Bob Reina Remaking the Face of Marketing Technology

The founder and chief executive officer of Talk Fusion Bob Reina attended college in Florida. After his education, Bob Reina worked as a police officer for several. As a side hustle, bob decided to earn extra income selling products on a commission basis while working as a traffic cop. Realizing his success at selling the products Bob Reina decided to venture into the world of marketing.


Over the years, Bob Reina has grown to become a renowned personality. Aside from his role as chief executive officer at Talk Fusion bob is also a contributor to the HuffPost. Bob is also a philanthropist. Together with Talk Fusion, Bob has contributed largely towards Tampa Bay’s Humane Association and charities dedicated to animal welfare. Talk Fusion also permits its associates to donate video suite software to their favorite charities.


It all started with Bob trying to send a video mail. Bob Reina’s first ever program, made with the help of his friend Jonathan Chen, was Video Email. In 2007, bob launched Talk Fusion which has grown over the decades to become the 7th largest video communications company in the world. Talk Fusion is currently ranked among Direct Selling Association’s top 50 companies in terms of growth and overall sales revenue.


Bob Reina and Talk Fusion recently launched a new computer program that facilitates sophisticated real-time communications. The program incorporates WebRTC technology and is an update of the Live Meetings program. The program comes with several advancements like holding video conferences and transmitting videos one way. The program can be accessed through web browsers and does not need additional plug-in software.


The latest version of Live Meeting has seen major enhancements on its audio and visual aspects. The program provides impressively clear audio and sharp video free of distortion and interference. The program is easy to use for beginners and since the company provides a free trial period, more and more people are likely to adapt it to their organizations. The program also offers a ‘waiting room’ where users can practice their presentations before connecting with their users. Learn more:


Equities First Holdings UK Provide

Equities First Holdings UK provide alternative lending solutions for high-network individuals or companies that need to obtain equity. Established in 2002, the global lender offer a wide variety of ways for people to meet financial success. There are non-restrictive stock-based and margin loans, that easy to qualify for. The loans comprise of effective ways for you to pay them back, while reaching the financial potential you are seeking.

Equities First Holdings UK is one of the world’s most innovative ways to obtain a loan. The universal company is there to offer the financial solutions for businesses to expand or individuals to grow financially.


Why You Should Know All About The Huddle

In 2007, Rocketship Education held its first school year in a San Jose church – and it wasn’t even a religious school. Preston Smith, his faculty, and students didn’t have anywhere else to go. It doesn’t take much thinking to evaluate the great strides Rocketship Education and its many educators have taken over the past decade. Today, there are more than 3,700 students throughout RSED’s eighteen locations.

Preston Smith, currently the President and CEO – two roles he’s held simultaneously since the beginning of academic year 2013 – deeply understands everything about RSED, from its broad basics to inner workings and potential sophistications.

In August of 2017, just earlier this academic year, Mr. Preston Smith celebrated the ten-year anniversary of his Rocketship Education by sharing some of the most crucial-to-success lessons he learned over the past ten years, all of which were spent with Rocketship Education. Following below are some of the most important things he’s said about his stay with the educational institution.

RSED also has a parental leadership program, in which they carry on the excellence rubbed off on students during their residency at Rocketship Education. To fully lead their children and local communities, they must push for new schools that rival the quality of RSED, for example. Mr. Smith has experienced concerned moms banding together and creating enough noise around their cause to actually result in new schools being created.

Most schools have at least one student with a disability or other special needs. It’s considered a traditional practice to keep disabled students in one classroom segregated from other students. However, this means of organization of students provides lasting benefits to children with special needs, and also prepares the rest of students for interacting with those who aren’t similar to them.

Preston Smith, after returning home to California, joined the Arbuckle Elementary School team, earning a designation as the first-grade team leader for the latter two years of his three-year stay. He went on to found L.U.C.H.A. Elementary School in 2004, and was elected its principal for the three years he stayed with the organization. In 2007, he helped organize Rocketship Education – the rest is history.

