Andrew Rolfe in Conjunction with the Ubuntu Fund Gala

Andrew Rolfe is the chairman of the Ubuntu Fund that held an Education Fund charity gala in London. The goal was to raise $972,960; funds meant to help disadvantaged children in Africa. In Port Elizabeth, South Africa, the funds go to a school’s campus that helps children join the Campus and complete their education with ease. The Ubuntu Fund supports these kids because they realized they are so many factors that disable children in Africa from getting an education. Some of the factors are hunger and HIV. Rolfe had the chance of hosting and treating 300 attendees with music performed by a Xhosa choir added with tasty dishes.

The charity had special guests, two students who had benefited from the Ubuntu Fund and their stories moved people. One of the recipients, Sinesipho Rabidyani, told her story about her drunkard father. She said how she feared going back home after school because it wasn’t peaceful. The school offered her a scholarship enabling her to get an excellent education, in addition to mentoring and psychosocial support. She has been admitted into Faculty of Law all thanks to Ubuntu Fund and even persuaded her mother to leave an abusive husband. The gala was a success with Auctioneer Charlie Ross presiding over the auction.

Jacob Lief, the founder, and CEO of Ubuntu Fund ended the evening with a speech. He stated that children need everything when they are growing up, and for 20 years he had learned a lot while working with the Fund. Jacob also explained how the Ubuntu Fund came to exist when he realized that they needed to do more than just providing supplies in the school. The Fund, founded in 1991 by Jacob and Banks currently supports 2000 children in need in Port Elizabeth’s townships. In addition to education, the Fund also provides medical attention.

Andrew Rolfe attended the University of Oxford earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. Later he attended Harvard Business School earning a Master of Business Administration degree. Andrew has honored the title of “president” of The Gap’s International Division. Andrew’s achievements have been significant, and currently, he is the chairman of the Ubuntu Fund.