Richard Mishaan: Unique Vision And Bold, Innovative Interior Designs

Richard Mishaan is New York based interior designer known for his sophisticated taste and use of refined furnishings and bright hues. He recently published ‘Artfully Modern‘, his second book, that shows some of his unique interior designs. Mishaan has done work in the private residences of many celebrities, as well as hotels like the St. Regis and other commercial spaces. His new book also shows some of the interior designs he has done in his homes in New York City, the Hamptons and Cartagena, Columbia.

Known for the eclectic interior decorating he does through his company Richard Mishaan Design, it’s not out of character for Mishaan to use works from different historical periods and cultures in the same room. When people hire Richard Mishaan Design, they understand they are going to get work envisioned by a genius with a unique ideas. Born in Cartagena, Columbia, Mishaan spent much of his early life in Italy. The riot of colors he employs in his work at Richard Mishaan Design is a reflection of how those cultures embrace the use of vibrant colors.

Richard Mishaan Design is known for its use of very expensive design elements. But Mishaan says he isn’t moved by the price of the items, but the way they look and feel. At his shop in New York City, it’s not unusual to see pieces of art and furniture that cost under $100. Part of the genius of Richard Mishaan Design is their ability to juxtapose seemingly unrelated pieces to create a fabulous whole. Mishaan explains that successful interior design is more about an eye for style and composition than the amount of money one spends.

His unique esthetic and bold choices when it comes to design elements are what have helped to make Richard Mishaan’s work in high demand worldwide.