Kenneth Goodgame: the marketing guru

Anyone that has interacted or heard of Kenneth Goodgame knows one thing about him; he is a guru in the marketing industry. A few months after joining True Value, the company was able to post an insane increase in earnings in the first quarter. Definitely there is a lot to expect from a company with Kenneth Goodgame on the marketing wheel.

Kenneth Goodgame’s resume is pretty impressive, especially when it comes to the retailing industry. He has shown excellent skills in convincing customers to pay for products sold by the company. He knows how to run promotions well and to set up products that draw a high attention.

Even though he has worked at several stores, he has worked as president of several companies such as Newell Rubbermaid and Techtronic Industries. His major successes at different companies has been an increased amount of sales for various products.

Mr. Goodman was also fortunate to work for other companies before joining True Value. He worked for Ace Hardware where he held the position of the Global Materials Manager. He designed long-term marketing plans that saw an increase in the amount of sales. He achieved this through developing new products and improvement of processes that initially existed in the company.

Apart from Ace Hardware, he worked with The Home Depot, Black and Decker and Rubbermaid Cleaning products. His biggest achievement was probably working for Rubbermaid cleaning products, he came up with products that had a smart technology breakthrough.

Goodgame can be simply described as a man with many talents, apart from being a great leader in areas of product creation and brand recognition is very creative. His leadership skills have given him the ability to turn several ideas from his peers to a unified vision. He has portrayed a general willingness to work as a team player. His vision for every company is that every employee should help the company grow and that everyone should become a market leader in the categories.

According to and Zoominfo, Kenneth Goodgame is certainly a leader every company deserves. True Value Company reaped high benefits from hiring him. The company is certainly going to enjoy many years of success with the long term marketing plan he implemented.