Perhaps The World Needs More Humanitarians Like George Soros

Times are changing, people are evolving and George Soros at 87, is an important part of this revolution. Known by many as a legendary hedge fund manager and the man who broke The Bank of England in 1992, George Soros is also known for his values, ideals and humanitarian efforts and for good reason.


A Philanthropic Humanitarian With Liberal Ideologies

Most people are aware of his attempts to include positive policy reforms along with making significant contributions to the health sectors, yet not many people are aware of the true intensity and dedication this former hedge fund manager has on improving the education system. George Soros has supported both educational development in early childhood and provided tangible solutions to the higher education sector by donating funds to programs that aid and assist minorities who want to learn, earn and make something of themselves.


Making New Strides By Donating To Open Society Foundations

George Soros has once again stepped into the spotlight due to his recent attempts to aid and assist disadvantaged minorities. With a net worth of $26 billion, George Soros has donated $18 billion to Open Society Foundations aiming to implement policy reforms such as minorities and drug policies as well as protect gay and lesbian individuals from abuse of various kinds. This move was one of the largest transfers of financial assets made in the history of mankind by a private donor. While this arrangement was made quietly, it was done over a few years and has managed to successfully transform the Open Society Foundation into the second largest Philanthropic organizations in the United States of America, and what George Soros knows.


A Self-Made Man With An Intriguing History

One might wonder, what was the sudden and urgent need to make a large donation to Open Society Foundation. The answer might surprise you as this donation wasn’t a random one and it was preceded with numerous former attempts to helping society evolve in more ways than just one. Born in Hungary, George Soros left the country and made himself who he is today, by working as a railway porter and waiter. He did this to accomplish the goal of studying at The London School of Economics. This eventually led him to become one of the highest paid hedge fund investors while he was managing money for clients in New York from 1969 to 2011. His source of wealth is The Soros Fund Management, and through this foundation, he has helped students of the African origin complete their higher education in the 1970s. George Soros has also used the fund’s revenue to found and assist the Central European University in Budapest right from 1990’s to 2007. This, however, was just the beginning as in the following years, he has donated over $100 million to various universities located in the former USSR, and Soros’s lacrosse camp.


The World Is Indeed a Better Place With Humanitarians That Work For A Noble Cause

Perhaps, a life that has consisted with struggles has made George Soros the man that he is today, maybe seeing both sides of life has given him the clarity and power to make an impact on the betterment of society. Irrespective of the reason George Soros has chosen this path to help others, especially those with dire and real needs, his fundamental values and acts of kindness have indeed given hope to people from around the world, and

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