Using Open Society Foundations to Bring Change-The Story of George Soros

George Soros is one of the most influential entrepreneurs in the society. He has been supporting different charities through the Soros Foundation in the last three decades. It is estimated that during the time that he has been working with the charities, he has given them more than $6 billion through his foundation. George Soros is said to have been influenced to become the colossal philanthropist that he is by the events which shaped his childhood and teenage years.

Soros was born in Hungary in 1930. George’s parents were of Jewish origin, and when the Nazi occupation started profiling the Jews, he had to run away from his home country. Soros was able to make it to the UK and work some blue collar jobs to put himself through college. He graduated after that and worked for some companies before starting his business. George made his massive break in the early 90’s when he broke the British bank and made a profit of a billion dollars in a day. He moved to New York after this deal and had been operating from here ever since and more

George’s money has always been where his heart is. He has supported some initiatives whose aim is the creation of a better society. There was a time when the media was carrying a story about his involvement in the incident in Charlottesville where a motorist ran over protesters, killing a few people and injuring tens of others. However, it is evident that this is not the types of activities that George would fund. He is a firm believer that all humans are equal and deserve to be treated with the same level of dignity.

Soros has been working with some foundations whose aim is to bring justice and equality to the people whose rights are being violated. One of the groups that he supported was the Ferguson protesters in 2014. It was after the killing of the teenage boy by a police officer in what was seen as a racially motivated murder. George, through the Soros Foundation, gave out funds to hire the busloads of protesters who camped in Missouri for three weeks and chanted the slogan ‘Black Lives Matter,’ till their point was understood. Soros has also in the past supported foundations that were fighting for individual dignities, like making the end of life choices.

When it comes to politics, he has always supported the politics that are played by the Democrats. He was very active in politics when John Kerry was running against Bush. However, he disappeared from the limelight and only returned last year to endorse Hillary. He believes that Trump is not the best thing for this country and that if possible, there is need to keep his powers in check.

The Entrepreneurial Journey of Logan Stout

Logan Stout registered success at a young age. Today at the age of 38, Logan Stout is the chief executive officer of IDLfe, a company that aims at improving the health and wellness of individuals. Besides IDLIife he began a baseball organization that is known as The Dallas Patriots Baseball Organization. When he was young, Logan Stout was active in sports and had a particular interest in baseball. He always had the desire to find a winning strategy be it in in a class project, playing for a team or even enjoying with his friends. Stout attended J.J. Pearce High School, Richardson, Texas. He became a member of the institutions Student Athletics Council and was part of the basketball and baseball teams. Logan attended Panola after high school from where he earned his degree in business. He also received a degree in psychology from the University of Dallas.

As a result of his interest in becoming successful, Logan Stout became a professional baseball player. He participated in numerous World Series events as a player and as a coach. He was interviewed on how youth coaches should teach young players. Mr. Stout has been a principal speaker at various seminars and has been on the cover of business magazines. He also travels around the country providing motivational teachings to people. His passion for baseball allows him to mentor young baseball players. He started one of the largest baseball organizations that permits all children to practice as long as they have an interest.

In 2014, Logan Stout took a different path and started IDLife which is dedicated to providing customers with nutrition programs. Every individual who subscribes to the service receives daily nutrition. Logan Stout established this company because he noted that other companies in the industry only provided clients with products with no guidance. By giving his clients some instructions, Logan Stout ceases from being a merchant to becoming an advocate for good health. IDLife focuses on individuals who want to lead a healthy life and those who wish to cut some weight.

Logan Stout is married and resides in Frisco, Texas.

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Using Innovation, JHSF Leads the Way in the Brazilian Real Estate Sector

With a population of over 200 million people and one of the highest per capita income rates in Latin America, Brazil has one of the most competitive marketplaces in the world. This competitiveness manifests in almost all sectors of the Brazilian economy but is especially pronounced in the real estate sector. With prime, luxurious locations such as Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo that are dotted by the whitest of beaches and globally-proclaimed attractions, it is not hard to see why real estate generates so much interest. Among the most dominant companies in this industry is JHSF, which has managed to stay ahead of the competition by innovatively diversifying its operations to include hospitality, luxury property developments, shopping malls and an airport.

