Malcolm CasSelle Embarks On New Cryptocurrency Venture With WAX

OP Skis was a site that rose to popularity for the kind of services that it provides. The company operates as a merchant of in-game virtual assets for a range of popular online games. The company was established by Malcolm CasSelle, who is well versed in the online gaming industry.

One of the things that OP Skins came to be known for was being a bitcoin merchant. The site becomes one of the most prominent bitcoin merchants in the entire world, because of the kind of services that they provide. In game virtual assets aren’t something only wanted by people in one country. The target audience of this kind of services spans the entire world, which is why the need for a more standardized payment method become essential. With the popularity of bitcoins, the site started seeing more and more people opting to go in for this kind of payment, which eventually culminated into OP Skins becoming the number one bitcoin merchant that it currently is.


Because of the success of the site, OP Skins’ founder Malcolm CasSelle decided to take the next step and launch a new blockchain trading platform that is specially designed for trading virtual assets. The new addition will go by the name of WAX, which stands for Worldwide Asset eXchange. WAX functions in a rather ingenious way, which also tackles the bigger problems that the company has been facing. For one, the site enables p2p trading, which means one person trades bitcoins with another person through the platform. This means that the interaction is personalized, rather than automated, thereby reducing the amount of fraud that can arise out of this kind of trades.


About Malcolm CasSelle


CasSelle is an entrepreneur who has a brilliant grasp of the tech field owing to the number of positive businesses that he has helped develop. Currently, he stands as the CIO to OPSkins and the President of WAX. He has a keen eye for businesses that have the potential to do well and has invested in several small companies that have emerged to be big names within the industries that they are in.


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