GoBuySide Evaluates What Pre-MBA Candidates Value In Roles

GoBuySide is a company which specializes in recruiting people for roles in private equity and other finance roles. Those whom are interested in investment banking and consulting are recruited well in advance of when their employment will begin. These are individuals whom will typically work at an investment bank or other firm before seeking further career-advancing education in the form of an MBA. They have a great amount of data available regarding the career interests of those interested in pursuing careers in finance and investment banking. This provides a great deal of valuable insights into the mindsets of young people pursuing future careers in the financial industry.

The first and foremost metric that all candidates surveyed valued is the prestige of the firm that they will be working for. Approximately 45% of candidates valued prestige of the firm above all other metrics, which comes in well above work-life balance. Followed by firm prestige is firm track record and compensation, which comes in third. The bottom 3 criteria include: firm location, business school placement, and work/life balance which comes in last. These criteria are not surprising given that many young people attracted to the world of finance are very competitive by nature.

The great aspect of examining these rankings is to see the transparency of the market sentiment. Pre-MBA candidates are honest about their desire for prestige in a future role at an investment bank, which is a refreshing point of view and perspective into the world of investment banking. Business school placement is also less of a criteria because many young people seeking future roles in alternative investment banks see MBA degrees as being less valuable. Alternative investment managers don’t place as much of an emphasis on the candidate’s MBA degree as they would have in the past.

The top work locations for individuals working at investment banks include: Goldman Sachs, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, and Credit Suisse. These are some of the more prestigious names in the world of investment banking and finance, so many young people are by nature drawn to these larger companies.

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Agora Financial Highlights Investing Trends

Investing is easier when you have the right tools in place to make better decisions on your portfolio. People are finding this out when they subscribe to publications that originated with Agora Financial. This is the company that has given many investors a great amount of confidence when it comes to what they are putting their money into.

Everyone needs a certain amount of knowledge about investing, and Agora Financial has those editors and financial analysis contributors that are making people see what they should be paying attention to.

Sometimes people can see the way that certain companies like Netflix and Apple are progressing and they can have a hunch on the things that may become profitable. These companies are rarities in the wide spectrum of investments, however, and people that are trying to build a diverse portfolio will need more than a couple of companies like this.

The true reality for the average working-class investor is that stocks for companies like Google and Walmart are typically too expensive to afford to buy more of on a regular basis. It is the working-class professional that is going to utilize Agora Financial to find stock prices that are low on startups and new companies that have just started to make an impression on the market.

The great thing about utilizing Agora Financial for this is that it gives people a better perspective on how they can diversify for the long term.

Investors that look to Agora Financial are going to be able to save a lot of time because they have access to a plethora of advice editorials all through one website. They do not have to spend a lot of time digging around the internet searching for advice about what they should do.

The best thing that investors can do when they are trying to build a strong investment portfolio is consider the things that are going to cause a shift in the market. This is another area where Agora Financial shines. Contributors that have editing power with Agora Financial are going to research the factors that affect the market. These contributors also provide information, in addition to stocks and mutual funds, about the elements that play a part in how the market changes.

All of these things are relevant to investing, and Agora Financial lays this information out clearly for investors to take note of trends before they invest.


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Dr. David Samadi Says Surgery Is Better Than Radiation

There’s a probability that Mitt Romney might be running for a seat in the senate again in the next elections. Orrin Hatch will vacate his Utah senate seat sometime soon and Romney might be waiting on the line to replace him. Romney’s recent announcement that he has successfully undergone prostrate surgery might have fanned this speculation. He was diagnosed to have a tumor and disclosing his health condition to the electorate is a strong indication of his intention to run again.

The announcement indicated that Dr. Thomas Ahlering performed the successful operation on Romney at UC Irvine Hospital in California. The former senator and presidential candidate is not the first US politician to successfully undergo prostate cancer operation. Colin Powell, former State Secretary had his in 2003 where his prostate gland was removed. The most recent one is John Kerry, another US politician who ran for US President and has also undergone a successful prostate surgery. Reports say that he has not suffered any recurrence after the operation.

All these men were diagnosed with prostate cancer in their advanced years. It goes to say that this malady usually develops in older men. The stats seem to prove this fact because in 10 cases of prostate cancer, 6 are from men 65 years old and older. Prostate cancer, as the stats reveal, rarely develops in men under 40 years of age. On the average, the disease hits men that are 66 years old.

If a man of this age is diagnosed with the disease, he has two options: surgery or radiation. The experiences of Romney, Powell and Kerry seem to point out that surgery is the better option. Dr. David Samadi is of the same opinion. He believes that patients with the disease are better off undergoing surgery than radiation treatment. He cites several studies to prove his point. Dr. Samadi added that patients who undergo radiation are twice at risk of dying from the disease and that they could die sooner by one-and-a-half times than those who undergo surgery.

Dr. Samadi knows what he is saying because he has studied the disease so well and is also well-experienced in the area of treating prostate cancer, he being a board-certified urologist. He is the Chairman of Urology at Lenox Hill Hospital and its Chief of Robotic Surgery. Dr. Samadi is a native of Iran of Jewish descent but migrated to the United States during the Iranian Revolution. He earned his degree in medicine in 1994 from S.U.N.Y.

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Information About Shafik Sachedina Of Sussex Healthcare

Shafik Sachedina is the person behind the coordination of the services Ismaili community’s institutions. He provides his assist to the Aga Khan Development Network programmes and monitors its operations.

Shafik Sachedina was born in the year 1950 in the capital city of Tanzania Dar-es-Salaam. He then qualified in the field of dental surgery in the year 1975from one of the famous University in London called Guy’s Hospital Medical and Dental School.

