Omar Yunes Advice on Decision Making By Young Investors

The success of any investor is inherent to his or her passion in the business. This statement has well been backed by the success of Omar Yunes in his franchisee business. Omar has succeeded in the art of running a chain of restaurants. Having more than 80 outlets in Mexico alone, Omar Yunes notes that expanding a business should be the key policy guiding any investor who wishes to become a global investor. In the franchise industry it is notable that the business of franchise assists a brand recognition and assists in the operations of the business. It also gives the brand a strengthened management that is responsible to thrive in the competitive market and learn more about Omar Yunes.

Omar Yunes insists that all entrepreneurs need to be decision makers who understand the lifecycle of the business. He insists that at each stage of the business one should be able to ensure that the decision made is aimed at ensuring a successful future of the business. One should note that the exit plan should be a decision that is aimed at mitigating the risk of losing funds from your business. Omar has been on the forefront in aiding young entrepreneurs understand their business and the stage at which their businesses are. He notes that by understanding the business, one would relate to solutions for challenges that are experienced at that particular stage of the business. Omar Yunes argues that investment decisions made at each level of the business should be objectively made to ensure that the business attains the next level of the business and Omar’s lacrosse camp.

The levels that Omar notes are the start-up state, the growth stage, and stagnation stage. According to Omar Yunes, business-minded people should not focus on the declining stage of the business lifecycle. He states that one should have a plan that would lengthen the business lifecycle and not anticipate about the declining stage of the business. In this regard, he advises investors that there are many options that ensure the brand or the business remain relevant in the market. They entail franchise and changing the products supplied to suit the market needs and read full article.

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Tony Petrello at his Best

Anthony Petrello is one of the famous businessmen in the world of the entrepreneur. Furthermore he is also the board of director at Nabors Organization. His devotion to doing better work made him the president and the chief operating officer at Nabors. His experience and expertise made the organization to grow rapidly. He always guarantees they provide fresh innovative strategies so that the company can improve daily. He went to Yale University and got his M.S and B.s and also went to Harvard Law School where he got a degree in J.D. and read full article.

His achievement is associating and serving with numerous organizations such as McKenzie and Baker law firm and worked at their offices at New York Offices as the managing associate and devoted himself in attaining. Furthermore he worked as the director of Hilcorp Energy Organization and Stewart and Stevenson LLC. He served as the board of trustees at Texas Children’s Hospital.

Nabors is the organization that is well recognized for offering amazing services of supplying offshore drilling rigs. The company is one of the leading organization in the United States for and Anthony Petrello is so certain of providing better services in the near future. The company also ensures that they put their client’s priority first before attending to anything other else hence making them come for their services they as well create a good relationship with their clients. Nabors also employees better experienced professional who provides the best expertise into the company hence the clients are always certain in receiving better services and Anthony of Facebook.

Company Now Lending on Equities

Equities First AU is lending on equities. What this means to you is that if you own equities, you can obtain a quick business loan against your equities to raise capital in emergencies.

Equities First AU is not a traditional, conventional lender or a bank. They are a private company, and are not nearly so regulated as banks and other lenders. The government will allow just so much of a bank’s loan on equities to be a certain type of equity. First Equities AU can lend on any equity, since they are a private company. They are not subject to the same regulations as are conventional lenders and banks. Further, the bank will need a business plan for the funds you receive. First Equities does not ask the purpose of the loan.

A conventional lender or bank will lend on your equities at a high interest rate, higher than the standard business loan. First Equities AU, however, has the lowest interest rates in the business of equity loans.

If you own a business and need emergency capital, First Equities AU is certainly the place to look first, rather than last. A bank could take weeks, since they want a business proposal for the purpose of loan, and they only lend a short loan to value ratio.

Equities First AU can fund you much faster, and their loan to value ratio is sometimes as high as 80%! That is very high for a loan of this type. There is a reason they are called Equities First AU. Now we know why the conventional lenders are afraid to mention them and resume this company.

Bruce Levenson, Former Atlanta Hawks Owner, Files Lawsuit Against Insurance Company

Forbes billionaire Bruce Levenson, former co-owner of the Atlanta Hawks basketball franchise and Phillips Arena, is heading to court. The former ownership group of the Atlanta Hawks(AHBE), which Levenson is a controlling partner of, filed a lawsuit against New Hampshire Insurance Company for breach of contract. The alleged breach of contract involves settling claims filed by Danny Ferry, the Atlanta Hawks former general manager.

According to legal documents, the AHBE paid Ferry an undisclosed sum of money to terminate his six-year, $18 million contract. Two months prior to the agreement being reached, AHBE notified New Hampshire Insurance that Danny Ferry would be requesting a settlement and that they believed it would be covered by their policy, which insured them against losses related to employment practices. The lawsuit, filed in the Superior Court of Fulton County, states that the insurance company failed to pay losses that they were contracted to cover. The AHBE is also seeking legal fees and a 50 percent penalty of the unpaid loss, according to

Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson is a co-founder of the United Communications Group and an owner of Atlanta Spirit, LLC. Born in Washington D.C., Mr. Levenson is active in numerous charity organizations, including Community Foundation of Washington, D.C. and the Hoop Dreams Foundation. He earned an undergraduates degree at Washington University and received a law degree from American University. Mr. Levenson is a proud father of three sons and divides his time between Potomac, Maryland and Atlanta, Georgia.



Don Ressler: A Master Of Innovative Online Performance Marketing

Serial entrepreneur Don Ressler is a marketing wizard and the internet is his domain. He’s been involved in creating cutting-edge, innovative marketing strategy. Since the early days of the internet Ressler has been helping companies to better connect to their target markets and gain new customers and leads. It’s called online performance marketing and Don Ressler is one of its finest proponents. Don Ressler used it to promote his string of successful start-ups, recruit millions in investment funds for some of the companies with which he has worked and generate billions of dollars in sales. was Don Ressler’s first company and it was wildly successful. In 2001, a few years after its founding, was purchased by Intermix Media and Ressler became part of Intermix’s marketing team. Working with Intermix’s 19-year old COO Adam Goldenberg, Ressler co-founded and ran Alena Media. The company was responsible for Intermix’s performance advertising and e-commerce division. Alena Media generated hundreds of millions of dollars for Intermix and became its primary profit center.

When News Corp bought Intermix Media in 2005, Ressler left the company and went seeking new opportunities. He got together with Goldenberg and together they have founded a series of very successful companies. Their first company was Brand Ideas/Intelligent Beauty. It was the first of many brand building enterprises Ressler and Goldenberg would co-found. Next came weight-loss brand SENSA and DERMSTORE, an e-commerce skincare and cosmetics marketplace. Both brands are two highly successful using the direct-to-consumer model and online performance advertising.

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JustFab raises $85M at what sources say is a $1B valuation
Former Intermix COO Raises $33M For Fashion Brand JustFabulous

In 2010 Ressler got together with Goldenberg to found a company that would become an international sensation. It was a subscription e-commerce fashion retailer called JustFab and it combined the prodigious talents of Ressler, Goldenberg and fashion icon Kimora Lee Simmons. Within two years JustFab Inc. had over 6 million members in Europe and the United States. Ressler and company also bought FabKids, a children’s fashion subscription service and The Fab Shoes, a European fashion e-commerce site.

In 2015 Ressler and the JustFab team joined with actress Kate Hudson and created athletics wear online subscription company Fabletics. The company was a rollicking success and has millions of subscribers worldwide. Fabletics recently opened its first bricks-and-mortar store and plans to open 100 more within the next five years. Don Ressler is CEO of Fabletics. He continues to prove why over the past 2 decades he’s been considered an online performance marketing master.

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Merging Two Worlds Together – John Goullet Shows How He Is A Leading Entrepreneur

A leader in the entrepreneur world and IT sector, John Goullet is a name that most people would recognize. He spent much of his own IT consulting years working at helping companies prosper but his interest in this area grew broader in 1994. He held a firm grasp on the ever changing trends in marketing and this allowed for him to find a new way at how things are solved or fixed. He was the reason behind the business of Info Technologies.

This business is what led many Fortune 500 companies from around the nation to prosper in their own categories. He was quick to become known to those in the IT world and his reputation was quickly growing. He was known for his excellence in the field and this allowed him to become one of the fastest growing companies which is privately owned and operated.

In 2010, Info Technologies and Diversant LLC merged two companies together that would ultimately become hard to beat. John Goullet was named as principal and he now works hard to ensure that all business matters are cared for and that business relationships continue on for many more years to come.

The number of IT professionals has been a growing trend as more businesses are calling for the support of IT personal. Because there will always be a need for personal in this field, this business is going to continue to grow. The experience that John brings to the table and is able to offer his clients is what makes this company a unstoppable force. There is not much that this company is not going to be able to handle. Diversant knew this when they signed up for the merging of the two companies. They knew what needed to be done and they made it work which allowed for them to become one of the highest ranked business out there.

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White Shark Media Shows How to Get a Free Evaluation for Adwords

White Shark Media offers advice on getting an AdWords evaluation for free. The company has managed $36 million worth of ads. There have also been tons of emails and reports sent out from the digital marketing agency. White Shark Media is one of the agencies that can help people drive target traffic to their sites.

As of right now, White Shark Media is offering its clients a free evaluation of their AdWords campaign. This can help them find ways to improve their campaign and bring more traffic to their site. This is carried out by a certified specialist that knows what makes a strong campaign.

White Shark Media is a search engine marketing agency that helps clients bring in better business. They are very effective in the services that they provide their clients. Many clients that have contacted them have experienced an increase in sales because of the services that were provided to them.

White Shark Media uses its experience and its creativity in order to help people bring in the audience they need for their online business. White Shark Media also carries this out in an ethical fashion. There are no underhanded tricks or dishonest methods in their services.

White Shark Media is also a flexible agency. They are open to suggestions on how they can improve on their services. They don’t consider themselves to be a perfect agency. They take feedback from their customers and give it careful consideration. They then avoid making the same mistakes again.

Also, they have looked into ways to improve their communications with their clients. Fortunately, client feedback has helped them find ways to improve communications.

The AdWords evaluation is a very helpful thing for the client. The client will learn about the strengths of his campaign and also figure out where his AdWords campaign falls short. As a result, the client will be better able to make the needed adjustments so that he can increase his sales.

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One Of The Smartest Guys In The Room


Any seasoned investor knows that when markets become inflated, when sectors seemingly get way ahead of themselves, a reversal is nearly imminent. Watching key moves of major investors, as if the gas pump prices that were near $4.00 a gallon all across our land in this past year, and are now in the $1.50 per gallon range, were not enough, major investors liquidating energy stocks is a harbinger of things to come. George Soros is near the human equivalent of a bellwether indicator. His moves should not be ignored, and as goes the old saying on Wall Street “pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered,” it is important to be a disciplined investor who takes profit regularly without becoming too greedy. That being said, if investors let the precipitous decline in gas prices dictate their moves in the market, they are already selling energy interests. George Soros, and his recent selling of major energy positions is further evidence exposure to energy stocks needs to be tapered.

George Soros has indeed made a name for himself. He is a very successful financier, and a consummate and disciplined investor. He is the founder and owner of the acclaimed Soros Fund Management, and his humble beginnings in Budapest combined with his enduring Nazi occupation of Germany during World War II, would serve to be forces that would stoke the fires of his imminent departure from Budapest (n.p.. Arriving in the United States after graduating from the London School of Economics, he simply amassed fortunes through his international fund and investing under the aegis of Soros Fund Management. This is exactly why the shrewd among us pay close attention to what he does.

Exposure to the travesties of Nazi occupation no doubt precipitated his interest in developing The Open Society Foundations, a philanthropic venture that promotes societal transparency, human rights and open societies (n.p..

These are some of the reasons why The Street com recently wrote an article questioning whether Mr. Soros knew something the rest of us may not about the energy markets . The current per-barrel price of oil is down over 73% since just last summer. Mr. Soros might know something the rest of us do not, however if we all take stock of what is going on at the gas pumps, and how we have a little extra disposable income as a result of the decline in gas prices, we already have our answer. There is nothing new under the sun, and we should, near arbitrarily, follow the moves of Mr. Soros, and if not for any other reason than because empirical evidence is staring us in the face every time we gas up! We all know something about the energy markets, and Mr. Soros moves simply validate this.

There is an Impending Financial Crisis Warns Investor George Soros

According to Bloomberg Business billionaire financier Soros believes that is a financial markets crisis is imminent.
Investors all over the world were shaken by turmoil in China trade. China experienced significant turmoil in its markets for the second time this week.

George Soros spoke at a meeting in Colombo, Sri Lanka’s capital. He believes that China continues to struggle with finding a new growth model. Soros added that China’s currency devaluation is creating problems for the rest of the world. He added that a return to rising interest rates was proving difficult for the developing world.

Soros pointed out the parallels between the current financial environment and that of 2008. He believes that China’s serious adjustment problem will turn into a crisis.
Soros is referring to the fact that stock, Global currency, and commodity markets were unstable for the first week of the New Year. China has shifted away from manufacturing and investment towards services and consumption. The sinking yuan has increased concern about China’s economy as these changes have taken place.

According to the Daily Mail, markets plummeted hours after trading in Shanghai ceased again last week. This was the second time in a week that trading has ceased in Shanghai. They automatically paused trading after blue chip stocks fell a stunning seven percent within minutes of opening last week on Thursday. This triggered a circuit-breaker. This came just days after a dive in the Chinese stock market shook Wall Street. It suffered one of the worst opening days since 2008.

The drop came after the People’s Bank of China weakened controls on the strongly sheltered yuan. This sparked more fears about global growth and caused oil prices to plummet below $33 a barrel. These levels had not been seen since the early 2000s.
These events sent shock waves across the world. London’s stocks have suffered the worst year-opening week since the late 1980’s.

The World Bank seemingly agrees with Soros, and cut its global economic growth forecast for 2016. It predicts dreary activity as developing economies and emerging markets wobble through the first week of the year.

On Monday, the Dow suffered its worst opening day of the year out of the last eight years. It slipped 450 points. S&P’s 500 Index and the Nasdaq also both closed the day out extremely low. On Wednesday, United States stocks closed at their lowest level since October.

China’s circuit-breaker automatically stops trading for 15 minutes when blue chip stocks in Shanghai drop at least five percent. The circuit-breaker was introduced at the beginning of the year. The entire market is frozen for one day if it falls below seven percent. Blue chip stocks slipped on Thursday, going below five percent within just 12 minutes. This froze the market in Shanghai. It reopened for one minute before it slipped to seven percent. The market was frozen again at that point.
George Soros

George Soros, a billionaire investor, began his career in the 1950s in New York City. He has gained a reputation for his investing acumen. His hedge-fund firm gained about twenty percent a year on average from 1969 through 2011. Soros is estimated to have a net worth of around $27.3 billion.

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Learn to Break Fashion Rules With Doe Deere

Fashion, like any other kind of art and commerce, often has rules. Fashion designers and their customers alike want to think about when it is appropriate to wear something or what kind of outfit is ideal for the office or for a special date. But fashion is also fluid. Many influential fashion pioneers have learned that it is possible to pay homage to fashion rules while considering ways they can break them to get even better results. One such person is Doe Deere. In a recent article for Bustle Magazine, Deere talks to her fans about how best to update old beauty rules for today’s fashions.

As Deere reminds us, fashion is about fun as much as it is about anything else. Fashion is also about change. What may have worked well a decade ago or even ten days ago may not work today. As a fearless fashionista, Deere has taken yesterday’s rules and made them fresh and new for the customer of today.

Deere is the founder of the cosmetics website Lime Crime. Lime Crime offers customers the chance to purchase lipstick that also helps break customers break previously set up fashion rules. Lime Crime customers can pick from an array of amazing products in colors not traditionally seen in many makeup on the market today. In the article in Bustle, she talks about the kind of principles that are behind her approach to makeup and fashion in general. Many rules that she talks about have been long established but may not quite work in today’s ever changing fashion world.

For example, the notion that people should not wear a bold eye with a bold lip at the same time is one that she would like to see broken as often as possible. She reminds us that doing so can help create a look that is fun and right for many occasions. The same is true of those who argue that we shouldn’t mix too many colors at the same time or too many prints at the same time. Her beautiful and elegant photos show us that doing so can lead to looks that are extremely fun and also very playful.

Those who follow her lead will find that doing so can help them feel more free and allow them to create a specific style that is all their own. Fashion, as Deere reminds us, is also about self expression and confidence. Fashion is also about the ability for anyone to feel comfortable in their own skin no matter where they are. As she shows us, when you break basic rules, this can be very freeing and help you develop your own personalized style that is only yours. In doing so, you can be just as truly fashionable as Deere herself.