Skouting it out

Before the internet and mobile devices keeping in touch and dating was hard enough. Now there are all these new ways to connect and keeping up to date on them can be a challenge even for the most native of digital natives. I had recently become single after a long term relationship and as with these types of break ups, people had chosen sides. So I was looking to meet new people in general as well. Most folks just stick to the well traveled areas of Facebook and Twitter and those can be great places to meet new people. But sometimes the roads less traveled contains the most interesting scenery. It is with that thought in mind that I started down some of those lesser known roads looking for ways to connect.

I’ve always been pretty active on my social media accounts so I decided that maybe those would be a good way to start finding new roads. Asking my fellow travelers as it were. I reached out across Facebook and Twitter to see what people else people were using. I got a lot of the same suggestions right away but one caught my eye pretty quickly.

I got a message from a friend of mine that said I should check out Skout. I hadn’t heard of Skout before but the name struck me as clever, and something with a clever name always gets my attention. I was surprised to find out that Skout had been around since 2007 and I hadn’t heard of it. Maybe I was even more out of touch than I thought I was. Luckily it was pretty quick to install on my phone and get set up.

I had initially thought of Skout on zendesk as a simple dating app and had prepared to dismiss it as such if it didn’t live up to my admittedly limited expectations. Those expectations were rapidly corrected. Skout allowed me to centralize a lot of my social media functions that had been spread across other apps. I now use it to find and meet new friends wherever I happen to be. This has been an amazing function for someone like me who loves to go out and do things when travelling and I travel a lot both for work and for pleasure. Skout gives me a way to meet cool people and see what’s going on in whatever place I happen to be. There have been a few people that after several Skout chats I’ve met for a cup of coffee.

I find myself using Skout regularly these days as a part of my social media routine. I’d encourage anyone who is looking for something different in their social media diet to give Skout a look. You might find yourself spending more time there than you thought.