Venezuelan President Announces an Updated Energy Saving Plan

Being a country that supports the global efforts of achieving a clean and sustainable environment, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro publicized a three-month energy saving plan to deal with “El Nino” effects. The measures include rationing of electricity and water, as well as temporary removal of Friday from the public working schedule.

President Maduro called on all men, women like Norka, household heads, and youths to embrace the program with utmost respect and discipline. He assured them that things were going to get better, and the government was doing everything in its power to ensure the citizens are living a comfortable life. The president officially announced the energy saving plan after appearing on a television program hosted by a retired National Assembly President, Diosdado Cabello.

The updated energy conservation plan is meant to strengthen the initial measures that were implemented at the beginning of the month of March. According to the president, the March program saved a record 400 megawatts and stopped 22-centimeter loss especially for the reservoir based in Bolivar State. The reservoir accounts for close to 70% of Venezuela’s power supply. The original version of this news can be found on

The government will proceed with its program of supplying energy-conserving light bulbs in every part of the nation. Maduro said that his government has replaced approximately 56 million bulbs over a span three years, and three million from September 2015.