There is an Impending Financial Crisis Warns Investor George Soros

According to Bloomberg Business billionaire financier Soros believes that is a financial markets crisis is imminent.
Investors all over the world were shaken by turmoil in China trade. China experienced significant turmoil in its markets for the second time this week.

George Soros spoke at a meeting in Colombo, Sri Lanka’s capital. He believes that China continues to struggle with finding a new growth model. Soros added that China’s currency devaluation is creating problems for the rest of the world. He added that a return to rising interest rates was proving difficult for the developing world.

Soros pointed out the parallels between the current financial environment and that of 2008. He believes that China’s serious adjustment problem will turn into a crisis.
Soros is referring to the fact that stock, Global currency, and commodity markets were unstable for the first week of the New Year. China has shifted away from manufacturing and investment towards services and consumption. The sinking yuan has increased concern about China’s economy as these changes have taken place.

According to the Daily Mail, markets plummeted hours after trading in Shanghai ceased again last week. This was the second time in a week that trading has ceased in Shanghai. They automatically paused trading after blue chip stocks fell a stunning seven percent within minutes of opening last week on Thursday. This triggered a circuit-breaker. This came just days after a dive in the Chinese stock market shook Wall Street. It suffered one of the worst opening days since 2008.

The drop came after the People’s Bank of China weakened controls on the strongly sheltered yuan. This sparked more fears about global growth and caused oil prices to plummet below $33 a barrel. These levels had not been seen since the early 2000s.
These events sent shock waves across the world. London’s stocks have suffered the worst year-opening week since the late 1980’s.

The World Bank seemingly agrees with Soros, and cut its global economic growth forecast for 2016. It predicts dreary activity as developing economies and emerging markets wobble through the first week of the year.

On Monday, the Dow suffered its worst opening day of the year out of the last eight years. It slipped 450 points. S&P’s 500 Index and the Nasdaq also both closed the day out extremely low. On Wednesday, United States stocks closed at their lowest level since October.

China’s circuit-breaker automatically stops trading for 15 minutes when blue chip stocks in Shanghai drop at least five percent. The circuit-breaker was introduced at the beginning of the year. The entire market is frozen for one day if it falls below seven percent. Blue chip stocks slipped on Thursday, going below five percent within just 12 minutes. This froze the market in Shanghai. It reopened for one minute before it slipped to seven percent. The market was frozen again at that point.
George Soros

George Soros, a billionaire investor, began his career in the 1950s in New York City. He has gained a reputation for his investing acumen. His hedge-fund firm gained about twenty percent a year on average from 1969 through 2011. Soros is estimated to have a net worth of around $27.3 billion.

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Learn to Break Fashion Rules With Doe Deere

Fashion, like any other kind of art and commerce, often has rules. Fashion designers and their customers alike want to think about when it is appropriate to wear something or what kind of outfit is ideal for the office or for a special date. But fashion is also fluid. Many influential fashion pioneers have learned that it is possible to pay homage to fashion rules while considering ways they can break them to get even better results. One such person is Doe Deere. In a recent article for Bustle Magazine, Deere talks to her fans about how best to update old beauty rules for today’s fashions.

As Deere reminds us, fashion is about fun as much as it is about anything else. Fashion is also about change. What may have worked well a decade ago or even ten days ago may not work today. As a fearless fashionista, Deere has taken yesterday’s rules and made them fresh and new for the customer of today.

Deere is the founder of the cosmetics website Lime Crime. Lime Crime offers customers the chance to purchase lipstick that also helps break customers break previously set up fashion rules. Lime Crime customers can pick from an array of amazing products in colors not traditionally seen in many makeup on the market today. In the article in Bustle, she talks about the kind of principles that are behind her approach to makeup and fashion in general. Many rules that she talks about have been long established but may not quite work in today’s ever changing fashion world.

For example, the notion that people should not wear a bold eye with a bold lip at the same time is one that she would like to see broken as often as possible. She reminds us that doing so can help create a look that is fun and right for many occasions. The same is true of those who argue that we shouldn’t mix too many colors at the same time or too many prints at the same time. Her beautiful and elegant photos show us that doing so can lead to looks that are extremely fun and also very playful.

Those who follow her lead will find that doing so can help them feel more free and allow them to create a specific style that is all their own. Fashion, as Deere reminds us, is also about self expression and confidence. Fashion is also about the ability for anyone to feel comfortable in their own skin no matter where they are. As she shows us, when you break basic rules, this can be very freeing and help you develop your own personalized style that is only yours. In doing so, you can be just as truly fashionable as Deere herself.

