Samuel Strauch Of Metrik Real Estate Gives His Insight

Samuel Strauch satisfied the requirements to receive his bachelor’s degree in Business from Hofstra University. After leaving Hofstra, Strauch went on to study at Erasumus University in Rotterdam, Holland, and Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Samuel Strauch’s first career choice was banking. Strauch would leave banking after a short time however to work alongside his family in real estate. He would soon decide to try his hand at entrepreneurship when starting Metrik Real Estate. Metrik is located in south Florida and has shown considerable growth in the market.

Recently Samuel Strauch took a moment to give insight into his journey.

What Was Your Inspiration For Metrik

When I first arrived in Miami it did not take long for me to see that the real estate market was on fire. It was a prime location to start my venture. Also, I had the added benefits of solid contacts with investors in Latin America.

Can You Share The Basic Philosophy At Metrik

We view ourselves as more than a real estate company at Metrik. We believe it to be important to be socially responsible and give as much back to the community as it gives to your business. Another firm belief I have is that my employees should always be happy and their needs cared for.

Do You Have A Habit That Makes You More Production

Yes. Meditation. I suggest this practice to everyone. Meditation allows me to give my mind some time off. Meditation also helps my focus. There are many benefits to meditation.

If You Had One Do Over What Would It Be

Nothing. I do not regret one thing in my life. I would say that my biggest mistakes in life have come when I have trusted too much. But I have continued to trust and have met some wonderful people because of it.


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