Paul Mampilly, the man with Unsurpassed Experience in Investment

Different people around the globe contribute in diverse ways towards the growth of their economies. In the US, Paul Mampilly is such an individual. For him, he assists Americans in the Main Street to get wealth in growth investing, small-cap stock, unique opportunities, and technology.

The birthplace of Paul Mampilly is Southern India. Due to different financial crises that hit India, which made the government seek assistance from its private citizens, Paul decided to venture in finance. Therefore; after moving to America at the age of 18, he graduated from Montclair State University with a degree in financing and accounting. Later, he got an MBA and still furthered his studies by learning economics and financial engineering. Paul is a comprehensive reader, and his impacts in America is always being felt to date. Currently, he stays in Durham in North Carolina, and resume him.

Paul Mampilly began his career way back in 1991 serving as an assistant portfolio manager at Bankers Trust. He slowly rose to in the professional ladder landing him in Kinetic Asset Management as the head of their hedge fund. Under his watch, the company made a lot of profits that amounted to $25 billion hence making his hedge fund to be among the best in the world. From here, he moved to Templeton where he also left tremendous impact until he decides to retire.

Upon his retirement, he founded Profits Unlimited. Although he has retired, he still assists people with the best ways of making profits from their investments. He works by the mantra whereby he continually concentrates on how wrong he could be on something, and that is why he rarely makes mistakes in his work.

Paul Mampilly attributes his early retirement to the reason that where he previously worked, he felt like the number of people whom he assisted were limited. Therefore, after he untangled himself, his newsletter publishing company has enabled him to reach more people than he could imagine. This is because his shared ideas that are sold to Americans at a very affordable price have assisted many investors with startups, and Paul Mampilly on Facebook.

He is one man that does extensive research before telling a client that whatever strategy he is recommending is going to work. He encourages people to make good use of technology when it comes to investing. Also, he believes in support of millennials as he sees them as the future that the investment industry needs. From all Paul has and is still doing, a lot of investors could learn a lot from him, and


Securus Technologies is one of the leading crime prevention companies in America. The company uses Information Technology to fight crime and provide much-needed services to the incarceration, criminal and justice system.


The company has received numerous positive responses to their progressive technological services in the incarceration and justice system. Any prison or incarceration facility aims to rehabilitate the criminal or wrongdoer. Therefore, the experience in jail doesn’t always have to be horrible. You also have to remember that the prisoners are also human beings with families who wish the best for thereby. Moreover, communication is imperative especially when one is away or enclosed in a place where they are likely to feel lonely.


It is with these thoughts in mind that Securus Technologies provides the prisons and correctional facilities systems with the latest technology. These systems enable the prisoners to not only to communicate with their loved ones but also to receive the love and attention they require to be able to fully be rehabilitated.


Securus Technologies is a BBB Accredited company and it has an A+ rating on its scorecard. The BBB Business Profiles is accorded to companies that satisfy their requirements which follow utmost precision. The company is dedicated to providing the best technology and it has a strong workforce that caters to all these needs. Their customer care is also above par and it is able to take care of any queries that might pop up.


Samuel Strauch Of Metrik Real Estate Gives His Insight

Samuel Strauch satisfied the requirements to receive his bachelor’s degree in Business from Hofstra University. After leaving Hofstra, Strauch went on to study at Erasumus University in Rotterdam, Holland, and Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Samuel Strauch’s first career choice was banking. Strauch would leave banking after a short time however to work alongside his family in real estate. He would soon decide to try his hand at entrepreneurship when starting Metrik Real Estate. Metrik is located in south Florida and has shown considerable growth in the market.

Recently Samuel Strauch took a moment to give insight into his journey.

What Was Your Inspiration For Metrik

When I first arrived in Miami it did not take long for me to see that the real estate market was on fire. It was a prime location to start my venture. Also, I had the added benefits of solid contacts with investors in Latin America.

Can You Share The Basic Philosophy At Metrik

We view ourselves as more than a real estate company at Metrik. We believe it to be important to be socially responsible and give as much back to the community as it gives to your business. Another firm belief I have is that my employees should always be happy and their needs cared for.

