US Health Mission in Providing The Society With Insurance Benefits And Humanitarian Services

On the week of November 2nd, 2015, US Health Advisors, LLC broke more than five national sales records. Travis Yoder, the vice president of sales, stated that the firm’s sale’s team performance was at an unbelievable high level. He explained that setting up not just one, but five records in a week was a clear indication of the firm’s excellent services and products. He expressed his appreciation for the agents and leaders actively participating in the mission Helping Other People Everyday (HOPE). US Health recorded its highest sales by the Sherene Smith Satellite Division teams, Taraina McCants Regional Sales Team and the Andy Montague Division team of sales. The record, which falls under the Writing Agents category, recognized 158 personnel and teams of sales agents across the nation.

HOPE began operating under the initiation of Troy, McQuage, the CEO of US Health. HOPE provided victims of the Katrina Hurricane with a massive task force and resources to restore their lives. In 2011, the program sponsored The Crisis Nursery with shoes, baby formulas and clothing in partnership with USHA. HOPE presented a check of over $25,000 to HOPEKids in Arizona, in support of families with kids who have cancer and other serious ailments. In 2013, HOPE contributed a further $45,000 to a new branch of HOPEKids, opened in North Texas. Troy McQuage stated that the soul of US Health was to help people in need.

US Health began its work in 2009, as a subsidiary of USHEALTH Group, Inc. The firm sells personal health coverage and additional products, in collaboration with The Freedom Life Insurance firm and the National Foundation Life Insurance Company. Through its strong sales engine, US Health provides insurance to individuals and small business owners. The company, which operates from its headquarter office in Ft. Worth Texas combines the talents of agents and employees to market profitable coverage products and provide excellent customer service in all its operations. The products enlisted on US Health’s site cover insurance and benefits, treatment and cost estimates, health and wellness, pharmacy and RX services and payroll complications of patients undergoing treatment. Troy believes that by providing services through HOPE, US Health is offering clients with better products in addition to insurance products.