Paul Mampilly, the man with Unsurpassed Experience in Investment

Different people around the globe contribute in diverse ways towards the growth of their economies. In the US, Paul Mampilly is such an individual. For him, he assists Americans in the Main Street to get wealth in growth investing, small-cap stock, unique opportunities, and technology.

The birthplace of Paul Mampilly is Southern India. Due to different financial crises that hit India, which made the government seek assistance from its private citizens, Paul decided to venture in finance. Therefore; after moving to America at the age of 18, he graduated from Montclair State University with a degree in financing and accounting. Later, he got an MBA and still furthered his studies by learning economics and financial engineering. Paul is a comprehensive reader, and his impacts in America is always being felt to date. Currently, he stays in Durham in North Carolina, and resume him.

Paul Mampilly began his career way back in 1991 serving as an assistant portfolio manager at Bankers Trust. He slowly rose to in the professional ladder landing him in Kinetic Asset Management as the head of their hedge fund. Under his watch, the company made a lot of profits that amounted to $25 billion hence making his hedge fund to be among the best in the world. From here, he moved to Templeton where he also left tremendous impact until he decides to retire.

Upon his retirement, he founded Profits Unlimited. Although he has retired, he still assists people with the best ways of making profits from their investments. He works by the mantra whereby he continually concentrates on how wrong he could be on something, and that is why he rarely makes mistakes in his work.

Paul Mampilly attributes his early retirement to the reason that where he previously worked, he felt like the number of people whom he assisted were limited. Therefore, after he untangled himself, his newsletter publishing company has enabled him to reach more people than he could imagine. This is because his shared ideas that are sold to Americans at a very affordable price have assisted many investors with startups, and Paul Mampilly on Facebook.

He is one man that does extensive research before telling a client that whatever strategy he is recommending is going to work. He encourages people to make good use of technology when it comes to investing. Also, he believes in support of millennials as he sees them as the future that the investment industry needs. From all Paul has and is still doing, a lot of investors could learn a lot from him, and

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