JHSF was founded in 1972. While today its business operations have been significantly diversified, the company has never shifted away from its core operations of real estate development. Proof of this is evidenced by the fact that the company has thus far developed more than a million square meters of residential, corporate and mixed real estate projects. However, over the years the real estate developer has slowly grown its operations to other sectors within the industry, thus becoming one of the largest companies in Brazil with a net worth of approximately R$ 1.2 billion. Most the daring moves undertaken by the company have come during the tenure of its current Chief Executive Officer, Jose Auriemo Neto

Jose Auriemo Neto

Jose Auriemo Neto has been the CEO at JHSF for well over a decade. He is one of the company’s most loyal servants having joined in 1993 having graduated from the internationally recognized Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado in Sao Paulo. He quickly impressed at the real estate company by launching the company’s service department and its first shopping mall, thus warranting his promotion to CEO.

Despite his high-standing position in the Brazilian business world, Jose Auriemo Neto is one of the most humble executives in the country. The soft-spoken leader is often referred as Zeco and maintains an open-door policy for all employees at JHSF.

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Jason Hope- A True-Life Entrepreneur

Jason Hope is a futurist, philanthropist, capitalist, and an investor based in Scottsdale Arizona. He has a passion for technology and loves giving back to the community. Over the years, Jason has earned a reputation as one of the most skilled futurists who have a clear understanding on matters concerning technology. He uses his vast knowledge and skills to watch the technology industry and make future predictions of where the industry is heading.

Jason Hope is an Arizona Native and a graduate of the University of Arizona State and received a degree in finance, and at Carey school of business College W.P, he attained his MBA. He started his career by opening his own mobile communications company, and later he focuses on investing in startups, biotechnology and Philanthropy. Jason Hope loves developing grants programs for upcoming entrepreneurs and mentoring high school kids around Scottsdale. Jason also has a vast interest in politics and other businesses in Arizona and Nationally.

Jason Hope believes in current technology trends and states that the influence Internet of Things is based on technology. He says that Internet of Things play an essential role in shaping the future of modern society as connected devices grow in numbers globally.

Jason gives insights and advice to individual and modern business people who believe in capitalizing on technology for the betterment of their lives and businesses. He thinks that the future of technology depends on great ideas developed by the aspiring and great mind of entrepreneurs and that is the reason he started the grant program and more information click here.

Jason Hope advice the young entrepreneurs to keep their ideas simple and communicate with those close to them to receive guidance and feedback. Jason states that most of the homes in developed countries will depend on connected devices of the Internet of Things. There is an Internet of Thing Devices that adjusts and monitors room temperature and lightning using sensors. Other Internet of Thing devices monitors fitness and biometrics making a massive impact on the society and world and Jason’s lacrosse camp.

According to Jason Hope, envision of great and long-term business ideas is one habit that makes him more productive. He also has great faith in each philanthropic and entrepreneurial project he undertakes. Jason believes in handling one project at a given time, and he states that abandoning of your primary source of income for green pastures is a bad idea. He says that keeping contact with all the referrals and market contact is one strategy he uses to grow his business and learn more about Jason Hope.

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George Soros: ‘Money Talks’

One of the world’s most famous progressives, George Soros is also a noted philanthropist. While some note Soros took a break from the political arena, he returned during the 2016 Presidential Campaign. Sources indicate he was spurred into this shortly after the nomination of now President Donald Trump.

George Soros, Hillary Clinton, And Al Gore

More specifically, George Soros put his investment experience and his “trademark enthusiasm” to the mix again by backing campaign of Hillary Clinton. Soros, no stranger to politics, has a history of collaborating with other presidential hopefuls. In terms of political history, Soros perhaps made his most powerful impact in 2004 when he threw his support behind Presidential nominee Al Gore who was running against incumbent President George Bush and more information click here.

Open Society Foundation

Some opine Soros did this to put a more progressive-thinking politician into the White House. When this did not happen, Soros chose to set his sights on his well-known Open Society Foundations. His return to politics and his financial support and experience were thus crucial to the Democratic Party and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

Super PAC

His political maneuvers and finances were reportedly a significant part of the 2016 Presidential Election. Soros contributed almost $25 million to numerous Democratic platforms. This included a $7 million donation to the Pro-Clinton Super PAC.

