Securus Technologies – Making Law Enforcement Agencies More Productive

There are not many firms in the correctional sphere that has made such a substantial impact as Securus Technologies. The company, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, is one of the leading firms in the crime prevention, criminal justice, and inmate communication field. Securus Technologies offers a comprehensive range of services to these sectors, helping inmates as well as the law enforcement officials with the aid of modern technology that is approved for use by the Federal Government.



Securus Technologies continues to innovate and come up with new products and services that have the potential to change the face of the correctional sphere. In the long-term, the company’s CEO Rick Smith aims to bring down the cost of inmate communication services, make jail environment smarter, make the use of tablet a reality for the prisoners, and much more. Securus Technologies is an aspirational company and has over 600 patents to its name till date. Some of the services it offers in the correctional space include kiosks, phone services, calling services, money transfer services, video services, photo sharing services, voicemail messaging, voice messaging system, video visitation services, and more.



Securus Technologies recently released notes from the letters it received from different law enforcement officials from various parts of the country. In the letter, the law enforcement officials have praised the company’s services such as LBS and Investigation PRO. The officials believe that these services help them get the information beforehand to stop the criminals, and also furnish them with the evidence to convict the offender in the court.



I have used the services offered by Securus Technologies on many occasions while at work, and it helped me get crucial information regarding drug peddling, weapon supply, and other illegal trades happening inside the jail premises. It has potentially saved lives of many, and I hope Securus Technologies continues with the great work it is doing.