What does the future of Intellectual Property look like?

Ideas. They are the driving force behind everything that we do as human beings. An idea can spark positives and negatives , world wars and war peace. Massive weapons of war, or cures for the most hideous of diseases. But, behind all these things is one thing: an idea. A human has an idea on how to improve their life, and suddenly, an invention is created. This invention is then produced by said person, and made available to the public. Later down the line, someone else has an idea on how to improve the item, and the product is made better for the public. This is the normal train of events that passes. However, what would happen if no one wanted to act on that idea that they had? The process would collapse. That is where the term Intellectual property comes in, and Ventureoutsource recently did an interview with Dr. Kamil Idris on his thoughts on intellectual property, and the challenges that it faces today.

Dr. Idris is a world renowned expert on international law, specializing in patent law and intellectual property and the rights that those with IP have. He has written many books on the subjects, and has honorary doctorates in over a dozen universities across the world, on top of his actual PhD from University of Geneva in Switzerland. In the interview, Venturesource asks him about globalization’s impact on IP. Dr. Idris states that it has been good and bad. On the positive side, globalization and digitization of intellectual property allows businesses to find new products or means of production for the to produce or use in production. Millions of these options are available with a simple typing of a keyword and scrolling through the results. On the negative side, globalization and digitalization IP has made it significantly easier to steal. Many movies have suffered under the oppression of pirated and bootlegged copies, along with music. On top of this, knockoff items and products are produced everyday in an effort to create cheaper versions.

Dr. Idris also gives us a glimpse into the future of international IP and its impact on the global economy. The TRIPs agreement is an effort by a conglomerate of governments and businesses to fully regulate and standardize the laws that govern IP on a global scale, making it the same for all countries. Dr. Idris states that this will most likely prove to be fruitless, though many countries, especially quick developing ones, find themselves using these laws as a framework for their own laws.

New Trends In The Dog Food Industry

Everything evolves over time, and that is certainly true when it comes to dog food. While companies have been including innovative and healthier options like lamb, rice, and salmon into their products for years, there is an even newer trend taking the industry by storm. Companies like Freshpet Inc. are blending in fresh and healthy ingredients to create a delightful soft dog food, in fact, it’s so fresh and healthy that it is safe for human consumption. The refrigerated pet food is newer to the market but is certainly getting noticed. People are becoming more aware of what they are feeding their pets, and healthy and fresh options that are made from quality food are the trending option. Some companies like Nutro Farm create the farm-to-table pet food experience with delightful ingredients like blueberries and cranberries harvested at the peak of freshness to lock in nutrients. This eat like your owner marketing strategy is paying off. Sales of this newer style dog food is surging at around 45%, roughly $10.5 billion, since 2009. In fact, sales are up so much that this section now accounts for more than half the market. Blue Buffalo, a company to only recently go public on facebook, is expected to have over $1 billion in sales this year. Just like any other industry, the dog food business is always about staying ahead of the game and being innovative. Purina recently acquired Merrick Pet Care, an organic dog food producer. Purina can add this to their expansive line which includes Beneful. When it comes to a trusted name that makes you think of nutrition, Beneful is one of the top on the list. With multiple tastes and textures, the food is nourishing and completely balanced. The company stays on top of their game with a specialized team of scientists who focus on what is best for any and all dogs, and create specialized care for all sizes and ages. Beneful includes high standards and pushes high quality because they believe that healthy animals start with the right healthy and nutritious diet. Information on new dog food trends originally obtained at http://www.dailyherald.com/article/20151122/business/151129983/

Beneful: It’s A Dog’s Life

I was born in a dark alley in one of the worst winters the area had in several years. My mother was homeless and was trying to find the safest and warmest spot she could to give birth. When the process was finished, my five other newly-born siblings snuggled closely to her to nurse. The weather was not even fit for a dog to be outside.

The day after we were born, our mother found a secure place for us behind a dumpster in our alley by the French bistro. There were heat vents next to the building and we stayed nice and warm. Her soft fur shielded us from the snow and she nourished us to the best of her ability. Some of the tender-hearted staff at the restaurant would bring warm leftovers to Mom. She was so malnourished from giving birth, nursing, and fighting the awful weather.

I will never forget the day that I saw a little boy in the back window of the restaurant watching us. His eyes lit up when he saw us and he came to pet us and give us some food. It turns out that he was the owner’s son and he had always wanted a pet. My brothers and sisters and I barked with glee as he picked up each of us to give us a hug. Mom was a little suspicious at first; but when she saw how gentle the boy was, she approved.

Even though there were seven of us, the owner said that we would be perfect for life on their farm. My siblings and I had been pleading with Mom to let us have a human, and she finally consented. That is how we came to adopt the Lauri family and went to live with them in the country.

It was spring and the barn was bursting with energy and life. We had a whole corner of the barn for ourselves with a little door where we could go out and roam the fields. Mom helped our adult humans take care of the cattle and we children helped with the other animals. My human boy, Todd, was easy to train. He quickly learned how to play tricks and games. One of our favorite games I taught him was bringing him a stick. Every time I brought it to him, he would fetch it and throw it back.

Our family owns a restaurant and knows a lot about good food and nutrition. When it comes to our food, they bring us Purina brand’s Beneful. The ingredients are fresh protein like beef, lamb, and fish. Instead of nasty tasting bi-products and fillers, Beneful is chock full of vegetables like peas, carrots, and green beans. There is a special blend of Beneful for puppies like us and one for Mom’s optimal health. Todd even brings us tasty treats from the complete Beneful line.

I think that every dog should have a human. They are loving, loyal, and are our best friends. I love our family and am glad every day that we adopted them. I am also glad that Beneful is going to keep us together for a long time.