Doe Deere: Creative Makeup Artist and Savvy Businesswoman

Doe Deere is the owner of Lime Crime makeup company. She’s definitely getting lots of attention in the cosmetics world these days, for a variety of reasons. Some have said that Deere has tried to boost her sales by “bashing” Lime Crime online in order to create a buzz, which she has stated isn’t true at all. She’s handled these allegations like a true professional, and is continuing to wow the world with the bright colors that Lime Crime is known for.

Doe Deere was born and raised in Russia, and moved to the United States when she was 17. Before leaving to come to the United States, she had a small business in Russia at the age of 13 and sold temporary tattoos. She states that her sense of creativity and ambition comes from her Russian childhood, as well as the time she spent in New York as a teenager. Deere is also a musician, which is how she learned how to market herself and to be true to her sense of fashion and artistic personality. Doe Deere currently resides in Los Angeles, where makeup enthusiasts in the area are excited about the products Lime Crime has to offer.

She’s been helping women to find the look that works for them, and her products are specially designed for women who have a bold sense of style. Eye shadows from Lime Crime are quite popular in the makeup world, and the neon hues easily make the eyes pop. Her models are often seen with pastel-colored hair, and her lipsticks come in shades of green and blue, so women are sure to turn heads when they wear Lime Crime cosmetics.

The two met when they were in a band together, and learned how to collaborate to write songs. Deere’s husband works with her to ensure that her makeup is packaged properly and made from quality ingredients. Since she’s already got a number of devoted customers, it’s only a matter of time before more people hear about Lime Crime and use the cosmetics as their go-to products for wild and stylish makeup looks. Deere also encourages young and aspiring makeup artists to follow their hearts and make beauty products that are true to their creative vision.

The Times of CCMP Capital

CCMP Capital (formally known as JP Morgan Partners) is a private equity investment firm that specialized on leveraged buyout and growth capital transactions. It is now worth 12 billion in their transactions since inception. It’s ranked as #17 among the world’s largest private equity funds. They have fifty employees in offices in New York, London, Hong Kong and Tokyo. They have three separate firms: Panorama Capital (information technology and life science, closed), Unitas Capital (formally known as CCMP Capital Asia, private equity investment funds) and Linzor Capital (private equity transactions in Latin America). CCMP Capital has made investments to many portfolio companies including Aramark, Guitar Center, Renovo, Quizno Subs and AMC Entertainment.

Before passing away at the age of 52, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital CEO and President. He left CCMP after the firm cited as “health-related” reasons. He had been with CCMP and its predecessor (Chemical Venture Partners) since 1989, after graduated with a master’s degree in business administration at Columbia Business School and an economics degree at Boston College in 1984. In 2005, Murray became head of buyout related business at JP Morgan Partners. He co-founded CCMP Capital on nypost as a spinout to JP Morgan Chase, containing the buyout and growth equity team of its private equity group in 2006. The next year, he was named CEO of CCMP Capital and served on the board of companies the firm made investments in. As a philanthropist he supported the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Metro New York, his alma mater Boston College and Columbia Business School, the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County and Stamford Museum. He was the vice chairman of the board of trustees at Boston College and a chairman’s council member of the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Metro New York. He had board seats in groups like Crestcom International, Strongwood Insurance Holdings and Jetro JMDH Holdings.

Businessman, Philanthropist and Entrepreneur Bruce Levenson

Washington D.C. native Bruce Levenson is the well known former owner of the Atlanta Hawks basketball franchise. The Hawks, in spite of winning a franchise record of 60 games were unfortunately only 17th in attendance per game and expected to lose money. In spite of this he successfully negotiated the sale of the team to Anthony Ressler, an owner of private equity and investment firm Ares and a real estate developer. Mr. Levinson, though no longer associated with the Atlanta Hawks will continue to make substantive contributions in the realms of business and philanthropy, two areas in his professional and personal life where he has already made sizable contributions.

Mr. Levinson is a founding board member and presently sitting on the Board of Directors of Tech Target, where he served as director of the company from its creation in 1999 until 2012. Tech Target was spun out United Communications Group, a company he co-founded with Ed Peskowitz, where he continues to play a major role in the firm’s business strategy.

