Beneful offers convenient snacks and healthy food!

The new Beneful “Break-N-Bites” commercial includes a cunning K-9 who schemes to enjoy more than his fair share of treats from his owner. The charming dog explains how you can break off pieces of the treat to save them for later or wolf down the entire snack. The snack is portion controlled and it allows the owner to decide how much they want to give their pet. After his owner gives him half of the treat, the dog proceeds to cuddle up to the owner’s child to gain sympathy and receive more snacks. The dog’s lovability ultimately leads him to his beloved prize. Another Beneful commercial, that promotes the “Healthy Weight Dog Food” line, opens up with a Golden Retriever explaining what is on his mind. The owner and the dog are sitting out on the patio enjoying some food together, while the dog boasts about how tasty his food is to his owner. He reveals that the food is low in calories and offers many health benefits. The narrator explains how the food includes whole rice, chicken, and various fruits and vegetables. The owner and the dog end up going back into the house and the Beneful commercial ends with them having a wrestling session in the living room.

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