NewsWatch TV and Reviews Pave Path in Media Industry

NewsWatch TV has helped market and promote a vast and dynamic array of companies. One of those companies being the new American smart phone manufacturer, Saygus. This awesome and innovative cell phone organization needed some support in promoting their new line of cellular smart phones to a large audience. So, Saygus enrolled the help of the media outlet of NewsWatch to make a short promotional video of their product. The media institution put together and aired the video on their various platforms. Resulting, in Saygus to be able to raise 1.3 million dollars towards their campaign. The cell phone manufacturer’s Vice President claimed that NewsWatch’s video had a major impact on the outcome of their fundraising campaign by saying the right thing, at the right time, and at the right platforms.


NewsWatch is a media conglomerate based out of Washington D.C that is design to inform consumers about the lastest technology, entertainment, and news. Located on many various platforms, such as, Ion Television and AMC. This award-winning show has fought to lift up many different companies and institutions. The media organization’s credentials consist of Fortune 500 corporations and Non-Profit groups. The content covered in NewsWatch is also, very dynamic, covering product reviews to politics


Starting in the 1990’s NewsWatch began mainly as a financial issue outlet for viewers, but they quickly expanded to provide and distribute more information that was tangible for the audience. Covering everything and anything, NewsWatch’s institution has provided gripping and fascinating content that leaves consumers always coming back.


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