His career has spanned from journalism, as writer for the Washington Star and Observer while working toward his law degree, to his various philanthropic pursuits and his involvement in professional team sport. Mr. Levinson was one of 100 prominent American Jews who composed a letter to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu requesting that he partner with Secretary of state John Kerry to create initiatives in accord with Israel’s security needs, which would demonstrate a willingness to make territorial sacrifices for peace in the region.

He is one of the founding donors to the U.S. Holocaust Museum and contributes funds to the museum’s Bringing the Lessons Home program, which endeavors to teach inner city students about the Holocaust and also trains them to become tour guides at the museum.

Mr. Levinson also supports a collection of other Jewish causes, such as Birthright Israel, an educational organization that sponsors free heritage trips to Israel for young Jewish men and women aged from 18 to 26. Begun in the winter of 1999 more than a half million participants have benefited from the program.

In partnership with his wife he led the development of the Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership at the University of Maryland, which educates students on the management of nonprofit organizations.

Turkey Provides The Latest Challenge For OrganoGold’s Bernardo Chua

The EmpowerNetwork tells us that Bernardo Chua is one of the top businesspeople to work in the multi level marketing industry and has recently been looking to extend the reach of his impressive OrganoGold brand of gourmet coffee. PR Newswire is now reporting the company is embarking on its latest round of expansion by looking to the country of Turkey to extend its reach into Europe, further areas of Asia and North Africa. The company has become one of the most popular direct selling companies in the world after Bernardo Chua developed the brand of coffee infused with the healthy ganoderma extract in a small Canadian coffee house and has now exported it to over 30 countries aroud the world.

Chua has a long history of success in the multi level marketing industry, which has seen him head a number of companies and look to bring heathy products to the public. Chua is well known in his home country of the Philippines for being a fan of the healthy benefits of ganoderma that he makes sure his company sources from the highest quality mushrooms found in isolated areas of China.

Bernardo Chua and his colleaues at OrganoGold is always hunting for the next area of the world to extend the reach of OrganoGold into. The company believes Turkey is a good fit for its healthy coffee products that can be a vital antioxidant because the population of Turkey is young and vibrant with an interest in living a healthy, active lifestyle. The people of the world are now looking to improve their lifestyles to achieve a greater level of good health, which seems to be a major aspect of life for the majority of the youthful culture of the country of Turkey.

Doe Deere VS. The Make Up World

Make up has an enormous history. It dates far back to B.C. era which could easily be described as pre indoor plumbing times. It has been made from wax, berries, ink, and even bird poop! Once it was specifically meant for royalty, meant to set the king or queen from the peasants. As times evolved so did the instruments with which to put make up on and the types of make up available. It also became more available to the public. Although it was mainly for entertainers so that when they were up on stage it was easier for people in the “nosebleed” seats to see the emotions they would display on their faces.

Time didn’t just improve the availability but it also improved the safety. There has always been a toxicity for certain make up products and before make up companies had the gall to test on animals; people had no choice but to test on themselves. A classic example is the early geisha of Japan. Geisha are well renowned for their white face, thick black eye liner, and rose red bud lips. The white make up though was very tricky to figure out. In the 19th century when Geisha first got their start the make up was created from sticky rice and millet. Numerous reports from former geisha in journals and letters alike have found that they were often having to re-powder their faces so with a geisha’s frequent socializing schedule this simply wouldn’t do. By the early 20th century they created a perfect white powder that contained zinc and lead! In numerous amounts like 60% the other 40% was usually fragrance oils or glycerin. This caused many geisha to retire early since their faces would become deformed or they’d die due to lead poisoning. Lead in make up was eventually banned by the 1930s.

Like I mentioned earlier, make up companies eventually turned to testing on animals. This process has been banned since mid century but there are still a few companies that escape the laws by making their own loopholes such as practicing tests on animals in countries where make up manufacturing is not well regulated. This is where the wonderful creator, Doe Deere, of Lime Crime comes into play. Xenia, as she is formally known, has created Lime Crime a wonderful vegan friendly make up company with exceptional and extraordinary colors in their lipstick line and eye shadow collection alike. Doe Deere is the self proclaimed “Unicorn Queen” and her make up collection is essentially made for other unicorns like herself. It has bold and definitely statement presenting colors. These colors are not for the faint of heart nor for the meek and timid. They have bright baby blues and day glo greens. There isn’t exactly a middle ground when it comes to Lime Crime.