Female Entrepreneurship Starts With Lime Crime’s Doe Deere.

When you are looking for a strong female who knows how to run a business and not just a company, you are looking for Lime Crime’s Doe Deere. Doe is a successful business woman who is not scared to step up and stand out. Doe’s company, Lime Crime creates makeup that is fit for the Queen of the Unicorns and everyone who wants to take their makeup to the next level.

Everyone including Self-Made magazine knows that Doe Deere is more than just a pretty girl with a pretty smile. Doe is on the top of the list when it comes to Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs listed in Self-Made magazine. Lime Crime is a brand that just exploded the makeup industry with their true to life colors that are powerful and expressive. This is not just makeup for your nine to five, hole in the wall job. This makeup is the power of personal freedom with includes the right to express yourself and break free from the nine to five world of society’s terms. That is what Doe Deere did with the Lime Crime brand too. She found a weak spot in the makeup world and secured her lasting foothold.

If you want a great example of Lime Crime and the unicorn queen herself, just search Instagram. You are bound to see photo after photo of Doe herself in amazingly colored bright hues of the makeup. As you look over each photo it is easy to see why people love Lime Crime and Doe Deere. It is even easy to see why she is such a success. She is artistic and creates a great product allows for the freedom of expression women have been searching for. Women who wear Lime Crime Makeup are encouraged to color outside the line and enjoy the whole process of makeup and being a living woman.

Doe Deere understands that life is made up of color. As a direct result of that fact, makeup should be full of color too. There are no secrets in the makeup and fashion world that girls have been asking for more color. Many of the makeup companies have just ignored this industry wide request. Doe Deere and Lime Crime meet this request head on and it has helped to fuel the fire of success for the company.

Doe tells women to go into the world and live out their dreams. She started the company with a dream and about one hundred dollars. Using her knowledge and personality, she grew the company into what it is today. Doe knows the secrets to success and these secrets mean listening to your customers and living in style with vivid color.

Breaking All Of The Fashion Rules

The usual task of a fashion editor is to tell people how to dress and what beauty and fashion products to buy. Strangely, people these days are having a hard time distinguishing what to wear for themselves. Many blindly follow the fashion rules that these high-profile fashion editors put into place. While some follow these rule to a tee, others consider these as mere suggestions. They think they are guidelines to assist them with their fashion choices. Many women look to the coveted September Issue of a high-profile fashion magazine to get fashion ideas and beauty tips. Many will find these strict fashion and beauty rules in the September Issue. There is one woman that thinks its fun to break the fashion and beauty rules. This beauty guru spends a significant amount of time ensuring women out there that its okay to break the rules of fashion and be an individual. This beauty pioneer is Doe Deere. Doe Deere is the founder and owner of Lime Crime Cosmetics, which she started in the early 2000s.

Doe Deere is a unique individual. Doe Deere boasts hair in a variety of colors and makeup in colorful palettes. The owner of Lime Crime Cosmetics has a few favorite beauty and fashion rules to break. She believes that women should be their own person and follow their own fashion rules. Doe Deere’s makeup line is quite unique as well. Lime Crime Cosmetics is widely known as a makeup line for unicorns. Lime Crime Cosmetics has a specialty of whimsical colors and cruelty-free products that feature high-pigmented colors and solutions. Doe Deere believes that no woman should stay inside the lines. They should live their lives how they desire. In this new article by Bustle, Doe Deere shares her favorite fashion and beauty rules to break.

Doe Deere thinks using both bold lipsticks and bold eye shadow is something that many can wear. Many fashion magazines would say that no one should wear both at the same time but Doe Deere thinks the opposite. Doe Deere thinks that nothing is better that wearing a smoky eye and a bold red lipstick. Another rule that Doe Deere thinks everyone should break is mixing multiple colors. Many fashion magazines would be against mixing too many colors. Deere thinks that color is great and mixing color combinations can be exciting. Doe Deere thinks that women should be unapologetic in their attempt to wear what they want, when they want.