End Citizen United And Its Struggles to Change Big Spending In Funding Candidates During Elections

Campaigns by Democrats in Houston, Pennsylvania have become more charged and vocal as many people opposing the presidency of Donald Tramp are growing more dissatisfied with his administration. The energetic show of support for Conor Lamb as he campaigns across Houston to secure the seat to represent the district at the Congress has drawn backing from both the young and the old democrats.

The new wave of supporters openly criticizes the Republican President calling for a change through their candidate who vows to echo their concerns at the Congress after being elected as their representative. Many supporters that have had the chance to shake his hand and share some of their sentiments have directly expressed how they want him to go and do something about what is happening due to President Tramp’s short reign.

One such supporter is a US veteran who is 93 years by the name of Ted Skowvron. Ted fought in the Second World War. In showing his backing for the Democrat candidate, Mr. Skowvron went out to say he was displeased with the current president and angrily stated that he wanted Lamb after being elected to go up there and eject the president from his seat. He then added that if Conor did not do so, he would be obliged to do it himself. The strong sentiments from the old veteran depict how distasteful he was to the Presidency Of Donald Tramp. His statements got lauded by other Conor’s supported who had attended the campaigns that sought for his election. This show of support is a clear indication that things are shifting in Pennsylvania and the Republican support that the president enjoyed earlier was slowly losing its footing spelling danger for the Republican Party. During the last elections, President Trump enjoyed the massive support that helped him win the race and more

As an organization, End Citizen United is famous for its campaigns aimed at bringing political reforms to the United States. It is a political action committee that for years since its inception has fought the rule that was passed by the United States Supreme Court on deregulating the limits on expenditure spent by independent groups during elections.

This decision takes equates big corporations to regular citizens and allows them to fund and influence elections with their financial support to specific candidates. Allowing this would dictate whose side the elected candidate would hear after election thus taking power away from the people. In fighting such type of ruling End Citizen, United has rallied support for individual candidates and Democrats it considers reformist to be elected so to try and overturn the rule at the Congress. End Citizen United funding comes directly from grassroots donors who intend to return such power to the people. It got established back in 2015 and strives to end big spending in politics.