Hillary Clinton lost in spite of Soros’ monetary backing. Nevertheless, Soros return the limelight is still believed by some to be a move that will still have a positive impact for those with a more liberal agenda. Soros continued to be active with his more philanthropical interests and what George Soros knows.


George Soros considers philanthropy to be a big part of his current business model. He has made changes in the U.S. He reportedly has a strong belief in the grassroots campaigns involving “everyday” people and read full artilce.


That is said to be his motivation for contributing almost $33 million into various grassroots campaigns in the Ferguson, Missouri vicinity. When the Michael Brown story was broken, certain people took an interest in the event. Soros funded the people who decided to voice their opinions on the event and brought national media attention. These are but a few examples of what Soros return to the spotlight could mean to social and political events in the future and Follow him

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Aloha Construction Gives Advice On How to Support Your Community

As a small business owner, you should be giving back to the community. First of all, the community supported your business at some point, and you should return the favor. In addition, it improves your standing in the community, it is an excellent public relations strategy, it increases brand awareness, and of course, you should always strive to do good things and help other people out. Aloha Construction always gives back to the community. Here are a few ways you can start doing so.

First of all, you should start working with local organizations. You can donate money, or you can donate time and labor. You can host events for kids in the community, and you can sponsor fundraisers or shopping sprees to help out poor local families. There are so many things you can do, and you can also create relationships with the organizations in the process.

You can also start your own foundation. The purpose of doing this is to do your charity work in a more organized fashion. It will let you be in more control and will help you do more good in the long run. For example, Dave Farbaky, the CEO of Aloha, created the Dave Farbaky Organization, which sponsors local events.

A third way is to sponsor individual local events. Meaning, you will donate a yearly amount of money so that the event can take place, and in return, they will put your name up at the event as a sponsor. This way, you can help out children who may otherwise not be able to attend any events. For example, Aloha supported the local football team so that children can have a good time and thus excel in life and in school. It is up to you to decide what to sponsor.

Aloha is a company that was founded in 2008 and which serves the Lake Zurich area. They are a household name in the Lake Zurich community and in the surrounding areas, and they have completed over eighteen thousand projects. They are family owned and operated and are heavily involved in the community.


Omar Yunes Advice on Decision Making By Young Investors

The success of any investor is inherent to his or her passion in the business. This statement has well been backed by the success of Omar Yunes in his franchisee business. Omar has succeeded in the art of running a chain of restaurants. Having more than 80 outlets in Mexico alone, Omar Yunes notes that expanding a business should be the key policy guiding any investor who wishes to become a global investor. In the franchise industry it is notable that the business of franchise assists a brand recognition and assists in the operations of the business. It also gives the brand a strengthened management that is responsible to thrive in the competitive market and learn more about Omar Yunes.

Omar Yunes insists that all entrepreneurs need to be decision makers who understand the lifecycle of the business. He insists that at each stage of the business one should be able to ensure that the decision made is aimed at ensuring a successful future of the business. One should note that the exit plan should be a decision that is aimed at mitigating the risk of losing funds from your business. Omar has been on the forefront in aiding young entrepreneurs understand their business and the stage at which their businesses are. He notes that by understanding the business, one would relate to solutions for challenges that are experienced at that particular stage of the business. Omar Yunes argues that investment decisions made at each level of the business should be objectively made to ensure that the business attains the next level of the business and Omar’s lacrosse camp.

The levels that Omar notes are the start-up state, the growth stage, and stagnation stage. According to Omar Yunes, business-minded people should not focus on the declining stage of the business lifecycle. He states that one should have a plan that would lengthen the business lifecycle and not anticipate about the declining stage of the business. In this regard, he advises investors that there are many options that ensure the brand or the business remain relevant in the market. They entail franchise and changing the products supplied to suit the market needs and read full article.

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The Outstanding Israeli Diplomat, Daniel Taub

Having a one on one with the Queen is no simple deal. All in all, Daniel Taub has had the opportunity, and he did not mince words. His meeting with Her Majesty the Queen was more than just business for him; it was an honor.

Dressed in a morning tailcoat, striped trousers, and the eye-scotching shined shoes, Daniel was more than ready to make the memorable appearance. He was the Ambassador of Israel to St James’ Court, and truth be told, even his newly acquired British haircut meant he was ready for business.

