Dialogue Between Opinions

Certainly, the opinion editorials Adam Milstein writes, in any given month, throughout the year have a message each its own. However, when the context of each piece is paired with another or even in group more than a message comes through. A dialogue reveals itself with various tones and exchange. With even more layers of complexity, different dialogues can be interpreted and even build to a debate.

In one editorial, Milstein points to the near miracle growth rate of Israeli-American Council as a marker to the growth of the Israeli Jewish community in the United States. He also points out events and developments between the community and the efforts of the council that supports healthy growth. This overlap is the background that puts current events into perspective. The context for the information provided is an inference that continuing effort needs to follow the growth of community in the US.

But like any good dialogue, there is a second point of view or contribution that adds salient information. Milstein’s article on the rise of anti-Semitic sentiment within the US on both the left and right side of the political spectrum illustrates a contrast to his other work. The condemning of the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement happening in the US makes the article’s context one of warning and alert. The purpose of the context is to the strength of a growing community on a specific problem.

When the context of the opinion articles Adam Milstein writes dialogue, the one that focuses on diaspora and identity adds a feeling of explanation. This feeling is based on inspiring statistics regarding the community from information gathered over decades. This one piece in the triad of thought and higher thought illustrates something interesting. It shows how the problems the Jewish and Israeli-American community come from outside destructive sources.


Magnises: Membership to Luxury

Sometimes living the life of luxury isn’t enough, you need a physical reminder of your growing status on angel.co. Of course you could throw on some garish clothing or gaudy jewelry, but what does that really say about you? The company Magnises has come around just in time to offer young, wealthy, and entertainment driven people the chance to flash their status while reaping all kinds of new benefits. We’ll talk a little bit about Magnises and their black card to get at what it means to you.

Magnises got its start like most young companies do nowadays: by a young individual with a plan. Magnises was created back in 2013 by Billy McFarland. McFarland’s desire was to create a product that helped individuals network while also allowing them to utilize their wealth in the best ways possible. The company is focused on the Magnises Black Card which gives its user special access to events, clubs, and restaurants as well as discounts at certain places. The black card isn’t free, however, as you have to pay a monthly fee in order to have one in your name.

At fist glance, and at first read, the black card doesn’t seem like anything more than a vague subscription to a club that you aren’t familiar with but there is really so much more to it. In fact, McFarland already has over 12,000 young professionals who own a card themselves. McFarland contends that they are constantly aiming at expanding the card on Crunchbase in order to maximize what they can give to their users. Let’s look at some of the immediate benefits that are on hand for people who are ready and willing to fork out the $99 per month required to become a member.

To start off, Magnises has already launched parts of a plan to help professionals get their own business going. Owners of a Magnises card are able to rent a work space at Magnises’ own building at Alley. These office spaces can be rented for a startlingly low $500 per month. Moving past this aspect of the card we can shift gears and look at the entertainment aspect. Magnises members are able to rent out some gorgeous hotels at enormously discount rates: The Dream Hotel comes to mind as Magnises offers a $79 room in a building that rents at $245 to regular customers. Magnises members will also see benefit events thrown their way every once in awhile. These events will come in the form of private concerts for members, access to affordable tickets at professional sporting events, and invitations to parties and get togethers at local clubs.

At the end of the day you are only going to get out of Magnises what you are willing to put into it. Are you a young and burgeoning professional? Do you have aspirations to live the affluent lifestyle with your business working for you? If that’s the case then Magnises may be a great option solely to allow you to network, save money, and live large.

Popular Dallas Financial Institute Partners with Habitat for Humanity

Home ownership is a great way for families to build up their wealth and become valuable members of the Dallas, Texas community. A well-established local Dallas bank – NexBank – is partnering with the local branch of “Habitat for Humanity” to provide at least 100 loans each year to low-income residents in southern Dallas. The program is targeting specific zip codes to improve these communities.

“Making the American Dream a reality, one home at a time”

Habitat for Humanity was founded in 1976 as a great way for volunteers to help with constructing dwellings for the poor. The local Dallas Area branch is partnering with Dallas Neighborhood Homes, which is a nonprofit mortgage servicing provider to help out low-income individuals purchase homes. NexBank is providing up to $50 million in loans to Dallas Neighborhood Homes.

After the sub-prime mortgage crisis of 2008, some banks have been holding back mortgage services to low-income homebuyers. NexBank has promised to pay closing title costs plus up to $2,000 per loan to help Dallas residents get their Habitat for Humanity home.

“NexBank Builds Dallas Community”

Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity Senior Vice President Mark Tribuna thanked NexBank for its financial backing: “We’re very grateful to NexBank for helping to make affordable home ownership a reality for so many people who need it. North Texas currently has one of the lowest ownership rates in the nation and the Affordable Housing Loan Program that Dallas Neighborhood Homes offers directly addresses the problem.”

NexBank Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President Matt Siekielski said “Both organizations have a strong record of helping lower-income families secure affordable homes in the North Texas community.” The future for low-income families in Dallas is bright thanks to Habitat for Humanity and NexBank.

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