Beneful offers convenient snacks and healthy food!

The new Beneful “Break-N-Bites” commercial includes a cunning K-9 who schemes to enjoy more than his fair share of treats from his owner. The charming dog explains how you can break off pieces of the treat to save them for later or wolf down the entire snack. The snack is portion controlled and it allows the owner to decide how much they want to give their pet. After his owner gives him half of the treat, the dog proceeds to cuddle up to the owner’s child to gain sympathy and receive more snacks. The dog’s lovability ultimately leads him to his beloved prize. Another Beneful commercial, that promotes the “Healthy Weight Dog Food” line, opens up with a Golden Retriever explaining what is on his mind. The owner and the dog are sitting out on the patio enjoying some food together, while the dog boasts about how tasty his food is to his owner. He reveals that the food is low in calories and offers many health benefits. The narrator explains how the food includes whole rice, chicken, and various fruits and vegetables. The owner and the dog end up going back into the house and the Beneful commercial ends with them having a wrestling session in the living room.

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The Importance of Dog Health to Beneful

Dog health is one of the biggest issues to consider when deciding to own a pet for the first time. One must consider the potential cost for Veterinaries in addition the best food brand to ensure a happy and energetic life for the dog. With that said, one of the most cost effective and one of the healthiest brands of dog food that an owner could buy is a brand called Beneful. Beneful is one of the most notable dog brands in the United States, if not the world. The owner of this company, Nestle Purina PetCare, created this branch of pet care to ensure that every single dog is living a happy and healthy life.

Beneful is a company that has a goal of making every single dog a healthy dog. That is why Beneful offers three types of nutritious food that includes wet food, dry food, and dog snacks. Each one of these dishes is not only wholesome, but is also incredibly nutritious for each dog that takes a bite of the food.

One of the most popular types of food that is offered by Beneful is the wet food. The wet food comes in at least 20 different varieties of flavors with different types of proteins that are mixed up. These proteins include chicken, lamb, beef, and pork. The proteins that are used are mixed in with other healthy ingredients such as barley, rice, carrots, and even green beans. The texture of the wet food is also a popular texture. The wet food is chopped up in a manner that both the owner and the dog can see all the added ingredients that makeup with wet food.

In addition to the wet food, dry food is at the top of the list of the most popular products that are sold by Beneful. The dry food has been praised by millions of owners of the positive results that have been noticed by feeding dogs with Beneful dry food. The smell is so intoxicating that it was used as a marketing strategy on posters. Dogs would see these posters on walls and automatically respond to the delicious smell that beckoned them closer.

The dog snacks are tasty treats that any dog would enjoy to receive. What makes these snacks so special is the fact that they come in different textures. One popular texture is the shortbread consistency that is a favorite among dogs. Another popular consistency is the light and flaky texture of a cracker that signifies the fact that the dog snacks have been baked. The baking method ensures that each snack is healthy for the dog when eaten in moderation.

What makes dog health so important to Beneful is the fact that most owners at Beneful owner dogs. It is even encouraged to bring in pets at the Beneful locations as a way to keep the building cheerful and to keep the employees aware of the fact that the products that are produced are the products that each and every dog should enjoy.

Making Dog’s Health Our First Priority

Our Four Legged Family Members

Dogs have been our companions since the dawn of time. We didn’t have as wonderful relationship as we do now. Mainly, dogs would just circle our cave homes in hopes of food scraps. In return they would protect us or alert us to any intruders that might try to take advantage of us during the night. Dogs have evolved, as have we. We traded in our cave homes for suburban housing and white picket fences. They still alert us to people they perceive as a threat but usually it’s because they’re protecting us not in hopes of being fed. They know they’ll be fed. They know we love them and that we’ll take care of them. So when they protect us they’re doing so because we’re their pack mates now and the first priority in a pack mentality is to always protect each other.

We protect them as well. We look out for them in ways a mother might look after a child. That’s why their frequently called “fur babies”. We make sure they aren’t too hot or cold. That their water bowl isn’t dirty and is always filled for when they get thirsty. We make sure they get enough exercise. Whether we let them have free range of the back yard or, in metropolitan areas, take them to the doggy park. We even take care of their diets. We are, now, the ones responsible for feeding them. Their instinct to hunt or you don’t eat has been buried deep down in their brains. It’s still there but over time we made it so they realize they don’t need to rely on that instinct anymore.

Dog Food Benefits

It’s easy to imagine what kind of food scraps caused dogs to stick around and become our companions. We didn’t quite know what was nutritious for dogs though. It’s one thing to simply provide food for your furry best friend but to provide a nutritious meal shows that we want what’s best for them. Think of the way your parents would encourage you to eat your vegetables or drink your milk. Dogs are typically full grown in their first couple years as “young adults” so we’re not exactly helping them grow strong but more like we’re helping them stay strong.

Personally, every dog I’ve had the pleasure of having in my life has been fed Beneful. It’s one of the healthiest dog foods out there on the market. I’ve given my dogs their canned wet dog food and dry kibble dog food. All dogs have had no complaints. Beneful on is one of the first brands to introduce a soy protein based dog food. Red meat is a great protein for dogs but it can contain some fatty additives that aren’t so good for dogs digestive tracts. Beneful’s soy alternative is the perfect way to avoid fatty meats that are usually added to dog food.