Todd Lubar Helps People Reach For The Stars

No matter what people think, there is no actual secret on how to become a successful businessman. For everyone that reached up to the sky and grabbed a star, they each achieved this in their own way. For Todd Lubar, it was no different.

Todd studied speech communications at the Syracuse University and used the things he learned to build a better future for himself. He held an incredible life story which took him down the road to becoming a president for TDL Global Ventures. Todd Lubar holds the position where he takes a team of successful individuals within the market with a load of clients and teaches them how to satisfy the needs of the clients.

Todd first started out working for Crestar Mortgage Corporation upon graduating from Syracuse University. He held onto his position from 1995 until 1999 when he then transferred to Legacy Financial Group out of Texas. While there, Todd assisted his firm to grow the Maryland office to drive in several hundred million each year in loan volumes from clients. He stayed here until 2005 when he chose to take the role of Senior Vice President for Charter Funding. Visit LinkedIn to know more.

It has been his expertise in mortgage banking that has been his number one skill within the business world. This hasn’t kept him from starting his own companies along the way. He has dipped his hand in the business world within the demolition industry, recycling, nightclubs and then real estate. For now, his goal is to help those in business with TDL Ventures.

Todd Lubar has working within the field of credit and finance for more than 20 years. His biggest passion however is the ability to help those in need to help others fulfill their biggest dreams. In order to help those in need, Todd first shows them how to clear the road to their dream. If you can eliminate the obstacles, the road to their dreams is easily traveled.

Todd came up with an idea that provided a program and a product to help the consumers learn how to eliminate the obstacles. What he provides them with is relief.

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