Do You Have A Habit That Makes You More Production

Yes. Meditation. I suggest this practice to everyone. Meditation allows me to give my mind some time off. Meditation also helps my focus. There are many benefits to meditation.

If You Had One Do Over What Would It Be

Nothing. I do not regret one thing in my life. I would say that my biggest mistakes in life have come when I have trusted too much. But I have continued to trust and have met some wonderful people because of it.


Daniel Taub’s Remarkable Tenure as an Israeli Ambassador to the UK

World over, successful diplomats go beyond just speaking to a country’s government. While it is every diplomat’s role to accurately report official exchanges between his or her country and the host country, to anticipate trends and discover straws in the wind, a diplomat should be able to mingle with other leaders outside the government who are capable of influencing public opinion. One diplomat who is believed to have perfected this move is Daniel Taub.

One of the instances where Taub proved his diplomatic skills is in the 2012 interview with the Jewish Chronicle.

In the interview, which occurred many years before the UK’s largest student union voted for Israel boycott, Taub expressed his concern about political atmosphere is some of the Britain’s campuses. He went ahead to warn the college administrators to ensure that every student’s view, including those that were pro Israel are expressed freely without any form of intimidation. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

In 2014, he defiantly visited Bradford city after the city’s MP, George Galloway, declared the constituency an Israel-free zone. An ardent anti-Israel crusader, Galloway had urged his constituents to boycott everything that’s associated with Israel—goods, services, tourists, and academics coming to local universities.

Improved Trade

During his 4 years tenure as an Israeli ambassador to the UK, the trade between the two countries is cited to have doubled. Read more: Daniel Taub | Wikipedia

According to Britain–Israel Chamber of Commerce, over 300 Israeli businesses set up operations in the UK and annual bilateral trade rose to over 5.5 billion USD. Besides trade, business, cultural, and academic links between the two countries deepened during his tenure.

About Taub

Daniel Taub was born in the UK in 1962 and went to University Colleges in Oxford and London as well as the prestigious Kennedy School of Government (Harvard University). Between 1989 and 1991, Taub served as a combat medic in the IDF (Israel Defense Forces).

His career in the Israel Foreign Ministry official began in 1991, and as an international lawyer, he was lucky to land several legal and diplomatic posts. He served as the Israeli ambassador to the UK between 2011 and 2015. Currently, Taub is the strategy and planning director of the renowned Yad Hanadiv Foundation.

Taub has also been acknowledged for his involvement in the Israeli- Palestinian peace process. He has been in the forefront of many historic agreements between the two countries and has travelled severally with other Palestinian diplomats to Northern Ireland to learn and participate in various peace initiatives. He is also a member of the Israel-Syrian negotiation team.

The Old Mentalities that Hold a Business Back and Lori Senecal’s Forward Moving Mentality

Running a successful business is much different from merely being an employee of a successful business. While many people who are employees are aware of some of the differences, it is not until they try to start a business themselves that they become aware of the real differences between a business owner and an employee. Other than the larger work load that comes with being a business owner is the mentality that is required for success. Employees who try to run their own businesses tend to have certain mentalities that hold them back from success. Visit Adweek to see more.

According to Campaignlive, among the common mentalities that hold them back from success is being focused on the money that they get and the expectation that they will just attract customers when they build their businesses. It just doesn’t work that way. In order for a business to be successful, people need to do a lot of marketing and advertising. Another thing they need is to get information on what it takes to bring customers. One thing they can get is help on what they need to do to bring their business to a successful level. This is where advertisers like Lori Senecal come in. Check out Crunchbase to know more.

Lori Senecal is aware of all of the trends that are occurring in the markets. She is also aware of all of the coming trends. She is always talking about these trends. She is one of those people that want to do more than merely do the advertising work for the customers. She also wants to give people the insights they need so that they could do their own advertising if for some reason they need to. One of the most important things about advertising is that it takes a lot of knowledge on how to reach the audience and connect with them.

See more: