Saving the World With Mark Hutchinson

The life Mark Hutchinson chose to lead is not your normal, everyday grind. Mark could be considered part wildman and part businessman, but all conservationist and lover of earth’s beautiful nature. He has spent most of his life living and working in Australia’s bush or the wilds of Africa. As a child, he spent holidays at a friend’s home and fell in love with the call of the wild bush. Mark even spent a year after school jackarooing in the Northern Territory of Australia and later driving the length of Africa at just 19 years of age. He saw a side of nature that he wanted to share and started an ecotourism business called Untamed, which took city dwellers out into the wild for safaris or fishing tours to see and experience real nature and wild animals. This is where he realized how little first hand knowledge people had of what the earth gives us and how it needed to be saved. Learn more:

While at an Eco Training course, he met his future business partner, Anton Lategan. They both shared a passion to help people reconnect with nature. The desire to teach his love of the world and combine it with Eco Training was coming true. However, some years later, this adventure evolved into a mission called Wild Ark. He realized that conservation of these wild habitats which contained the incredible scenery and animals needed to happen and on a much larger scale. These ecosystems had to be saved. Through Wild Ark, Mark’s mission transformed to acquiring land to re-wild and, in some cases, rehabilitate deteriorated land in order to form wildlife corridors between National Parks. Through his organization, he has literally restored tracts of bush and ocean. Mark is now raising his family between the bush and the city just north of Sydney. He surfs or swims every day and is taking a Masters program in Conservation while he continues to build Wild Ark. And because he’s a shareholder in Eco Training, Mark is involved daily and gets constant trips back to Africa. Learn more: