Clay Siegall Shares More Assurance In Delivering Support To Cancer Research


Research projects aimed at eliminating cancer have helped to offer different types of solutions Many companies have been pursuing this field with the hope of getting a technology that can make it easier to treat cancer even in extreme levels. This growth in the interest to find a solution has seen more companies join the field and among those that have recorded success is Seattle Genetics, a leading biotechnology company that has concentrated for many years on finding the best ways of treating cancer. Clay Siegall founded the company with the focus on research and exploring different technologies to improve the way people receive treatment.

Since its first day, Seattle Genetics has been working with experts from various industries, who have offered support to make the research programs possible. One of the most recent achievements Seattle Genetics has been celebrating is the successful development of the ADC Technology. Through the technology, cancer cells are targeted while ignoring other cells during treatment. The technology ensures there is no damage to healthy cells while treating cancer. Its success has seen several biotechnology companies sign partnerships to support the development of the technology. Clay Siegall also supported the development of ADCETRIS, which is a unique drug pipeline that supports cancer treatment.

About Clay Siegall

As an expert who has worked in the clinical science industry for over three decades, Clay Siegall has gained a lot of skills and experience that saw him launch and effectively manage Seattle Genetics, a leading company in the biotechnology field that has successfully been supporting cancer research. Clay is a clinical scientist and this explains why he launched the company on the idea of research and the development of new and better cancer treatment options.

He first pursued Zoology at the Maryland University before he moved to the University of Washington to pursue his PhD in Genetics. He worked with several companies before launching Seattle Genetics. He also worked at the National Institute of Health Sciences, thereby gaining useful skills and experience that allowed him to launch and run Seattle Genetics seamlessly to become a renowned biotechnology company.