How to Take the War to the Tyrants: Thor Havlorssen

Sending encrypted messages to Wickr, emailing people in the wee hours of the morning and just being a complete badass is not everyone’s cup of tea. But for Thor Havlorssen, this kind of behavior, which has had him labeled as abnormal, is the perfect norm. Thor has made it to the news a number of times, and when he does, it is because there is a tyrant refusing to honor the basic rights of people somewhere. He is the founder and president of the New York based Human Rights Foundation and has been running it for 11 years now.

He states that he is a child of more than one nation. This is understandable, because he is half Norwegian and half Mexican. The leader and crusader of human rights in him seem to have a genetic lineage. His grandfather from the side of his father was the Norwegian governments king consul in Venezuela during the Second World War. His mother’s lineage includes the very first president of Venezuela. Simon Bolivar is also part of his lineage. He believes in the philosophy that human rights should be the table where all other discussions are made .

The factors that led to his current activism

It is said that when a person experienced a certain kind of injustice happening, they end up thinking about it a lot and this leads to them advocating for the same situations. The two events that seem to have shaped Thor’s activist spirit are seeing the human rights of his own father get violated and also witnessing the murder of his own mother. When he was a young boy, he watched his father get locked up in a prison in Caracas, simply because he was a drug Czar. His mother on the other hand was shot during demonstrations against Hugo Chavez and what Thor knows.

Despite that tough past, Thor has never let bitterness get to him. He states that he has a lot of love for all humanity. Thor Havlorssen respects everyone, but most especially, the people that defy the norms and fight for the rights of others are his favorite kind of people. The man has also had his fair share of ill-treatment, like the botched Vietnamese interview that saw one of his cameramen hide footage in his rectum. But all in all, as long as you have a similar mission with Thor, he will respect your struggle.

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It is Important to Stand up for the Rights of Others

Many people will try to fight for their own rights. However, there are some that will not even do as much for themselves. However, the best types of people in the world are those who fight for the rights of others. There are many offenses that are going on in the world that need to be handled. However, many people do get intimidated at the idea of taking them on. As a result, they turn a blind eye to the injustice of the world. One thing that people need to understand is that unjust circumstances have always been fought by multitudes of people.

One of the best ways to start fighting for the rights of others is by getting help. The best person to go to in order to help with human rights violation issues is Thor Halvorssen. Thor has seen how low people could go when they get into power. He is someone who is against totalitarian rule. However, a lot of people are not aware of the horrors that go on in these countries. Fortunately, Thor Halvorssen knows how ot make people aware of them so that they will be more willing to fight these injustices that have plagued these countries.

One of the ways Thor is trying to fight for the rights of others is to prove that human rights foundation are being violated. He is also working to prove that the rulers of these countries are practicing things that are not right for the country. Therefore, he is proving to the authorities in other countries that there are violations in effect. Not only does Thor Halvorssen stand up for others, but he also looks at the issue in order to find something that could be addressed so that the issue can be taken care of and done away with and Thor of more information click here.

Setting The Humanitarian Record Straight On George Soros

It seems that right-wing politicians and pundits have completely abandoned reality-based facts and science. When someone comes along who does not see eye to eye with their politics, they will stop at nothing to “discredit” them, even if they have to lie to do it. Take the rights latest example: an unprecedented attack on hedge fund billionaire George Soros. Known worldwide for Soros’ philanthropy the right has demonized him because he funds left-leaning groups such as and the Open Societies Foundation. They even attack him when it is revealed that he is concerned for the humanitarian well-being of innocent people.

That’s what happened recently with a massive George Soros WikiLeaks email leak on Right wing deponents to the left-leaning billionaire points at emails that show Soros funding humanitarian groups within the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This group was charged with the responsibility of investigating human rights violations and crimes committed by the Israeli forces. George Soros emails also show that he was concerned for racist laws and policies enacted by the Israeli government and enforced by Israeli forces upon the Palestinian population.

Through all of this, you should know that George Soros himself is Jewish. And that 85 years old, the man survived the Nazi occupation of his home city in Budapest as a 14-year-old boy. Soros experienced what could happen to innocent people during a war first-hand as a teenager. This clearly explains his concerns for the innocent people on both sides of Israeli-Palestinian conflict. But this soft heart is used against him by right-wing politicians, pundits and various other groups.

In a stunning turn of events, pro-Israel right-wing Republicans have used these George Soros emails as evidence to the fact that the billionaire is trying to topple the Israeli government. Right-wing pundits have spread the rumor that Soros is capable of toppling governments single-handedly because of his successful efforts to eradicate communist governments in the past. Meanwhile, anti-Semitic Neo-Nazi groups are also accusing Soros of wrongdoing they surmise that he’s trying to help the Palestinians “win”to cause a flood of Jewish refugees into Europe. This George Soros conspiracy has both pro-Jewish and anti-Jewish groups attacking the philanthropist for remarks made George Soros WikiLeaks email leaks.

What George Soros conspiracy theorists fail to acknowledge is the fact that Soros has committed himself to a lifetime of philanthropy using his fortune. Some of his donations you may not agree with politically, such as the founding of But other philanthropic efforts are hard to disagree with, like the Open Societies Foundation. It is in organization that defends the humanitarian rights of oppressed people across the globe while promoting democracy, transparency and government accountability. The man is using his money to ensure that another World War II does not happen.

Soros has been successful in toppling governments in the past. But what the right wing doesn’t tell you is that those toppled governments were oppressive communist regimes replaced with better, more transparent democratic governments. The Jewish businessman is not trying to undermine the democratic government is real, he is simply looking out for the human rights of everyone involved in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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