George Soros Gives More to Open Society Foundations

Like many media companies, NY Time’s articles usually feature something horrible America’s president said or did. It’s a relief when they get to talk about something positive rather than soul-crushing. Recently, they’ve explored the philanthropic activities of George Soros, billionaire hedge fund manager.

It sounds like there’s nothing new about a billionaire’s philanthropic efforts, but Soros is no ordinary billionaire. Over the past several years, Soros’s been donating millions of dollars to his Open Society Foundations. According to The Wall Street Journal, he donated up to $900 million a year. Now, the NY Times reveals he’s donated a total of $18 billion.

George Soros’s always been a helpful man. He’s always wanted to do more with his time and money. Started Open Society was a way for him to give back on a larger scale. For the past 30 years, Open Society’s been helping people and cultures in more than 120 countries.

Mainly, Open Society promotes democracy and fights for human rights. Recently, the organization’s been paying more attention to the United States. As the U.S. continues its descent into hate and anger, Open Society’s trying to protect as many groups of people as possible.

Open Society’s also helped numerous other causes. In 2014, the organization funded several programs concerning disease treatment, protecting Roma art and culture, and even for preventing the violence that occurred after the 2016 U.S. presidential election. Mr. Soros is an 87-year-old man doing more to stop violence than most elected officials.

Despite the blatant lack of leadership in this country, Soros believes that if the right officials had power, things would be better. That’s why he supports politicians like Hillary Clinton. Now, supporting Hillary also means putting up with her critics and attackers. Being attacked by right-wing lunatics is nothing new to Soros.

As more stories about Soros’s generous contributions come out, so do the number of crazy stories implying he’s a dangerous mastermind. According to a JPost article, some sources blame Soros for the Black Lives Matter movement. In their opinion, it’s a dangerous movement that will bring down the purity of America.

He’s also being accused of hiring women to accuse Republican candidates of sexual assault. Of course, none of these sites can provide any real evidence of their claims, but there’s always Freedom of Speech.


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