Whitney Wolfe’s Bumble Will Never Sell To ‘Bully’ Match Group

Initially, Match Group wanted to acquire Bumble, the dating app developed by entrepreneur Whitney Wolfe. The acquisition would have enhanced Match Group’s holdings, which includes another dating app, Tinder, and would have eliminated the competition presented by Bumble. However, Whitney has refused to sell to the company.

Match Group resorted to a lawsuit against the dating app, charging that it too closely resembles the technology, look, and feel of the Tinder app, which Wolfe was also instrumental in developing and one of the co-founders of Tinder. While the lawsuit is a legitimate court action, many view it as a form of leverage against Bumble’s owners. The implication is that Match Group will drop the lawsuit, if Wolfe agrees to sell the app.

Bumble management took the implication to heart and responded with a full page ad that appeared in several print newspapers and magazines. The ad said that Bumble will “swipe left” on the offer from Match Group and called the company a bully for resorting to such tactics. The ad went on to say that they will never sell, regardless of what intimidation tactics Match Group attempts.

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One portion of the ad pointed out that Bumble was founded by a woman, Whitney Wolfe and is currently managed by women. The statement suggested those women are familiar with high pressure corporate tactics and with bullying, adding that Bumble would not be swayed by anything in Match Group’s arsenal.

Introducing Bumble BFF
Even as the Match Group drama escalates, Bumble isn’t sitting stagnant. The app recently introduced a new subsection, Bumble BFF, and it’s probably just what you might expect. It lets people connect with new friends, no strings attached. The Bumble BFF feature lets women connect with other females in their area for friendship.

Bumble BFF works much like the primary dating app, letting users view profiles for women looking for friends in their area. When a user finds someone in line with her interests, she can swipe right and make the connection.

Of course, there’s more involved to it, as far as developing a real friendship. Just because profiles mesh that doesn’t guarantee a bond. However, it’s a step in the right direction and it can lead to some genuine friendships for those willing to give it a chance. Much like Bumble, which puts the swiping power in the woman’s hands, Whitney Wolfe developed Bumble BFF to give women something they were missing. The subsection of the dating app helps women connect with others, when they might not have any other way of meeting new friends.

Learn more about Whitney Wolfe: https://pagesix.com/2018/04/16/bumble-founder-feared-shed-be-blacklisted-after-tinder-lawsuit/


Unicorn Queen Inspires Bright Colors

How Cosmetic Guru Inspires Makeup Fans To Remain Dreamers Of Their Craft


The Unicorn Queen of cosmetics;inspired by bright colors, Doe Deere, continues to inspire her fans to be dreamers of their craft. Deere tells the Story Exchange online her success in cosmetics comes from a dream backed with action. Many of her peers didn’t follow her ideas of creating these wild colors, but she stayed true to her dreams. She also admits, it’s more important to believe in your craft. Certainly, more dedicated to your craft than you expect others to be towards your dreams.


Being born in Russia, Deere has a tenacity for success. Her early years in her native country taught her the appreciation she had for making people happy, and marketing her products. By her teens, Doe Deere, was growing up in New York, and later decided she would join design school before her cosmetics was even a success. Believe it or not, Deere, also tried her hand in a rock band, before what she really wanted to do within would come to fruition. The birth of her cosmetics opened many doors for her to empower her wearers, educate her fans, and be an inspiration.


When you look at the Lime Crime brand, you may ask where did the inspiration for color come from? Their designer, successful female entrepreneur of the LC cosmetics brand says, she knew her cosmetics had to include hard to find colors, and would involve risks. She never knew her unconventional thinking would change the face of cosmetics by cresting colors that would allow her wearers to make build color choices. Today, Lime Crime has over 2.4 million cosmetics sold worldwide. She also was one of the first cosmetic designers to experiment with a new cosmetic base.


Lime Crime is based with a superior super-foil formula that is completely waterproof, and Deere was glad to assume the risk. The models, and celebrities who depend on her cosmetics says, her products hold well under the camera lights, and unapologhetically match their personality. Her touch-free liquid matte eye liner is a must have for a great number of Lime Crime followers. Her products also come with lipstick, and eye-shadow products formulated to be safe for all skin types. Sensitive skin won’t stop you from enjoying the. Color trend sweeping the cosmetic industry because her cosmetics are completely vegan.


Deere closes her interview talking about the important of realizing your dreams by meeting goals, staying true to your craft, and put in the dedicated effort. Her throne as Unicorn Queen didn’t cone without naysayers, and non-believers. She also spike of her love for animals and says, her cosmetics will remain completely hypoallergenic. Their website has A-list of products you can choose from directly from their website. At select Bloomingdales department store locations, customers can also find specific brands of the LC brand. Don’t miss out on a great opportunity to become a large part of the Lime Crime family today and be bold with your color selection. Learn more:  http://www.doedeere.com/