Daniel Taub has a history with his new home. He was born in Britain in 1962 and had grown to be a staunch Orthodox Jew despite having relocated due to matters of his State. He stands as one of the prominent diplomats for Jerusalem with strong convictions and practices. Learn more about Daniel Taub:

It goes without saying that he was going to be missed as he embarked on a journey back to his maiden country. Emotional as it was, Daniel Taub had to return to Jerusalem. He had to surrender his British citizenship for a country he had lived in for less than 30 years.

However, he was proud that he would get the opportunity to bring up his family in their homeland. Besides, he acknowledges the fact that Britain had presented so many opportunities for him and his family. More importantly, he prides in having brought two nations with varying cultures closer to each other.

Daniel Taub was a man of the people. Many people that interacted with him attested to the fact that he not only brought individuals together but also nations. At his farewell party, his guests expressed sorrow to see him leave.

His record of achievements is impeccable, and he is ranked as one of the most successful envoys of Israel. He is the spitting image of the Israeli people and was only in the United Kingdom for the benefit of both nations. Read more: Daniel Taub | About and Daniel Taub | LinkedIn

Daniel Taub is also an international lawyer and a writer. He has served in various capacities as an Israel diplomat, for instance, as Israel’s Ambassador to the UK from 2011 to 2014. Also, he serves at Yad Hanadiv Foundation as the Strategy and Planning Director in Jerusalem.

Daniel Taub’s education background is rich and eventful. After his secondary school, he proceeded to study at Oxford University College, then to London University College and ultimately joined Harvard University.

After studies, he returned to Israel and served in various capacities before becoming a diplomat. His life as a diplomat has been marked with strong relationships and bridge building based on faith and hope.

“Full Of Goodness,” Beneful Lives Up To Its Name

Beneful, by definition, means “full of goodness.” Beneful is the perfect name for the dog food brand by this name because of the ingredients it contains and the benefits it provides the dogs who enjoy it. Beneful dog food comes in a variety of forms, including dry food, wet food, and various snacks. The Beneful line of dog food is made from ingredients such as meats, vegetables, and grains. These ingredients provide dogs with the vitamins and nutrients they need to thrive. Eating Beneful allows dogs to live their healthiest lives full of energy. Not only is Beneful beneficial to a dog’s health, it contains the tastes that dogs crave!

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Whitney Wolfe, The Founder Of Bumble Is Officially Taken

Whitney Wolfe has been all about ensuring that individuals get their matches and it was only right that she finds her match too. The tech entrepreneur who played a significant role in creation of dating app Tinder tied a knot with the love of her life recently. It was all pomp and color at the high-profile wedding which was held in Italy. Whitney Wolfe has been in the business of creating dating apps for a long time. After she moved from Tinder, she created Bumble, an app which is giving Tinder a run for its money. Whitney’s wedding is a demonstration of her strong belief in strong relationships and marriage.

Whitney Wolfe married her longtime lover, Michael Herd who is also an entrepreneur in the oil industry. The wedding was held at luxurious Villa Tre Ville in Positano, Italy. The resort was a perfect destination for the ceremony given its ambiance and view of the ocean. In attendance were fellow Bumble executives Sophia Amoruso and Amber Venz Box.

Whitney has spent all her career life ensuring that others find their soul mates. With her wedding, she has demonstrated the need for individuals to create their own love stories. The coastal view of Villa Tre Ville is breathtaking and provides the perfect destination for a wedding photo shoot.

Whitney Wolfe’s dating app Bumble has gained a lot of traction given its unique approach to dating. The application only allows women to make the first move when they spot a perfect match. Whitney believes that women should stand an equal chance as men on initiating a relationship. The society has always made it a man’s responsibility to make the first move whenever they identify a woman with the qualities they want. Whitney’s approach to dating provides a unique experience to the users of Bumble.

Recently, Whitney turned down an acquisition offer for Bumble that had valued the company at several hundred millions of dollars. Whitney Wolfe has played a very significant role in the growth of Bumble and its further expansion across the United States. As Whitney Wolfe ushers a new chapter of marriage in her life, we can only hope that she will get more experiences that she will use to improve the dating experience at Bumble.

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