As a committed person to his duties, Shafik Sachedina has his wings to show his skills in the entrepreneurial sector within the same area of health-care. The programs that he has put in collaboration with the Aga Khan and Jamati Institutions are meant to transform the society on the voluntary basis.

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He has demonstrated his leadership skills through many posts that he has run. The move has made him appointed to serve on the Board of Governors of the Aga Khan and Jamati Institutions. There are several roles that he undertakes in the community. All these come with the positions that he holds in the various groups such as Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) Committee. He is also the president of the Ismaili Council. He has proved his skills in steering the organization to the peak position. The initial ideas he has in most of the projects he has run in the community is to create a permanent transformation.

He has a long time experience in the arena of surgery. Sussex Health Care is a firm based in the United Kingdom. The services that the company has ventured in concern support to the community in different areas. Sussex has been structured to meet all the requirement in the field of Healthcare. It was founded in 25 years ago. All the staffs delivering the services in the institution are qualified in their respective areas. It has remained to be unique healthcare facility in the UK in the sense that it acquired authorization right by the Health Quality Services in the year 2002. The defining feature that has set the company flow along the right line of expectation is the standard services to their clients. Dr. Shafik Sachedina became the chairman of the Sussex. The objective that he has set in the forefront is to perfect the field of nursing as a healthcare institution.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina has placed the operations of the Sussex at the right position through the various achievements he has recorded in the facility.

Visit cqc.org.uk for more details about Shafik Sachedina.

Dallas Women’s Organization Gets New Sponsor For Its Annual Luncheon

The Dallas Women’s Foundation is a nonprofit that supports the professional careers of women. It recently held its 32nd Annual Luncheon which had a new sponsor, NexBank SSB. This is a regional bank that has its headquarters and branches in Dallas, Texas. They provided the Dallas Women’s Foundation a check for $100,000 which will be used to advance this organization’s cause helping women attain leadership roles and economic security.

They Annual Luncheon was held at Dallas’ Hilton Anatole Hotel. The keynote address was delivered by Dr. Hope Jahren. Dr. Jahren was named one of Time Magazine’s Top 100 Influential People of 2017. She is a celebrated scientist as well as an accomplished author. Her speech was live-streamed to 20 schools in North Texas. Each year there are over 1,300 people in attendance for this event.

NexBank was founded almost 100 years ago and now has about $6.4 billion in assets. Their primary customers are corporations, institutional clients, and financial institutions. Their three main services are mortgage and commercial banking as well as institutional services. They also have accounts like savings and checking accounts plus certificates of deposit for people that live and work in Dallas. NexBank SSB is a subsidiary of NexBank Capital, Inc.

NexBank SSB has two locations in Dallas; one on McKinney Avenue which also serves as its headquarters plus one on Luther Lane. It is the 11th biggest bank in Texas and overall the 161st biggest bank in the United States. They offer money market rates that are three times larger than the national average and offer $1.25 APY on their High-Yield Money Market Savings if you carry a balance above $10,000.

The sister company of NexBank SSB is NexBank Wealth Advisors. This company offers wealth management services that make use of actively managed ETFs. They specialize in alternative investments and have around $14 billion in assets under management.

Subsidiaries That Equities First Holdings Has Set Up

The subsidiaries that Equities First Holdings has set up are a lot of different companies that are sprinkled all over the world. There are some people who will come to their UK or Australia offices, and there are more that will come to their New Zealand or South Africa offices. The company wants to help people manage their assets, and they have chosen to have the company be in as many places around the world as possible. This makes them a much stronger company, and it helps them have the very best customer service.

There are many people who will come to Equities First Holdings, and they will ask the company how they can get the loans that they need. That makes it so much easier for everyone.

The US Money Reserve Was An Official Sponsor At A Special Auction

US Money Reserve, a precious metals distributor, was a sponsor of a special event that was held on January 21. The event was an auction for those who love collectible cars. The name of the auction is Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale Auction, which was held in Scottsdale, Arizona.

John Rothans, the chief numismatist at the company, said they were excited to be a sponsor of the auction. He added that Barrett-Jackson attracts a similar customer base, meaning people who are enthusiastic about collectibles. Read more: US Money Reserve – Blog and US Money Reserve | Twitter

As for what was auctioned off, it was a McLaren P1 GTR. It is a one-of-a-kind car and only 45 of them were produced. The car only had around 600 miles on it and its top speed is 225 miles-per-hour.

Besides sponsoring this recent auction, US Money Reserve will sponsor other auctions. These auctions will be taking place in cities such as Las Vegas, Palm Beach and Uncasville.

About US Money Reserve

US Money Reserve has been around since 2001. They are considered to be one of the largest private distributors of government issued legal tender products in the world. They have clients located across the United States.

In fact, they have hundreds of thousands of customers. The company employs highly skilled professionals, which includes employees who work in the customer relations department, account executives and a numismatic expert. US Money Reserve also has coin research professionals and a vault & shipping department, as well as a compliance and standards department.

Why People Choose US Money Reserve

People choose the US Reserve because they have built a solid reputation in the industry. Not only that, but they provide expert advice to those who want to add precious metals to their current portfolios or if they are interested in buying precious metals. Furthermore, they have helped over 300,000 people make decisions in regards to silver, gold and platinum.

The CEO Of US Money Reserve

An former U.S. Mint Director leads the US Money Reserve, and that person is Philip N. Diehl. He has an abundance of experience in the precious metals industry. He brings expert knowledge, as well as firsthand experience to the company.

You can head over to the US Money Reserve’s website to learn more about the company. You’ll also find information about their products, and their contact info is listed on their site too.

Learn more about US Money Reserve:

http://finance.yahoo.com/news/u-money-ceo-angie-koch-121500601.html and http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/us-money-reserve-featured-on-epns-enterprise-radio-300213820.html