Bob Reina Remaking the Face of Marketing Technology

The founder and chief executive officer of Talk Fusion Bob Reina attended college in Florida. After his education, Bob Reina worked as a police officer for several. As a side hustle, bob decided to earn extra income selling products on a commission basis while working as a traffic cop. Realizing his success at selling the products Bob Reina decided to venture into the world of marketing.


Over the years, Bob Reina has grown to become a renowned personality. Aside from his role as chief executive officer at Talk Fusion bob is also a contributor to the HuffPost. Bob is also a philanthropist. Together with Talk Fusion, Bob has contributed largely towards Tampa Bay’s Humane Association and charities dedicated to animal welfare. Talk Fusion also permits its associates to donate video suite software to their favorite charities.


It all started with Bob trying to send a video mail. Bob Reina’s first ever program, made with the help of his friend Jonathan Chen, was Video Email. In 2007, bob launched Talk Fusion which has grown over the decades to become the 7th largest video communications company in the world. Talk Fusion is currently ranked among Direct Selling Association’s top 50 companies in terms of growth and overall sales revenue.


Bob Reina and Talk Fusion recently launched a new computer program that facilitates sophisticated real-time communications. The program incorporates WebRTC technology and is an update of the Live Meetings program. The program comes with several advancements like holding video conferences and transmitting videos one way. The program can be accessed through web browsers and does not need additional plug-in software.


The latest version of Live Meeting has seen major enhancements on its audio and visual aspects. The program provides impressively clear audio and sharp video free of distortion and interference. The program is easy to use for beginners and since the company provides a free trial period, more and more people are likely to adapt it to their organizations. The program also offers a ‘waiting room’ where users can practice their presentations before connecting with their users. Learn more:


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