Using Open Society Foundations to Bring Change-The Story of George Soros

George Soros is one of the most influential entrepreneurs in the society. He has been supporting different charities through the Soros Foundation in the last three decades. It is estimated that during the time that he has been working with the charities, he has given them more than $6 billion through his foundation. George Soros is said to have been influenced to become the colossal philanthropist that he is by the events which shaped his childhood and teenage years.

Soros was born in Hungary in 1930. George’s parents were of Jewish origin, and when the Nazi occupation started profiling the Jews, he had to run away from his home country. Soros was able to make it to the UK and work some blue collar jobs to put himself through college. He graduated after that and worked for some companies before starting his business. George made his massive break in the early 90’s when he broke the British bank and made a profit of a billion dollars in a day. He moved to New York after this deal and had been operating from here ever since and more

George’s money has always been where his heart is. He has supported some initiatives whose aim is the creation of a better society. There was a time when the media was carrying a story about his involvement in the incident in Charlottesville where a motorist ran over protesters, killing a few people and injuring tens of others. However, it is evident that this is not the types of activities that George would fund. He is a firm believer that all humans are equal and deserve to be treated with the same level of dignity.

Soros has been working with some foundations whose aim is to bring justice and equality to the people whose rights are being violated. One of the groups that he supported was the Ferguson protesters in 2014. It was after the killing of the teenage boy by a police officer in what was seen as a racially motivated murder. George, through the Soros Foundation, gave out funds to hire the busloads of protesters who camped in Missouri for three weeks and chanted the slogan ‘Black Lives Matter,’ till their point was understood. Soros has also in the past supported foundations that were fighting for individual dignities, like making the end of life choices.

When it comes to politics, he has always supported the politics that are played by the Democrats. He was very active in politics when John Kerry was running against Bush. However, he disappeared from the limelight and only returned last year to endorse Hillary. He believes that Trump is not the best thing for this country and that if possible, there is need to keep his powers in check.

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