midwest. They have screened over 8 million people, providing 20,000 events every year.

Saving the World With Mark Hutchinson

The life Mark Hutchinson chose to lead is not your normal, everyday grind. Mark could be considered part wildman and part businessman, but all conservationist and lover of earth’s beautiful nature. He has spent most of his life living and working in Australia’s bush or the wilds of Africa. As a child, he spent holidays at a friend’s home and fell in love with the call of the wild bush. Mark even spent a year after school jackarooing in the Northern Territory of Australia and later driving the length of Africa at just 19 years of age. He saw a side of nature that he wanted to share and started an ecotourism business called Untamed, which took city dwellers out into the wild for safaris or fishing tours to see and experience real nature and wild animals. This is where he realized how little first hand knowledge people had of what the earth gives us and how it needed to be saved. Learn more:

While at an Eco Training course, he met his future business partner, Anton Lategan. They both shared a passion to help people reconnect with nature. The desire to teach his love of the world and combine it with Eco Training was coming true. However, some years later, this adventure evolved into a mission called Wild Ark. He realized that conservation of these wild habitats which contained the incredible scenery and animals needed to happen and on a much larger scale. These ecosystems had to be saved. Through Wild Ark, Mark’s mission transformed to acquiring land to re-wild and, in some cases, rehabilitate deteriorated land in order to form wildlife corridors between National Parks. Through his organization, he has literally restored tracts of bush and ocean. Mark is now raising his family between the bush and the city just north of Sydney. He surfs or swims every day and is taking a Masters program in Conservation while he continues to build Wild Ark. And because he’s a shareholder in Eco Training, Mark is involved daily and gets constant trips back to Africa. Learn more: