Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks Offer Investment Not Fraud

For anyone following the media Freedom Checks are an interesting development. Backed by a man named Matt Badiali, freedom checks are supposedly a percentage of a billion dollar payout anyone can take advantage of. At least that is what the ads say. Badiali even has a nifty check he holds up to the camera to show off its figures. The whole ad comes off like a scam, but that is mostly because of all the scams that have come before it. Matt Badiali is not a con artist however, he is a top-level financial analyst with experience in the natural resource market.

Badiali is a hands-on analyst, personally checking investments so his recommendations come directly from the source. Freedom Checks are based on a billion dollar tax break numerous natural resource companies are taking advantage of. The break merits that these companies pay their stakeholders 90% of their revenue to qualify. As 548 companies currently qualify the billions of dollars Badiali is talking about is the revenue payout to their stakeholders. This makes freedom checks a private payout for a legitimate investment. That’s right, Freedom Checks are essentially the same as buying stock.

What investors are actually purchasing are called master limited partnerships are MLPs. They are stakes within the company that afford it profit. They can be used like publicly traded property which allows the business to operate like tax free entities. The only way to enjoy such a state is for these companies to make regular payouts throughout the year that equal 90% of their profits. A percentage of these payouts go to the stakeholders who bought them, these are the checks Badiali is talking about. They can arrive monthly or quarterly depending on the business. The amount of stakes held by the investor influences the amount the of the percentage they receive.

So the good news is these checks are not a scam, but the bad news is that it is an investment. Despite the success rate of this particular investment, it still bears the risk of not achieving profit. But the risk may very well be worth the payout.

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Getting To Know: Mike Burwell


Chief Financial Officer of Willis Towers Watson, Mike Burwell is a prime example of someone who is put in the hard work needed to get where he is today. He previously spent 31 years with Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP(PwC) before joining up with Willis Towers Watson. For 11 years he held the position in their assurance practice working on their business advisory services. However, things would take a turn in 1997, where he made partner, and ended up relocating to their Detroit transaction business. He ended up being so successful in the position that PwC eventually asked him to take over as the leader of their central U.S. transaction business. It would be in 2009 that he became Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer across all PwC’s U.S. business.


Michael Burwell is an early riser who starts each morning by making his bed, that’s right, making his bed. Whether in a hotel or at home, he feels that it gets the day started with an accomplishment. From there it’s a ride on the Peloton bike, where he reflects on the day, week, and month ahead. He is a firm believer that people within his organization have great ideas, and he focuses on ways that he can bring those ideas to life. He has found that he is most productive with help from technology, to be more precise, apps. He is constantly sharing his favorite apps with others, and in turn asking them what apps they use to help themselves.


When it comes to being an individual, Mike definitely has ideas that other people might not agree with. Michael Burwell is a believer that micro-communities will in fact keep growing. He eventually sees the platform beginning to evolve because he feels that like minded people want to connect, and advertisers will want to reach them. One thing he would recommend others to do, is the be a good listener, and always be building your network. He truly believes that everyone has something interesting about themselves, but the problem is that most people don’t invest the time to learn and find out what that something is. Burwell does his best to be in the moment with each person he communicates with, in hopes that he will learn what that special something is.


When asked about his best spent $100, Mike said it was on a cord organizer. He found that since he traveled so often, it made having everything organized very convenient. As for his favorite piece of software or web service? It would be Flip Board. And when asked his favorite quote, it is the following, “There is only one place to look for leadership and that is in the mirror” – His Daughter.


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