Lime Crime Diamond Crushers Lip Topper

Lime Crime, has unveiled yet another sparking addition to their bold and colorful beauty product line. The holographic glittery lip toppers, adequately named Diamond Crushers, also known as lip gloss, are different than other lip glosses you may have used in the past. These over the top dimensional, glittery glosses can be worn alone or paired with your favorite lip colors to make a bold statement.

Packaged in a six pack, the diamond like sparkling glosses have the potential to triple the way you style your lips. Dress up your lips with the sparkles waiting to adorn them and then pair them with bold eyes, ombre brows or luscious lashes for an unforgettable and outgoing look. If you haven’t drawn attention to your lips in the past, you may be hesitant to throw on these sparkles as they are sure to draw attention. But there is no doubt their sparkle can amp up your beauty routine in a unique way. Using the Diamond Crushers Lip Toppers from Lime Crime is the perfect way to add a bit of drama to your daily makeup routine.

If shine and glitter haven’t been a part of your makeup routine, try the Lime Crime Lit Diamond Crusher. It’s gold foil effect when added to any lip color is a great way to add a bit of sparkle to your day. It’s great for going out on the town or date night.

If pink is your color, try the Diamond Crusher Lip Topper in Strip. It is the perfect bubble gum pink hue. It’s bright and bubbly, making it the perfect pop of color for the weekend.

Maybe the bold bright colors of this unique beauty line have been hard for you to break in. If you’re trying not to be too bold to start out, try Diamond Crusher Lip Topper in Dope. The rose color is the perfect way to add a bit of shimmer and shine that you can easily wear everyday. Before you know it you will be hooked.

Don’t daydream about sporting the bright colors your see on the Instagram account of the up and coming beauty company. Break them in with the addition of the sparkling Diamond Lip Toppers to your beauty routine.