Autism Rocks CEO hires two more trustees to the charity board


The SundayTimes reported about Autism Rocks, charity board has added two new trustee members to the team. Pete and Will Best will serve on the board that helps raise donations for the charity event. Sanjay Shah CEO of Solo Capital and the owner and founder of Autism Rocks, is excited to bring them on board. They brothers both have years of experience in the finance and music industry, which are two fundamental features that the board needs. Shah has known the two for many years, as they were friends during his college university days. He is certain that they will bring what the foundation needs to continue to thrive and exhibit success across the world.

Pete Best has many years in the finance business that he will bring to the table for Autism Rocks. Pete and Shah are excited to develop the charity further and continue with the donations to help with awareness and research. Will Best has many years of experience in the music industry. He originally started his career there and will bring much anticipated business to the future of Autism Rocks.

Shah’s passion for the neurological condition began when his youngest son was diagnosed with Autism in 2011. He was two years old at the time and Shah wanted to be able to do as much as possible to help him. That’s when he got the idea to start Autism Rocks after a conversation with Snoop Dogg. Shah had been in the music industry before, and Snoop Dogg urged him to get back into it. Autism Rocks according to clobalcitizen concentrates on working with musicians who perform invite only concerts for the cause to help aid in donations for the charity event. He worked hard to launch charity in 2014 and has been working with artists ever since. He hopes to be able to help raise awareness in the communities and help those to be more aware of the causes and conditions.

Shah was an accountant for many years before he opened his own brokerage business called Solo Capital. Shah could not determine on companycheckUK how successful Solo Capital would be when he first started the company. He formed it into a proprietary trading and consulting firm that has an estimated net worth of $280 million and has allowed him to retire. With Solo Capital under his belt and the success of the company doing so well, he has been able to really focus his avenues of interest on Autism Rocks. Solo Capital UK has multiple offices located in Central London and Dubai where they continue to provide successful, safe business transactions. Solo Capital employs some of the most efficient, reliable management team that is highly experienced and professional in their field of work. They strive to provide exceptional services to each and every client.