Kevin Seawright – Proven Government Leader in City of Newark NJ

Kevin Seawright has big shoes to fill on a daily basis as a result of his position in the economic development field. He is responsible for creating the Newark, NJ Economic Development Corporation and completed a nonprofit fund development program.

This is a role which he began in September 2014 and is a result of a prior role in the State of Maryland where he was the director of operations. His qualification for the job include a Master’s degree in Accounting from Almeda University and a leadership certification from Notre Dame. He is also a member of many professional organizations including the National Association of Black Accountants. This is only one of many accomplishments for which Kevin Seawright is known.

In his current role, Kevin has many different responsibilities in order to keep the city running properly. The primary of which is to manage the public funds which are used to provide the essential services the city must provide. Kevin is also responsible for retaining and encouraging business to set up shop in Newark.

This is one of the more important roles that Kevin Seawright is responsible for as he has so much business experience that he can offer his local community. He has also held a lot of positions related to finance throughout his career since he has frequently been involved in budget and finance related issues.

What led to his career is that he was able to formulate winning strategies which have been very successful in being able to produce great results for the public sector. These revenue enhancements have been able to produce greater returns as well as increase the returns on investments made in the public sector.

His biggest strong point is that he is able to approach many different business situations from a multitude of different angles. He doesn’t just want to approach a business situation from his own perspective, but rather he wants to find out how he can truly make the situation better. With his insights, Kevin Seawright is a great business leader from the inside out whom is able to affect change throughout many organizations.